birthday hangover

I wish I had the energy to write a real post–or at least recap my birthday fun. But I’m just pooped. I will say that my weekend involved fried pickles, a thrift store treasure, dying my hair, skipping around the church while people sang and clapped, and dressing like a chicken nugget.

And like a bajillion happy birthday well-wishes on Facebook. Dude! I’ve got some nice friends. Bless you.

It’s NEVER too late to donate an Expecting book for my birthday. And don’t forget about Radical Chapter 7 for tomorrow! Three more chapters, folks. We can do this!!

What was your favorite part of this weekend?

7 thoughts on “birthday hangover

  1. meghan @ spicy magnolia

    I’m so glad you had an awesome birthday weekend! And I hope you got my tweet wishing you a happy birthday, but in case you didn’t, here is to extending the celebration and wishing you a year filled with more of Himself and His grace. You are precious, Marla!

    My favorite part of the weekend was seeing my little one as an adorable lion. 🙂

  2. niki hughes

    Marla, Sounds like you had a great birthday. My favorite part of this weekend was from approx 1 – 3:30 Saturday afternoon. Jay & I had a much needed date at the coffee shop. Long, uninterrupted conversation was exactly what I (we) needed. I am so about that quality time. Have a blessed day.

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