cue the violins

I knew what I wanted to title this post, generally speaking, but I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember what the exact phrase was. (Goodness, that’s a lot of commas for an introductory sentence.) I mean, I could picture someone pretending to play a tiny violin and saying, “Oh, poor baby,” really sarcastically, but that was all I had.

So I googled “little violin” and “feeling sorry for myself” and there you have it: cue the violins.

Cue the violins: (according to “Elizabeth” on Yahoo Answers) The phrase is usually used when someone is over exaggerating and making a fuss about how bad some situation is and looking for sympathy. It comes from when there is a sad scene in a movie and sad violin music plays in the background.

There’s a reason I haven’t been blogging lately (or rather, a combination of reasons). 1.) I like my blog posts to be honest, but 2.) I don’t want to be a depressed, violin-cuing whiny-pants, and 3.) these past 2 weeks have not been very easy for me (or my family).

I crawled in bed at 3am last night (for reasons beyond my control) and woke up feeling defeated and ready to throw in the towel. I looked around at my house, haunted and taunted by the piles of things that need my immediate attention, and just wanted to cry. Or maybe cuss and yell.

I’m heading to the dentist’s office this afternoon for the 5th time in 8 days. There are people I’ve promised to see. There are things I need to write. Tax stuff I need to organize. A desk I can’t even see for all the papers. A huge pile of stuff we brought home from Cambodia in my bedroom. A homeschooler miles behind on her work. A kindergartner who suddenly doesn’t want to go to school anymore. A husband who doesn’t feel well. A cough I can’t shake.

But I’m not fighting for my life like Big Dave, a fellow C-bus’er who was shot in Haiti doing missions work last week. And I’m not “celebrating” the one-year anniversary of the stroke that almost ended my life and certainly turned it upside-down for good, like my friend Joanne. And so on and so on.

So, that’s where I’m at. Not asking for your pity. Not giving excuses. Just yeah.

Speaking of violins, though, Gabe and the girls and I had the MOST FUN Family Date Night on Saturday. We got free tickets to Winter Jam 2012, and everybody was SO excited, because SKILLET! This was Gabe’s 4th Skillet show, but the rest of us had never been (we’ve just jammed in the mini-van to their latest album a bajillion times). He’s gotten up close and personal with the band, even went out to eat with them once.

His favorite band member is Jonathan Chu, the stinking amazing violinist. They’ve had some good chats about photography and other stuff, and they keep in touch online. When Jonathan and his wife Bethany had their twin girls super early (a little over a year ago), and they were in a fight for their lives, we prayed and prayed for them. And I’m always surprised and delighted when Jonathan comments on something I’ve posted. He’s just such a sweet, caring, down-to-earth guy.

We didn’t have any backstage passes for Winter Jam, so there were no delusions of getting to meet Chu in person. Except when we walked in to the arena and sat down, he just happened to be down on the floor right in front of us. Gabe went down and said hi, and he came jogging up to our seats to meet us. We chatted for a bit, and I was blown away by his humility and awesomeness.

Gabe said something about just getting back from Cambodia, and he said, “Yeah, I’ve been following you guys on your trip,” which is just crazy to me, because I am so bad at keeping up with people, especially when I’m all wrapped up in my own little violins. And then he turned to Ava and said, “And you’re the one who had the accident with your mouth, right?” And her little jaw dropped while she nodded and grinned.

And at the end of the almost-five-hour show, when The Band of the Night, Skillet, finally made their dramatic appearance, the girls and I kept our eyes on the unbelievable Jonathan Chu, violinist-head-banger-dancer extraordinaire. We hooped and hollered and sang and grinned. Because he’s awesome.


You can check out some more of Gabe’s pics from the show here. And, wouldn’t you know it, writing this post has been therapeutic for me. I already feel better about life. Cue the roller coaster.

7 thoughts on “cue the violins

  1. Beth in Baltimore

    Ah yes….the reality of our own mess, compared with another’s messier mess….it helps put it in perspective, but I think we also have to grieve our own mess as well. Life has been big for you lately. Huge. Take some time to sort it out and recover. God loves you, Marla, even when you aren’t in Cambodia. 🙂

  2. Keri

    I’ve been a mess these last several weeks as well…..not even sure why. Poor Scot doesn’t know what to do with me but is being super sweet as he tries to figure out how to make my world right again. I have loads I could talk to you about……

    Nathan went NUTS when I told him you guys saw Skillet. He has looked up their summer touring schedule and wouldn’t you know it? They won’t be anywhere near Texas all summer but they ARE in Ohio. Don’t know if I can make it happen for him but I would really love to. Hmmmm…….

    I miss you.

  3. Ruth

    One thing I think your readers appreciate & love about you is your honesty & genuineness. These are emotions & issues we all deal with & I think we all-too-often hide it & it does a disservice to everyone. So, even though we are not having a pity party, we understand & it will remind us to pray for you all even more!

    And, I didn’t know Skillet had a violin player! I play violin and love watching others play. Looks like he’s a fun one to watch, at that! Thanks for sharing the pictures! 🙂

  4. jess the mess

    1) I understand completely what you’re saying. i’m starting to think overwhelmed is a typical way to feel w/ adulthood or something….we’re never DONE with all the stuff we need to do, ya know?

    2) i love your hair that length.

    3) the girls are cuties.

    4) Gabe’s pictures are AMAZING!! the first one is so emotional…and the second one–holy moly—no words. just amazing.

    5) LOL (for real!!) to cue the roller coaster. haha. I understand that, too.

    Life continues…and we are more than conquerers in christ jesus, yes? 🙂

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