bubbling over

Oh my. Where do I even start? These past few days have just been jam-jam-packed with a billion blessings (and very little sleep). I have so many (and I’m trying to eliminate Christianese from my vocabulary, but not sure what else to say here) GOD-stories to share.


My friend Carey and her daughter hung out with us from Thursday night (well, 1:00a.m.) until just a little bit ago when they headed back to Tennessee. We had a special little 3-year-old spend the night last night too, and now her 1-year-old sister is here, so I’ll update a bit later.

For now, I just want to let you know that I only need 1 or 2 of you to purchase something from my Noonday Collection Trunk Show, and I’ll get a really sweet hostess bonus (which will translate to a new journal from India and a couple of gorgeous–and FREE–Christmas gifts).

Just click here to check out their amazing stuff (that helps women forge a path out of poverty!!). You can e-mail Carey with your order from that page, and as long as you get it to her by tonight, it will count toward my trunk show!

I. Can’t. Wait to tell you more about what God did this weekend!!

Anything fun you’d like to share??

4 thoughts on “bubbling over

  1. Brooke

    My cousin got great news about his cancer!! His doctor said that not only is the chemo TREATING it, but its HEALING him. Doc said he’s never seen a patient gain 15 pounds during a successful round of chemo but Zach has! As your standard gangly/skinny 19 year old this is huge for him! 🙂 He got to take last week off from his treatments – meaning no sickness over the holidays and he might even get to go on a hike with us this weekend.

    This is all too much to be anything but the hand of God!!!!! I could use all caps and a million different !!!!!! and it wouldn’t be enough.

  2. Stephanie

    Yesterday Daniel’s brother and sister-in-law found out we don’t have any nice dress clothes that fit or match each other, so they’re taking us shopping this afternoon so we can get some nice Christmas pictures taken. 🙂 In exchange… we’re babysitting their girls for two hours this morning. They’re 2 and 13 months. *gulp*

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