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EDIT: Deena wrote a nice review for Is That All He Thinks About? on her site if you want to check it out. Thanks, Deena!

My friend Courtney and her daughter Chloe came to spend the day with us. I took some great pics–I’ll have to add them to my “To Post” list. We went to the zoo–third time in eight days for the Taviano girls. Ava and Chloe held hands the entire time, and Nina was content to stay in her stroller. It was perfect. We fed the lorikeets and saw the new baby koala joey and rode the carousel. And had time for everything else except North America and the gorillas.

Grabbed food on the way home and barely got Livi to the bus stop. Courtney ran a couple errands while Nina napped and Ava babysat Chloe. I got some writing done.

Then we went to the Metro Gardens. More great pics and forest/pond creatures. Fun, fun.

The “fixer man” came yesterday (as Ava called him) and replaced our dryer motor, fixed the cable on our dishwasher door so it won’t fall on Nina and kill her if she opens it, and replaced our garbage disposal. The dishwasher and disposal are great. The dryer is acting funny which is not cool since the motor cost nearly as much as a new dryer. (we just don’t have the time/energy/truck/patience/know-how to shop for a new dryer, bring it home, and install it) Hmmm…

The fixer man’s name tag said “Easy” which I thought was an interesting nickname. Gabe asked him about it when he got home. Turns out it’s the name on his birth certificate. His dad “wasn’t a hippie, but had friends who were.” His dad thought life should be “easy-going and carefree, but it’s not like that AT ALL.”

I asked Easy (young guy, early 20’s maybe?) if he had any siblings. An older sister. And her name?? Brittany. Ha!

So, I mentioned yesterday that I wondered if the repairman could also fix my vacuum and give me an eye exam. Well, I found an eye doctor and scheduled an evening appt next week–no need to find a babysitter. I can’t wait to get my eyes better! A doctor told me four years ago that my eyes needed more oxygen. I’ve worn contacts every waking moment for the past…18 years? Yeah, some glasses might be a good idea.

Anywho, so Easy comes upstairs and says, “Can I use your vacuum to suck the lint out of the dryer?” Uh….yeah, if it worked. Thinking fast…how about the dust buster? Perfect.

Last night was a success sleep-wise. Fell asleep on the couch at 10:30, waiting for Gabe to finish his podcast. Up at 11:00. To bed at 11:40. To sleep at 11:44. No crying from teether girl!! Up at 6:30. Devotions, laundry, breakfast for four, shower, everybody dressed–out the door for the zoo by 8:45.

Next week I’ll be asking some follow-up questions for my book. If you still want to do a survey, there are still free books to be had!

13 thoughts on “day of fun

  1. angntug

    Yay for sleep! Don’t worry, I’m going to Menards today for a new vacuum…mine kicked yesterday after buying a new belt for it…so not fixable…our first one since we’ve been married! Think of a day you and Gabe aren’t busy and we’ll all get together…we need to soon!

  2. yackyyuki

    I’ll take a book and do the survey! 🙂

    Sounds like you need me to come visit with my “jack of all trades” husband and have him do some “fix-it-ing”   🙂

  3. Abs7

    I’m pretty sure that if my given name was Easy I would either have it legally changed or would go by a a very normal nickname like John (if I was a guy)

    I too am glad that Nina is safe from the dishwasher! Althought it would be nice if she learned to load the dishwasher at such a young age.  

  4. meganweist

    About the dryer…everytime we move (twice now) we just leave the old one and buy a new one at Home Depot-spend more than like $200 or something and they’ll deliver it and install it for free.

  5. tonialynn59

    I too love hearing about your trips with your kids!  Zoo trips are fun and I’m intrigued by the Metro gardens.  If I ever get to Columbus I want to see them.     Easy, what a name!  What a wonderful review for your book!

  6. jbnygaard

    I’m impressed about going to the zoo and doing that all BEFORE Livi had to go to school too! WOW!

    I have a friend from highschool who’s name is Sunshine. And I know of a friend who is a Kindergarten teacher in Lima who had a student named Orangejello –pronounced “or-an-gel-o”. But I’ve yet to hear the name “Easy” until today. You know…when we have our third, we do need another “E” name to go with. I’ll have to mention that one to Christian. Hmmm…..

  7. ClutzyButtercup

    I love to read about your expeditions with the girls!  Taking children places is so much fun and it keeps you young!

    Glad you got more sleep…I struggle with that as well.  By the time I get Tina to bed, catch-up on what needs to be done around the house and then take some time to relax, it is ussually after 11 and many times midnight or after…morning comes at 5:50am and in between my husband comes home from work and spends time making noise in the kitchen and bathroom…I am definitely getting too old for this!  : )

  8. kkakwright

    Ahhhhhh….good to have you back my friend.  🙂
    I just started wearing glasses.  My eyes needed a break.  I too have worn contacs for forever now.  Good luck.  Glasses are an arm and a leg anymore.

  9. Nixter77

    Glad you are sleeping more ‘Easy’… You can come to the Koala Sanctuary here if you want – you get your photo taken with a Koala.

    I also have a pacckage I want to send, can you let me know the girls t-shirt sizes again! SP had some good suggestions of what to put in your Aussie Surprise Package – 😉

  10. faithchick

    follow up questions?? oh, boy. i should make a new rule: no shutterfly until marla’s survey is finished.

    you’re amazing. you go to the zoo before kindergarten. and you go to the metro gardens after it. can you write a “how to” book on that.
    kindergarten+younger kids already scares me.

    when you handed him the dustbuster did you say, “take it, Easy.” ???

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