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Ooooh, goody! 74 comments for the give-away! (see previous post) 26 more! We can do it! We can do it! Put a little power to it! (that cheer is ringing in my head from high school or something, but I may have skewed the wording…)

Anybody know any good cheers to get us up to 100 comments?

If you didn’t catch my edit yesterday, my sis Bethany and her hubby Stew had an ultrasound and found out the sex of their baby. She called me while I was in the grocery store with the girls, and we just squealed for everyone and their brother to hear. (and no, “brother” is not a hint. or is it?) Speaking of brothers, Stewart has 3 (and 2 sisters). Each of his brothers have had a girl first followed by a boy. (his sister had a boy, then a girl) Will Stewart follow suit or break the mold?

Monday was my other brother-in-law Daniel’s birthday. And my nephew Ethan turned four. Happy Belated Birthday to two of my favorite men!

So, I’ve got this idea brewing in my brain… And it’s making me positively giddy. It involves travel. And writing. And family. And zoos. And many of you. I can’t stop thinking about it. Everywhere I turn, it’s there. God keeps plopping things in my lap, sticking things in my face, all of them confirming that this HUGE IDEA could become reality. There are a billion details to work out, but I’m trusting God, following His lead, and smiling a lot. More details to come.

Nina’s newest thing is, “What’s her name?” Every animal we saw at Marmon Valley Farm–“What’s her name?” Every person on the Brady Bunch–“What’s his name?” Every kid who rides by our house on a bike, “What’s her name?” And she’s not really sure about the difference between “his” and “her.” It’s kind of embarrassing actually.

She also wants to know what color her poo is when I change her diaper. Gross, I know. “Mommy, I poot. Change me.” She lies down, I start to pull her pants off. “What color, Mommy? Lellow? Geen? Bown?”

I pray she doesn’t do that at church.

Well, I finally told my neighbor, “Congratulations on your new baby” yesterday evening. I mentioned before that I was fairly certain she was preggo but didn’t want to say anything until she came out and told me (which she never did). It was starting to get awkward (and very, very obvious). I explained why I didn’t say anything before and asked her how far along she is. I was thinking she might be close to 20 weeks or so. She’s almost 7 months pregnant! Please pray for her little one. The doctor told her there’s a 1 in 250 chance that he has a chromosomal deformity.

I know I had more to say, but I can’t think of anything else for the life of me. Have a super day!

17 thoughts on “don’t miss the give-away below!

  1. GracefulKiki

    I’ve never MET Kelly but I know OF her.  Bethany always had awesome things to say about her.  I feel honored to be compared. 

    And as far as sex goes…that’s what the “try anything once” comment was to insinuate… 🙂

  2. kkakwright

    so sad about your neighbor, or maybe not sad. 🙁  i’ve been so extremely fortunate, so blessed to have uncomplicated pregnancies and healthy babies.  Thank you JESUS!

  3. ladymiss3739

    I can’t remember how much younger Nina is compared to Leah, but I kid you not, they are so similar.  Leah also just went through the name phase a few mos. back…”What’s his name?”  (Everything is a he.  Everything).  And she still always wants to see the contents up her diaper.  I tell her “no,” and that she can look at them when she uses the potty.   

  4. Anonymous

    I’m one of the few looking forward to any kind of interest in their bodily functions because it just might be a clue that potty training is in order. Many a diaper changed here daily!

  5. Marketer319

    Every time I read “Marmon Valley Farm” it translates in my head to Mormon Valley Farm.  And then I wonder how that can be PC to name it that, and why you’re going there to see all the Mormons.  Every. Single. Time.  And then I re-read it, correctly. Thought you should know.

  6. terriwright

    I have TWICE asked ladies when they were due and they WERE NOT PREGNANT!!! Yikes.

    babies are extraordinarily interested in their poo. And, face it….don’t you always look before you flush?

  7. ergirl053

    I am excited about your “brewing idea”. Have I mentioned that it is my goal to visit as many zoos as possible? I am compiling a list!
    Ha to the “what color is my poo”! We (and by we I mean K) now look at the poo and say “ack”. Nina is so advanced with her colors 🙂

  8. jessyomama

    Gavin’s doing the “What’s his name?” thing, too! It’ll give me lots of chances to meet people in the grocery store and at Wal-Mart, I suppose.

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