got pms?

I started my period when I was 12, and now I’m 37. That’s a quarter century of monthly cycles (minus the glorious period-free days of pregnancy/breastfeeding). And since I hate to be the bearer of TMI, let’s just say things have changed in those 25 years. I’ll leave the physical differences out and just comment on the mental/emotional ones.

For one day out of every 28ish, I am an uncontrollable ball of rage, anguish, and grief.

Yesterday I screamed at each of my children in turn (and also collectively), then stormed out of the house to run errands by myself and wandered through the grocery store wondering how on earth my anger could melt so quickly into such a deep, painful sadness that I had to keep reminding myself that no one I love had died.

And since Gabe has been seeing a holistic doctor, I’ve been thinking about myself and what benefit some natural something-or-other might be to my well-being.

Enter Facebook. Where I asked, “So, I (and my family) would probably benefit from some sort of natural supplement that tames the PMS beast and makes her sweet and cuddly. Know of any?”

Besides the wise-crackers (and completely serious people) who said Wine and Dark Chocolate and Fried Chicken and French Fries (those were all my friend Jolie) and Kit-Kats and Chocolate Bunnies, I got a TON of really helpful advice.

Really really OVERWHELMING (and somewhat expensive) helpful advice.

So, I’m going to think it over, pray it over, save up some moolah, and try to nip this thing in the bud. Because if I can learn about what’s actually going on in my body (after 25 years of just enduring it mindlessly), I can hopefully figure out what will be the best natural remedy/help/whatever.

Here’s the advice I got. I’m not sharing it to start a big discussion (though you’re free to give your input, even if it means I’ll be even MORE overwhelmed–thanks a lot!). I’m sharing it because maybe, just maybe, some of you are in the same Pre-Menstrual Boat of Angst that I’m in right now.

More Advice Than You Need, But Here You Go Anyway:

–I use Dr. Schutze’s female liquid herbs. Life saver for 12 years now.

–Progesterone cream that is called “Happy PMS.”

–Check out melaleuca. All our products are 100% all natural and we have some of the best vitamins.

–Lavender oils.

–1000g of Calcium and 50mg of vitamin B6 a day.

–Calcium, Vitamin D and Exercise!!


–This is my area of expertise as a therapist for women suffering from this, as I did all of my life. Several factors here but there is no one single “magic bullet.” First of all, PMS is usually a sign of sensitivity to estrogen, which is mitigated with the use of a natural progesterone cream which calms estrogen down. Must be a cream as that is the only way the body will absorb it and natural from wild yams or other source. Next is to increase the intake of B Complex but particularly 6 and 12 as the body does not store B vitamins, which are depleted during this phase due to being needed by the body in the uterine-lining building phase of this cycle. The next line of defense is to avoid sugar, alchohol (which turns to sugar in the blood stream) red meat and salt and anything with yeast in it as these are toxins that the body cannot handle during this phase. Ironically, we crave these things in PMS, a sure sign we need to lay off them. Drink tons of water to detox the body. Basically PMS is an allergic reaction to the increased hormone output you are experiencing and the foods you are eating to comfort yourself as you deal with the sadness and anger that arises during this phase.

–Natural remedies for PMS listed here.

–B Complex and STRJ (an herbal combination)……it takes that little “I might harm you” edge off.

–I know using a progesterone cream would help b/c you want a healthy balance of estrogen and progesterone. I have horrible insomnia and I just started B12 and Vitamin D drops, and I’m hoping that helps me too. Make sure you’re charting your cycle so you know when things are coming!

–Great natural sleep product for those with hormonal issues at any stage of life is Midnite for Menopause (good whether menopausal or not)

–A padded room?

–Definitely this along with the B-complex. OPC significantly reduces or eliminates cramps and improves cognitive function.

–Flaxseed oil.

–I used a womens formula (from heath food stores or on line) which had several ingredients (can’t remember name) but it had primrose oil, fish oils, and flaxseed oil. and I took 5-HTP (increases seratonim) for many years to help with moods and sleep!

–5 HTP good too. SAM-E too. Of course chocolate works but the problem is that it is like cocaine for the brain and absolutely does have a sedative effect. But after awhile it only aggravates the problem.

–I’m just thinking….maybe you better buy a stock in whatever will be of help to you & your 3 daughters. Won’t be long before you will need it!! God Bless!

–Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer Tea.

–Evening Primrose Oil. I take it all month long, with larger doses when I start feeling crazy. It works to balance hormones. Other things that help me are a fish oil/omega 3 supplement and a B complex.

–Don’t take 5-HTP if you are on any other anti-depressant though…lethal combo possible. Exercise has changed my life in this regard. And I was a beast the 5-HTP does help that, but it can make you sleepy if your body doesn’t need it. A great opposite would be L-tyrosine. Depends on what your body is lacking. Check out Dr Daniel Amen. I got his Ebooks at the library and for this kind of stuff it’s been life changing. Change your Brain Change Your Body was most helpful.

–I used Happy PMS for quite a few years – I’m beyond that now. It worked wonders for me! My family could always tell if I forgot to use it and they would ask me if I forgot!!!

Check back next month for results!

7 thoughts on “got pms?

  1. Shannon

    I’ve been trying to do more natural stuff to alleviate the fibromyalgia symptoms I have, and I did notice that last month when I had my period I felt significantly less crampy and miserable, so I don’t know if some of what I’m taking for supplements has supported the PMS stuff, too. Morning and evening I take: Magnesium (huge fan!), a Trace Mineral supplement (has iodine, b12, iron, zinc, manganese, copper), Omega w/EPA, DHA, CLA, GLA & CoQ10, flax seed, and a separate CoQ10 along with a digestive enzyme supplement which I think helps my stomach feel SO much better in general. I don’t know if any of those are things that help PMS specifically, but they’ve made an improvement in my debilitating cramps! Best of luck – that is hard 🙁

  2. Jenny Lobb

    If you start by focusing on your diet and exercise, I bet you will notice a difference without having to spend any/ much money. Ironically we do crave comfort foods that are high in fat and sugar when feeling emotional, but these foods only aggrevate the negative feelings associated with PMS. Eating lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and even low-fat dairy – not just during PMS, but on a regular basis- will provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to feel good. Plus, it will help to control your glucose levels, keeping you off of the blood sugar roller coaster and its ugly crashes. Regular exercise has many benefits, too.
    Jenny the Dietitian 🙂

  3. Christine

    I second those who’ve mentioned food – specifically sugar and gluten. You may also consider dairy, as lactose is a form of sugar, too. As I’ve reduced these things in my diet I’ve also noticed feeling much more “even” emotionally. Blessings on your experimentation! 🙂

  4. Amy

    You need to get Gabe to make you a Pinterest-friendly graphic so we can all pin this and make it go viral 🙂 Surely that would help your PMS. LOL

  5. Stephanie

    This might sound crazy, but you might also consider going gluten free for a month or two to see if it helps. I used to have CRAZY mood swings before I cut gluten out. Now I’m much more even-keeled than I was. Cramps aren’t so bad either. 🙂 And seasonal allergies. No more seasonal allergies here. 🙂

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