fun times ahead

I totally forgot to blog last night. Oops. I guess I was too caught up in being annoyed at all the sitting in traffic for 15 lousy minutes of watching a few colored lights in the sky.

Sorry, it’s the PMS talking.

In the next couple weeks, I’ve got some fun stuff planned for the blog. Some book give-aways (hint and hint). A link-up to your favorite missions organizations (start working on your posts now!). Some fair trade items from Cambodia you can buy at cost with shipping from Ohio instead of the other side of the globe.

A warning to wives who buy The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky on their hubbies’ paypal accounts without telling them. (Do I have a story for you–eek.)

Off I go to grocery shop and de-clutter and soak up some sun and laughter with my girlies. Have a great Tuesday!

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