I have to apologize. I’m so excited about this book I’m working on that I’m putting all my thoughts and words into it and not leaving any for my friends! I keep thinking of fun things to blog, and then I think, “Ooooh, but that would be really good in the book!” I need to learn to share and not hoard.

I think my sisters and I have finally figured out our little Girls Only weekend get-away. Steph lives in South Carolina, Bethany and I live in Ohio. In a few weeks, my girls, Bethany, and I are going to drive halfway to Steph’s on a Friday. She’ll meet us there when she gets off work. We’ll stay two nights in a hotel in a cute little town and swim and eat and play games and play at a park. Then we’ll all go back home on Sunday. And then our big family vacation at the beach at the end of August. Woohoo!

The hotel web site said the limit was five to a room. We’d have three adults and three kids. I felt really convicted about trying to hide Nina, but I reeeeeally didn’t want to pay $200 more dollars to get another room for two nights. So, I prayed for wisdom this morning. Felt God calling me to call the hotel and just see what they said. Before I got a chance, Steph messaged me. She called the hotel and they said as long as the 6th person is in a crib, she doesn’t count as a fire hazard. Praise the Lord! Lying = not trusting God to provide. God = very cool.

Gabe and I watched Deja Vu with Denzel Washington last night. I don’t really like movies, so I was just going to write on the couch while Gabe watched. But I was hooked. The plot was pure genius, I thought. Loved the characters. No sex, dirty language, nothing. It was great. Gabe fell asleep after the movie, and I decided to write for just a little bit. Looked at the clock–12:40! So much for being in bed by 11:00.

We went park-hopping this weekend. Rode bikes, walked trails, played on playgrounds. Watched a dog training class–funny stuff. We went to see Gabe’s brother’s family on Saturday. The kids had fun playing together.

Still taking surveys–but not for too much longer! Have a great week!

15 thoughts on “grinch

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    So glad to see that someone else uses the term “gimpy”…For years my husband and I have joked about parking in the “gimp spot” (Tina has a handicap permit).  He used to get out and limp while we unloaded Tina so no one thought we were parking there inllegally!  : )

  2. CamilleElizabeth

    Dave and I rented that movie a couple weeks ago. He watched it and I fell asleep… He said it was good and I said, “It seemed like every time I woke up it was the same thing!” Well, yah! Deja vu! :O Do you think it is worth me watching it again when I can stay awake?

    Miss ya!

  3. tonialynn59

    How exciting for you and the girls and your sisters.  Sounds like such fun to me!  Glad you had a fun weekend.  Ours was tiring but it was fun.  I did curl up and sleep all afternoon today.  I can’t believe I slept that long!  I was tired out.

  4. jennikim

    do you want/need any more not yet mom surveys completed? im sure my sil wouldnt mind filling one out if it would help you! i shared the first 2 books with her and she really enjoyed them.

  5. kkakwright

    I was quickly reading your blog.  Read “park-hopping” as parking.  Too funny.  Thought you and Gabe went parking somewhere in your minivan!  🙂

  6. ch1pch0p

    I love that you felt convicted about the sixth person. So few people wouldn’t think of that as lying/stealing, but it’s the type of thing that would drive me nuts!!!

    I am so with you on the movie thing.

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