crap-free in twenty-thirteen!

Well, shoot. I always run out of time to end the year right. With a pensive, reflective, thankful, looking-ahead-with-promise BANG.

I got nothin’. There’s no way in heck I can wrap my mind around this year and all that happened. And no way I can try to predict what’s in store for 2013.

I do know one thing. 2012 knocked us down, but WE IS GETTIN’ BACK UP.

I’ve been crying out to God lately. Crying and yelling and pleading and begging. And yesterday? He gave me an answer. A glimmer of hope. Just in time for the clock and calendar to begin anew.

“I see you. I haven’t forgotten you. I love you.”

And ten minutes ago, while I was scrounging up some leftovers to feed my fam for lunch, three words popped into my head: no more crap.

No More Crap. Like no more crap in my body (I scraped the mold off the top of the hummus, pulled out some carrots, and went to town.). No more crap in my house (been slacking off on the purging lately). No more taking crap from the devil and believing his pitiful lies. No more wasting time or energy on crap that doesn’t matter.

No more cleaning up Atlas the Tortoise’s crap in his terrarium (kidding).

I’m going Crap-Free in Twenty-Thirteen. And while I’m not going to put it on a t-shirt, and I’m not going to try to define my year by what’s NOT going to be in it, I’m serious about this.

No. More. Crap.

Just a whole lot of loving and believing and forgiving and dreaming and reaching up and reaching out and healing and hoping and sharing. All in the name of Jesus.

God’s up to something, friends. And I’ll be darned if I’m not going to join the party.

Happy Happy New Year!!

13 thoughts on “crap-free in twenty-thirteen!

  1. kendal

    i like the no more listening to the enemy’s crap….that’s where i am today. and i think it would make a great t-shirt. i would wear it to school to teach those 7th graders. ummmm, every day in fact.

  2. Valerie

    I love you…and I’m think the no more crap theme is a good one. Time to start living and not dwelling… looking forward to a good new start for all of us 🙂

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