fun in Indy (part 1)

Hopefully, there will be a part 2 with photos… Thank you guys so much for your encouragement and prayers. Gabe and I had a fabulous time at the book thing, and it was wonderful to get away for a bit. The girls had such a good time with our moms–thank you, Mom and Janelle! It felt so good to know they were all having a blast while we were gone–sledding (Janelle), dominoes and puzzles (my mom), ordering pizza, watching Little House on the Prairie (my mom), painting toenails (Janelle), cleaning the garage!! (Janelle)

I am tired down to my very bones. I’m just not used to lunch meetings and book signings and the whole professional scene. My feet ache, I have blisters, my neck is sore, my stuff is strewn everywhere, my baby is still crying (32 minutes after I put her down for a nap) but I feel quite joyful.

Some highlights:

–got to meet Randy Alcorn, one of my all-time favorite authors.
–free copies of zillions of new books
–free hotel and yummy food
–didn’t get frostbite, although the wind chill was nearly unbearable
–had a blast during my interview (sweated like crazy but don’t think it was obvious)
–a super-fun hour of book signing (it’s amazing what kinds of crowds a sexy cover and title will draw)

A fun story:

So, I’m signing books and chatting with lovely people. The next couple standing in line doesn’t look familiar, but they seem to know me somehow. “I know you don’t know me, but I’m Wendy and Lisa’s mom,” says the lovely female half of the pair. I must admit that for a split second, I was racking my brain to figure out what she meant. But it was only a split, split second. If she had given their xanga names, I wouldn’t have even needed that long! Wendy and Lisa’s parents! What a surprise! They were so sweet and cute and fun. And Dad took a picture of me and Mom. I couldn’t find Gabe, so I didn’t get a pic on our camera–hopefully I’ll get to see it sometime. They made my day! (and my daddy’s name is Ronald, too!)

That’s all for now, because I’m super sleepy. It’s back to life, back to reality. Back to laundry and dishes and making meals and dealing with a teething baby and a four-year-old who is begging for attention that I feel too tired to give. No complaints though. My reality is a blessed one.

12 thoughts on “fun in Indy (part 1)

  1. dnkneer

    I’m glad you had a good time here in Indy 🙂 Doesn’t it just feel so wonderful to get back home though? I just love the feeling of returning to my house when I’ve been on business trips. 

    Thanks for checking up on my blog. I enjoy seeing your comments.

  2. jbnygaard

    I’m so glad you had such a great time!

    Jen found me through your site and we have been messaging back and forth via xanga. It has been really fun getting to know her! We found that we live like 15 minutes away from each other and that her aunt and uncle go to church with me, and that her aunt (another aunt) was really close friends with my mom in High School! It has been soooo funny! And to think, we met through your xanga site! 🙂

    I keep forgetting that Gabe went to LBT in High School. What year did he graduate?

  3. ladymiss3739

    ^ “it’s amazing what kinds of crowds a sexy cover and title will draw”  LOL

    Sounds tiring…but exciting!!!  Definitely share more “people I met” stories.  You met lots and it’s always fun to hear them.  🙂 

  4. gsowell

    Sounds like a fabulous whirlwind of grown-up, professional author stuff. And I’m guessing this book signing was much better than the last one? I hope Gabe obliges with pictures soon. Rest well.

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