back in the groove

We just got home from a little 2-day road trip that involved a buffalo sticking his head in our car (Wyoming?), and my husband going zero to 120 in 4 seconds (NASCAR?).

We also celebrated FIVE YEARS in our current home. WORLD RECORD for us (we’ve moved 10 times in 13 years).

Livi’s poison ivy is sloooooowly healing. Thank you for praying.

School starts in 23 days. Gulp.

Back to the real posts tomorrow.

I think.

7 thoughts on “back in the groove

  1. Missy June

    Gulp – school starts in SEVEN DAYS – Yikes! I kind of love the routine, though!

    Glad you had a fun trip and I’m setting a record, too…I’ve lived in my home for seven years this fall which is longer than any home I’ve had for MY WHOLE LIFE. Also, working to refinance into my name, signing papers TODAY! Whoa!

      1. Missy June

        I know! Actually, two schools here are on year-round “block” scheduling. They only take off five weeks for summer and started last week. We have a ten week summer, but school starts August 1. Growing up in the Midwest, school never began til after Labor Day.

        Best wishes as you all make your choices! We are blessed to have the options.

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