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The Catching Up:

The past two days of James have been incredible, but man, it takes a lot out of you to read everybody’s stuff and think deep thoughts and leave coherent comments and memorize lots of verses all at once.

Phew. I’ve got my work cut out for me today.

The Update:

Fun Cambodia news! We’ve been saving and saving and saving, and we were inching closer and closer to the $9000 mark. Woohoo!! I had e-mailed a missions travel agency for a quote (for our plane tickets) a few weeks ago, and the options they gave me were going to be around $9,500-$10,000. I told them we didn’t have that much yet and prayed the prices wouldn’t go up.

Then last week I got a royalty check for one of my books, and PRAISE JESUS, I e-mailed them back and said, depending on what the prices are now, we may be able to buy our tickets!

Oh, and we’ve decided to go for a WHOLE ENTIRE MONTH. (eek!!)

So yesterday I get this e-mail with a new quote. UNDER $8000!! Are you kidding me?!? I knew there had to be some mistake.

There wasn’t.

I signed the contract, Gabe is faxing it tomorrow morning, and then we will be the happy, giddy owners of 5 tickets to Cambodia (+ travel insurance). Departure date: December 11.


Gabe has saved almost all of his vacation days for the year (bless his heart!) and got it cleared by his boss. Praise Jesus!!

Next up: saving $ for our tickets from Cambodia to Thailand/food/lodging/whatever else you need if you’re going to spend a month overseas. And soon I’ll be sharing some fun ways you can help by donating supplies to various ministries who are doing amazing work in Cambodia.

Happy Weekend, friends! Thanks so much for all your love and encouragement!

27 thoughts on “catching update

    1. Marla Taviano

      I pray for you two whenever God brings you to mind. Stay strong, girl. Have your package all ready to go–couldn’t mail it today w/the bank fiasco. Headed your way tomorrow! Thanks so much for buying all my old books. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Nan

    A whole month?? Whoa, sister! That’s awesome!! (I have a hard time stepping out of my comfort zone — or time zone, for that matter– for a short time! LOL) I so wish our family had experienced something like that when my kids were little. At that point in our lives that would never have occurred to me. I guess it’s never too late. For now I’ll just live vicariously through you while I ponder ways my “grown up” family can serve together…

  2. Bill Brown

    Hi Marla, great news about your Cambodia trip. I did a study in James on my blog at the beginning of the year if any if any of your peeps would like some additional insight. It’s in the archives starting in January.

  3. beth lehman

    That’s great, Marla!!!!

    This will be a bit rambly, but here are my latest “up-at night” thoughts about James.

    The “count it all JOY” part reminds me of my reading in Ann Voskamp’s book “A Thousand Gifts”. Even Jesus gave thanks on his way to the cross – giving thanks is what we were created to do. So this idea of gratitude in all things is percolating in my brain.

    The second thing I thought of was listening to Alison Krauss and the lyrics of a song that make me cry EVERY time. It’s called There Is A Reason.

    Iโ€™ve trusted in you, jesus, to save me from my sin
    Heaven is the place I call my home
    But I keep on getting caught up in this world Iโ€™m living in
    And your voice it sometimes fades before I know

    Hurtinโ€™ brings my heart to you, crying with my need
    Depending on your love to carry me

    In all the things that cause me pain you give me eyes to see
    I do believe but help my unbelief

    This song is beautiful, but it’s the words that get me every time – how caught up we are in this world and not in the overall picture. And this idea of pain and suffering as a way to become closer to Got and live out our walk.

    Ok, rambling done….

    Thanks, Marla for getting it started!

    1. Marla Taviano

      Yes, ma’am! I don’t know how many and for how long though. We’ll spend the bulk of our time at Prek Eng 3, “our” orphanage. We’re madly in love with those kids, and we’ve been writing them ever since our visit last July (and actually for months before). We pray for them every day, e-mail one of them, all that.

      Then Prek Eng 1 is sponsored by my sister’s church (her FIL is the pastor, hubby is youth pastor), so we’ll have gifts/hugs to deliver to them.

      I’ll have to talk to John and see about the other Prek Eng ones, Battambang, and Thailand. We’ll be there a whole month, so we’re open to anything. Soooooo excited!!

  4. Ruth Chowdhury

    That is so amazing! Praise God! Wow I am so excited for you all. So so excited!! I will be praying & looking for updates on more ways to help out!

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