Friday afternoon already?!?

I really don’t know where this week has gone. Or even this year. The past seven years for that matter. Sure makes me want to enjoy each moment when I seem to be rocketing toward some finish line at breakneck speed. Time to slooooooow things down.

The interview went really well. Started off a little shaky it seems. Those things always wear me out anyway, and this time I was out of breath before it even started. Ran errands this morning with the girls–dropped something off to Gabe at work, Office Max for printer ink, bank (looooooong wait), Target, McDonald’s drive-thru for lunch. Got there at 10:25 and couldn’t get lunch until 10:30. Rushed home, got kids fed, scarfed down some myself, changed a diaper, put a movie in, gates up, A/C on (today is so much stickier since it rained), tried to go to the bathroom, couldn’t (Nina passed along her virus/whatever), shut the bedroom door, waited for the phone to ring, tried to stop shaking.

11:14–phone rings. Here I go. “Hello. This is a friendly reminder from Blockbuster. Our records show that…” Hung up. Wait, wait, wait. 11:20–cell phone rings. Radio station. Let the interview begin. Took caller’s questions halfway through. Eek. One woman wanted to know what to do after 30 years of marriage when husband starts to lose interest in sex. Uh….pray?

Ended up going well. Thank you, Lord.

Put Nina down for a nap. Played Monopoly with Livi and Ava for awhile (taught them how to play yesterday), begged them to let me take a nap for just a bit. I just felt wiped.

Did anyone else jump out of bed at 2:45 this morning, awakened out of a deep sleep by the loudest clap of thunder EVER? Ava spent the rest of the night in our bed snuggled up to my husband. Livi slept on our floor. Could be part of the reason I’m so tired. Have NO idea how Nina stayed asleep. I thought our house was going to blow up or crumble or something.

Tonight is Summer Celebration at church, tomorrow is our annual Yoder Reunion, Sunday is church and the Discover the Church luncheon (they hold them every few months, and we have never been able to go).

Tuesday/Wednesday, the big trip to KY. I feel so bad that so many of you would love to go meet the lovely Gail and Krista and can’t. Patience, friends. We will all meet someday. And Kimberly, I wouldn’t boast about your youth. Krista’s like 22 or something. Thursday, Jamie and the boys are coming to the zoo all the way from Denmark.

Off I go to finish the Monopoly game and make Strawberry Pretzel Stuff and Broccoli/Cauliflower salad. I mostly just want to take some more nap.

Have a wonderful weekend! No cleaning, no to-do lists, just love and be and laugh a lot! Hugs!

16 thoughts on “Friday afternoon already?!?

  1. gsowell

    I think it’s very cocky of you to assume any cleaning around here was on account of your visit. If you would please taIke note: I, ME, GAIL, I sat around and enjoyed my clean house, a house that has NO other people in it, a house that will be hit hard tonight and not touched again until after your visit. Don’t worry. It will be in all its “as-is” glory when you arrive. Which is an event I can’t wait for, by the way!

  2. filledeparis

    So glad that God gave you the needed direction. He is so gracious to us.That’s a great book, Marla. Enjoy! FYI: When it is 9 AM for you, it is 3 PM in France.

  3. bekisue

    Can I get a copy of the itinerary too? I just want to know what you’ll be doing.

    Just to let you know. Gail is way prettier in person. I’m still the prettier one though. You have that to look forward to when we finally meet.

    I almost forgot that I was angry with you for planning a trip to see Gail only days after I come home from there. Don’t you think you could have come earlier? Have fun. I’m really glad the interview went well.

  4. filledeparis

    So glad that the interview went well. I prayed during that time. Yes, people ask frightening, difficult questions. That’s why I try not to have Q&A time when I visit churches. I just ask them to see me after. Otherwise, they ask hard statistical questions about France that I don’t know, or just random, bizzare ones. Savor your weekend!

  5. jbnygaard

    Just that we are on the same page….we are going to the zoo on Friday, not Thursday correct? Because with all that travel time from Denmark we won’t be able to get there until late Friday night.

  6. tonialynn59

    ^^agree with Gail on the caller questions.  Man do I give you a lot of credit!

    Sounds like you have a fun, busy weekend planned!  Have a blast and I can’t wait to hear next week about the trip to KY and meeting Gail and Krista!

  7. gsowell

    I don’t think I would be able to do caller questions in an interview…ever. People are weird. And they ask hard questions. Then they get mad when you can’t figure something out in about .3 seconds that they’ve been working on for 38 years.

    That’s a lot of zoo… it’ll be fun, though. Are you going to be coming to my house for an early supper before heading home? I planned on that when I went to the grocery today. If not, I’ll adjust. Maybe you should just message me the itinerary.

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