fun in Indy (part 2)

EDIT: Please pray for Ava. She has a temp of 102.8 and feels awful. We were supposed to have friends over for supper with their three little girls. Livi had a mini-hair salon all set up in her bedroom (and wasn’t soothed by my promise to let her do my hair later). So, she’s crying right now over her lunch. Thankfully, God has a plan to somehow bring us joy through it all.

Okay, so we only took 5 pictures of our whole trip. Gabe wanted to take the camera to my interview on Tuesday evening, but I was too embarrassed and didn’t let him. How sad, because it was sooooo much fun, and my outfit was even cute. (Speaking of outfits, the necklace in the photos was handcrafted by my one of my favorite foreigners, Nixter77. Thanks, Nicki!) The interview may be on the internet sometime in the future–will be sure to let you know. Tomorrow, I’ll share the funny story of “the man and my promo picture.”

Randy Alcorn, one of my favorite authors. If you haven’t read any of his books, you’re missing out! He’s super-nice in person, too.

My new, dear friend, Bill (who hates getting his picture taken). Thanks for cooperating anyway, Bill! You’re the best!

The set-up at the Harvest House booth. Fun times! The hour flew!

The darling, lovely Mrs. P. and I. What a wonderful surprise to meet her and her husband!

31 thoughts on “fun in Indy (part 2)

  1. dnkneer

    Hey, you look wonderful in these pics. VERY PROFESSIONAL. Where did you get those shoes? Reason I’m asking is I think I have the same style in black!!! I wore them today. How crazy! (of course mine might be the generic version of yours….) Anyways, I love them 🙂

  2. faithchick

    okay…everyone else said it already…but it’s really true. no lip service here: you look gorgeous. 🙂

    and i feel so cool that i have TWO books signed by you. 🙂

    hope you girls have a fabulous evening in spite of how it’s starting. 😛

  3. jedlund

    We, too, have had the “tears of cancelled plans” at our house. I’ll be praying for your girls! Hopefully you’ll have another hair-salon day soon!

    The name Elijah had for Sierra (pre-birth) was Brown Baby. 😀 We have no idea where it came from. Perhaps his favorite color was brown that month, perhaps he liked the fact that Uncle Chris has brown skin, who knows? It was good for a laugh. Unfortunately, it didn’t even make the top 25 on Michelle & Chris’s list of potential names. Go figure.

    You are, like, so FAMOUS! Look at you in that snazzy booth! Glad you had a great time! I hope the book touches many hearts.

  4. gsowell

    I am praying for little Ava right now, and just as much for Livi. I have been there in the land of disappointment (and I’m 30, with –supposedly — more sophisticated coping skills). God will bring a joy after this dark day, but I’m sure it’s hard for her to see the hope.

  5. tonialynn59

    You look fantastic!  I really like your hair like that!  I can’t wait to get to meet you.  I’m so sorry to hear of another sick one.  It’s so hard when it just goes through everyone.  You feel like it will never end.  I am praying!

  6. jbnygaard

    Okay. Skinny Minnie is all I have to say! WOW! You looked fabulous!!! And I must agree with the other xangaer’s, I LOVE the shoes!

    Do I really know someone who is famous?! You are too cool for me! Okay, maybe not! 🙂 Love ya!

  7. stephaniedawnbasham

    Poor Ava. And Livi. Hearing about her setting up a mini hair salon reminds me of my younger days…beauty salons, manicures, massage parlors (a penny per minute…or was it per hour?).  😉

    I’ll be praying for Ava. It’s never fun to be sick, but I bet it’s worse when you’re only 4 (and a half).

    I love you! 🙂

  8. stephaniedawnbasham

    You look fantastic Marla!!! I’m so proud of you! You look like a million dollars and I’m so glad you’re MY sister! (and Bethany’s too I guess) 🙂

    I’m only a few pages away from finishing your book and I love it! Although I’m sad I wasn’t married at the time when you wrote it or else I could have shared things too.  🙂

  9. kstave

    Hi sweet Marla – you look fantastic & so natural doing the professional real-life author thing! Seeing YOU signing one of YOUR books sitting next to YOUR display of YOUR book cover next to YOUR book photo is incredible!! I am so proud of you…sorry I don’t write to tell you that more often. We love you & are praying for you & the fam from all the way over here in Lithuania!

  10. cnyoder

    You look FABULOUS!  Where can I get such stylish clothing?  And shoes?  Sorry we missed you here in Indy.  I was out in CA until Tuesday night and I don’t think anyone else in the Yoder family knew you were in town.  We tried calling your mom on Wed night to get your cell # and she told us you were already back in Ohio  🙁   Glad you had a wonderful time.

  11. gsowell

    Thanks for the pictures; you looked great, completely comfortable in your non-hoodie wear. I, too, noticed the shoes…classy! I’m glad it was such a fun time for you!

  12. Abs7

    long story how ali ended up in bellefontaine. she moved to urbana just after college to work as a teacher at a local school. she ended up meeting and eventually marrying a guy who was from marysville. they bought a beautiful house in bellefontaine. it really is pretty small and not very easy to get to!

    you look wonderful! i’m glad you found a cute outfit to wear for the interview and signing!

  13. rocknnell

    Marla…. ( in a book you got in Indy)  …”  Your heart will beat faster and your eyes will sparkle as you get a laser focused vision for why you were put on this planet.  You will begin to realize who you are.”

       That is what I seen… were in your element….( really it is when you are at your computer and all that God is giving you is coming to life, through the HOLY SPIRIT)  But this trip was a reward from God…to say…” you got it ” thanx for being obedient ! 

  14. gtaviano

    I must agree with the HOTT comment! It was a blast to meet the people that have helped Marla with her two books, and Bill (her new agent) is going to be great for her to work with. To God be the glory!

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