So, my mom has a friend named Frammy. Her real name is Francis. Most people call her Franny, I believe, but her close friends call her Frammy. Mom goes to visit Frammy once a week. They play games and chat. Franny’s eyesight is getting bad, so Mom reads to her.

When Blushing came out, Frammy wanted Mom to read it to her. Mom was a little hesitant since there are some PG-13 references in the book. She balked, but Frammy insisted. “And don’t skip anything, because I’ll know!” she said. She laughed and laughed and loved it. (I don’t know if Mom read the whole book or not, but I KNOW she probably skimmed over a part or two or fifteen.)

Dear Frammy bought 10 copies of the book to pass out to daughters and granddaughters of friends and people she has yet to meet. She asked for a couple more just the other day.

Here’s the good part. Mom went to visit Frammy last week, and Frammy asked her to read Is That All He Thinks About? Ha! Mom said no, sorry, absolutely not, not on your life, fuggedaboutit! Frammy pouted, but Mom wouldn’t budge. So, today Mom took a copy of Opened up on Okinawa, the book about my student teaching experience that I self-published in ’01. Frammy had to settle for much less steamy fare.

Did I mention that Frammy is NINETY years old? No, I didn’t. Because I wanted to save that part. She is 90 years old, full of life, and wants her 56-year-old friend to read her the book about SEX that her DAUGHTER wrote. OUT LOUD.

My cousin Kelly, whom I have nicknamed Hoot (for two reasons), has offered to use her “seductive radio voice” to do an audio recording of ITAHTA for Frammy. And trust me, Kelly works in radio and has the most sultry, breathy voice I’ve ever heard. (Kelly is kidding, of course. This project won’t be pursued.)

Speaking of Kellys, darling GracefulKiki, whose real name is Kelly, wrote the sweetest thing about me on her blog yesterday. I printed it out and plan to keep it as a reminder to strive to be who she thinks I am.

Thanks again for the birthday love. The day was wonderful, even if I did cry over my chili at supper because things weren’t going well. I kept losing my perspective for some dumb reason.

Trick-or-treating was a blast. Nina was so stinkin’ funny. Once she figured out what it was all about, there was no stopping her. They got a TON of candy. Mmmm…

Bible study this morning was great. We got off track in our small group last week, so this week we opened up our Bibles, found verses that spoke to our hearts or to the needs of women in the group and read them out loud. Some cool things happened.

That’s all for now. Happy November!

14 thoughts on “Frammy

  1. kellyleelizabeth

    Only two reasons??? So you don’t think I’m funny??? 🙂

    Fine, I will take my audio book services elsewhere. I actually read a chapter aloud the other night to see what it would be like, and… uh… yeah, kind of awkward. But still, poor Frammy!

    ^ I don’t think Marla’s mom is concerned with what will happen to Frammy, but rather her own personal humilliation. Heeee!

  2. Nixter77

    I totally agree with Kelly – you are all those things and more..

    Love the story about Frammy too – she sounds like someone I would like to meet.

    ps caroline is reading Blushing Bride and it couldn’t have come at a better time, the first month of bliss is over and reality has set in – so your book is an encouragement – also she says that you remind her of me 😉

  3. filledeparis

    That is a hysterical story about Frammy! You should be honored. Do let Harvest House know that you are reaching even beyond your target audience. You should go and read her one chapter in person–she’d be thrilled!

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