all is calm(ish), all is bright

All is also a great big mess. Christmas tree wilting, ornaments falling off, pine needles everywhere. Mini-van unloaded all over the living room floor after a weekend at the in-laws’. Plates and plates of leftover goodies and hardly a healthy food item (at least any that aren’t moldy or stale) in the house. Overflowing laundry and 50+ articles of damp snow clothing strewn all over the place.

What a week.

The good: Spending quality time with the people I love most of all. Peace amongst family members. A God who came down from heaven to be with us, die for us, live in us. Forgiving daughters and a selfless husband. The quilt my sister Bethany made me out of my girlies’ baby/toddler/little girl clothes. Safe roads despite the snow. Countless games of Euchre, Rook, Sequence, and Up and Down the River. Delicious food I didn’t cook. A Christmas Eve visit with my grandma in the nursing home. Snuggling with my 10-month-old niece, Mia. Tears dripping down my cheeks while my mom-in-law prayed for me during church today.

And so much more.

The bad: a fight against a stomach virus (I think I eventually won–my brother-in-law Daniel wasn’t so lucky) and some other not-so-fun physical issues.

The ugly: my selfish, grinchy attitude for the first half of Christmas Eve.

I’ll be honest. I’m glad it’s December 26th. I wasn’t ready for Christmas this year, and I can’t help but feel like I pretty much blew it. So thankful that the New Year with all its promises of freshness and hope is right around the corner. Please join us tomorrow as we introduce ourselves to our fellow Readers-Along.

How was your Christmas? Got a good, bad, and an ugly to share?

8 thoughts on “all is calm(ish), all is bright

  1. Nina

    It looks like your “good” far outweighs the “bad” and “ugly.” (Of course, “A God who came down from heaven to be with us, die for us, live in us” kind of outweighs any “bad” and “ugly” we can come up with, right?)

    Good: We had a nice Christmas. For some reason, it felt more relaxing than usual–possibly because I had three days off work rather than the usual ONE.

    Bad: The snow kept my sister and her family from being with the rest of us. Oh, and I really had no “Christmas spirit” this year, mainly because I’ve had to work so many hours. But I’ve vowed to do things differently in 2011, so that’s the upside of that.

    Ugly: That awful outfit my sister-in-law bought me. Just kidding. 🙂 Seriously, I can’t think of an “ugly” for this year. Our family was just really happy to be together.

    Happy recovery from the holiday season!

  2. Cheryl Pickett

    Totally understand where you are. All started out pretty good for me, but went downhill Christmas Eve. Usually church brings me out of any grinchiness, just didn’t quite get there. Kinda better Christmas day and yesterday. I know it will get better for both of us, hopefully sooner rather than later. Guess it would have been good to get a big ole’ box of patience under the tree 🙂

  3. kendal

    the good – joy returned to my heart after a painful anniversary on the 19th. christmas was a very happy family time and that is a miracle.
    the bad – the snow really altered our family time, with one of my brothers unable to make it in.
    the ugly – haven’t showered in two days – snow days.

  4. Claudia Porpiglia

    The beauty of older children is that Christmas becomes a little less stressful. Didn’t decorate this year…no time and decided I wasn’t going to stress about it. The family was absolutely OK with it! I let myself off the hook.

    Marla, as for the new year being a time of freshness and hope…every day offers us that promise! : )

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