This is going to be oh-so-short and maybe-not-even-sweet, because I am p-o-o-p-e-d. And trying to dwell on all the h-a-p-p-y in my heart rather than freak out at all the behind-ness.

In a matter of days, I went from seeing my husband for hours and hours and hours every day to seeing him a few minutes a week. The girls and I got home from an AMAZING four days in Michigan at 4pm today (Sunday), then picked Gabe up at the airport at 6pm (he’s been in California since Wednesday).

Then tomorrow he’s back to work, and the week is full of soccer and taxes and Easter, and then the girls and I are taking a Spring Break Road Trip without him.

See you in May, dear!

Please, please accept my apologies if I owe you an e-mail or a facebook message or a twitter reply or a phone call or a play date or a chat over coffee. I managed to have an incredible and relaxing weekend and totally put every bill, tax document, pile on my desk (and floor) out of my mind. About an hour from home today, I started remembering it all. Ugh.

I’m going to be in a self-made cave for a couple days but hope to emerge soon.

Any fellow overwhelmed commiserators out there??

13 thoughts on “f-u-l-l

  1. meghan @ spicy magnolia

    Yep, last night I had a pretty (well, not so pretty) panic attack. Bless my hubby who helped me through it and today was a new day. Tomorrow is a new day for you too, sister. Much love to you and big hugs! Boy, I sure would love to see you again!

  2. Christine

    Oh, so overwhelmed! Too much to do, too little time! And not going to end ’til after Mother’s Day! Aaacck! And I wish I could say it’s because I’m over committed and just need to dial it back. But I can’t…it’s just an unfortunate coincidence of the calendar that so stinkin’ much in our family falls between mid-March and mid-May. I’ve cut myself a little slack this year but still…sigghhhh…

  3. Valerie

    Oh yea… currently in an emotionally overwhelmed state however, I think I’d do better if I had more to keep my mind busy. I started school today so I at least have that now….last Wednesday-Friday were really tough. It’s really sank in that losing the baby wasn’t just a bad dream. I think I spent everyday up until that point really wishing I was just living a nightmare and that I’d wake up and things would be fine…

    If there is anything I can do to help you feel less overwhelmed by things let me know… I’m a good sorter/organizer of random stuff. Perhaps I can help you figure out a system for next year so taxes aren’t nearly as overwhelming??

  4. Stephanie your sister

    I always feel like I’m coming to a screeching halt and remembering all I have to do come Monday because of all the insanity that fills my weekends.

    I’ve been home for maybe two waking hours since Friday night. And for me that means nursing my baby in random parking lots and dark corners of rooms for two whole days. Ugh.

  5. joyce

    I just gave my hubs the efile document to fax back to Price Waterhouse today. I have to send the checks now. Ugh. Since we made an International move this year (and every year living abroad) our taxes are hundreds of pages. Makes my head spin as soon as the accountant starts talking. But I guess they are at least done for another year…I feel your pain! Good luck with ‘digging out’ : )

  6. Gretchen

    Don’t put any pressure on yourself for our sakes, Marla. 🙂 I’m sure I speak for us all when I say, sometimes something has to give. We’ll be waiting for you when you catch your breath. What an exciting time for your family. Hugs!!!!

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