happy thoughts

–The rain has turned our lilac bush into a gorgeous purple monster. The whole backyard reeks of deliciousness, and I looooove making big bouquets of it for the kitchen table.

–Nina and I met my friend, Jackie, today at Bob Evan’s (Nina’s choice) for lunch. She’s in town from Chicago visiting her mama. It’s a crazy God-story how we first met, and it’s hard to believe this is only the second time we’ve seen each other in person. Jackie’s story needs its own post someday. LOVE this gal.

–I’m almost done going through just about every single letter/card I’ve ever saved. I tossed a ton but kept even more, and let me just tell you, some of them touched me in a deep, deep way tonight as I read through them. If ever I doubted that I am one loved human being, these sweet notes beg to differ.

–According to weather.com, the sun is supposed to rear its pretty little head all day tomorrow (Thursday). Just in time for a date with a very special person at a very special place. More on that later.

–My sweet friend Margaret who went home to be with Jesus last year? Left me two Scrabble games worth of tiles. And my mom just mailed them all to me. And then another friend, Chris, mailed me two more sets. Perfect timing, because I was all out of the letters H, J, K, and L. THANK YOU, friends.

–Less than $100 away from our latest Cambodia Fund Goal ($6000 by Saturday). Woohoohoo!!!

–When I was going through old letters, I found a $25 check from my mom in last year’s birthday card (10.31.10). Score!

–We started cleaning out our garage. I can’t even imagine how good that will feel when it’s done. Can not imagine.

–The greeter/host at Bob Evans today (a guy in his 20’s with a foreign accent) told me that he liked my shoes on our way to our table. “MY shoes??” I asked him, dumbfounded. “They’re like eight years old.” Seriously. These things are slip-on Ugg-ish MEN’s shoes that I got on clearance at American Eagle AGES ago, and they are filthy and completely falling apart, but I can’t quit wearing them. “Yeah, they’re like vintage,” he said. I’ve never felt so cool.

–Did I tell you that the girls and I started a container garden (tomatoes and strawberries so far)? And that we’re composting? I know! It’s like, who is this chick, right? No promises, but my hopes are high.

–And my happy has officially been o’ertaken by my sleepy.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! And Happy Thursday!!

4 thoughts on “happy thoughts

  1. Jennifer

    I have no idea what composting is, but I love old shoes that can be classified as “vintage.” I have (and still wear) a pair of shoes that my parents bought me when I was a freshman in high school. They’ve gone through the cool/uncool cycle several times already! 🙂

    1. Mandy

      Composting is saving all your leftover food: bread, cereal, egg shells, vegetable/fruit peels (but no meat and go light on the dairy) and putting it in a compost bin outdoors which gets plenty of air. Stir it up now and then and it turns into dirt. We’ve had a compost bin for the past 5-1/2 years and every summer it grows a big pumpkin patch (along with some gourds and squash) all by itself! Pretty cool. We have a little metal can with a lid (it has air holes and a filter so it gets air but doesn’t stink up the house) on the kitchen counter and we put most of our food scraps in it. When it gets full, hubby carries it out to the bin outdoors. That way all that useful food that will turn into good dirt doesn’t end up in a plastic trash bag at the dump but gets spread on our flower beds and neighbor’s garden instead. Very useful. And you don’t need a lot of land to compost. We have a fraction of an acre of land on which our little house sits and we’ve been able to compost with no complaints from the neighbors so far. We do have to stir it though, or it gets icky in the summer. Fortunately the pumpkin patch looks so nice, it covers up the ick.

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