can’t be/do all the things

I’m pretty sure I wrote a similar post to the one I’m about to write awhile back, but I’m too lazy/tired to find it.

Besides being tired, I am also feeling INSPIRED and ENERGIZED.

1. Paying bills!
2. A fun day with my parents.
3. SUN-freaking-SHINE!!!
4. Working on a project I love!
5. And I love our apartment complex!
6. And I love Cambodia!

That’s enough love for now. Let’s make some more lists.

Things I Wish I Had All the Time/Energy/Resources For:
1. Writing more and more e-books.
2. Making compost out of all our fruit/vegetable scraps and having a garden.
3. De-cluttering once and for all (and helping other people do it too).
4. Getting my Expecting book into all the pregnancy centers everywhere.
5. Making my own toothpaste/deodorant/shampoo.
6. Cooking a bigger variety of delicious plant-based meals.

 Things I Am Giving Up Because Life is Too Short:
1. Reading all the books on my bookshelf (sale coming soon).
2. Worrying about things.
3. Pleasing all the people.
4. Finishing everything I start. Who says I have to?
5. Keeping things I might maybe need someday.
6. Grudges.

Five little boys just barged into our apartment without knocking. Two seconds later, the oldest one said, “Ah! I forgot to knock!” He herded everybody out, knocked, I said, “Come in!” and they all barged back in. One of them went back to see Gabe in the bedroom, one grabbed all my wooden giraffes off the bookshelf, one plopped himself on the couch, one told me he needed some water, and the other one walked over to visit Atlas (the tortoise).

I smiled, took all my giraffes back, said, “How about you get some water at your own house this time?” and told them I needed to get some work done (blog = work, right?).

291 words. Boom.

Happy Weekend, friends!

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