a kink in the plans

I had hoped to get back on track today. Up at 6:00, run (jog) and chat with God, devotions & coffee, everybody up and quietly watching tv while I load the dishwasher, unload the dryer, make my bed, and whistle while I work. Then I was going to blog about She Speaks and how much all (at least some) of you would love it.

Gabe and I watched Hairspray last night until 12:30, checked e-mail and got ready to crawl into bed. Nina woke up crying, blazing hot with fever. She had told me, “I’m cold,” several times before bed which seemed odd. She’s never said that before. She slept with us, tossed and turned as her fever came and went, and my night was pretty much shot.

The other two woke up at 5:45. ?!? I dragged myself (and carried Nina) downstairs at 6ish, tried to snooze on the couch, then put together two 100-piece puzzles with a little rosy-cheeked two-year-old at her irresistible request. “Mommy help me do Strawberry Cortcake puggle?”

She was fine for awhile, now her fever is back. And poor Livi got eaten up by mosquitoes this weekend, and she has some sort of allergy to them. Her legs and arms are red, swollen and hard. And itchy. I’ve tried baking soda, benadryl, calamine, cortisone cream, ice, ibuprofen. Nothing’s working. Any suggestions?

So, here I sit in the clothes I wore to bed, dishwasher humming (well, actually ours rumbles), washer and dryer doing their thing, girls watching a movie (after 16 fights and 2 times of group prayer). I meant to make a trip to the grocery store this morning. We’re plumb (or is it plum?) out of food.

I did find time to do my Stepping Up devotions. God is going to rock my world through this study, and I’m so excited.

One more speaking engagement Saturday, then I’m done for a few months (unless something comes up). I’ll blog about it tomorrow, but I could use your prayers. This is new territory for me, and I want so much to bless the people who come (whether it’s 2 or 20 or more).

Oh, and I meant to clarify something. I think some of you thought that I was going to She Speaks as a speaker. I wasn’t. Just as a participant and to learn more about God and speaking. I had to give 2 short speeches and be evaluated, but I didn’t lead a session or anything. Maybe someday! (I’d love to.)

I had a neat experience yesterday involving some crying, 2 pastors, and the Cheesecake Factory. I’ll share tomorrow.

Thank you, Lord, for providing for us today. I love you.

Love you too, girls! Happy Tuesday!

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  1. gsowell

    @mtaviano – 

    Schedule me in. We WILL make it happen. Now if I could just find a reason to qualify me for such a conference. That’s on my top 5 major prayer requests for the decade. (what? you don’t have one of those?) Anyway…I’m so in. Beyond in. And getting to meet Kristen would seriously just put me right over the top.

  2. ergirl053

    I’m looking forward to the Cheesecake-pastor story too.
    Sometimes bug bites can can get infected, so watch for other signs of that. A thing that I have found that works super-well for ultra itchy skin is Eucerin anti-itch spray. They have a thick gooey lotion that is great too- called calming creme. I LOVE IT! And if all else fails, she can probably get a shot of steroid from the doctor- but she probably wouldn’t be such a fan of that 🙂 (Don’t let her read this and know that I am the person who resorted to needles for the itching).

  3. mtaviano

    @gsowell – I promise to blog about the pastors, etc. And I was JUST thinking of you this afternoon and how much you would TRIPLE LOVE She Speaks. I’m thinking four (or eight) of us (Kristen already said she wants to go) should carpool to NC and cram into a hotel room (or 2) together. I really, really want to go back.

  4. mtaviano

    @DerrickandKenny – Ironically enough, we were driving home from North Carolina Sunday and listening to the NASCAR race. The girl from Hairspray sang the national anthem, and the announcers went on and on about what a great movie it was and how you were cheating yourself if you hadn’t seen it. So, Gabe asked me if I’d watch it with him. (I had no idea what it was even about.) He doesn’t really deserve your sympathy after all. 🙂

  5. gsowell

    No bug info in this comment. That is a foreign topic to me. Just begging for more. I must know the pastor/cheesecake/crying story. Move that up the priority thingy.

    Secondly, I cannot wait to hear about the conference! I didn’t know such a thing existed until you listed it the other day. I went digging on the Internet for more info. Now I MUST know what sessions you went to, what you learned, who you met, how much fun you had, and what you’re most scared by now. Please, please, please spill your guts!

  6. tonialynn59

    I have no advice on the bug bites but it sounds like you got some ideas.  Poor Livi!  It seems there’s always one person in the family that really gets hit with them.  Hopefully Nina is doing better this afternoon??  Prayed for your family just now!

  7. Anonymous

    I’m smilling with the silly thought of wondering if some people are just too sweet, and they’re gonna attract bugs no matter how much cover up you use!  (I know that sounds silly… but…)  I know, this helps none… sorry. 

    Nothing helps my itchies like a good distraction and keeping cool… almost cold.  Being warm makes me itch more.  ?   Hope the girls are better soon!  Blessings… !

  8. stephaniedawnbasham

    P.S. For future reference, I don’t know if the bug spray you have works on Livi, but the normal kinds don’t work for me. I went years thinking that I was immune to bug sprays or something until I discovered the Deep Woodsman aerosol kind, with around 30-40% deet. You’d have to check the can to see what ages it’s safe for, but if I cover myself in that stuff I won’t get touched.

    Of course, I don’t use it when I walk out to my car, and even then I get two or three bites in those twenty feet of walking. YUCK.

  9. stephaniedawnbasham

    It is most CERTAINLY in the genes.

    For me, benadryl works the best, but mainly because it knocks me so unconscious that I’m unaware of itchiness and uncomfortableness. No cream or ointment has ever stopped the itch. However, hairspray can do wonders on itchy skin (the hair product, not the movie). Hehe. As long as the bites/ sores aren’t open. If they’re open, the alcohol in the hairspray can hurt. Also, the Aveeno oatmeal bath as a few mentioned. I haven’t used it since I was a kid, but I remember it feeling wonderful on my itchy legs.

    I hope all our remedies help Livi! I feel for her!

  10. Anonymous

    Hi Marla,

    No new ideas for the bites. My youngest daughter has the same bug chemistry. I will be praying for you regarding your speaking engagement. I’ll enjoy reading as you post about how God moves on Saturday. Many blessings! Fran

  11. lites4Him

    Hi Marla,
    Our daughter is also a mosquito magnet- she will get 10-20 when the rest of us only get 1-4 even though we’re in the same place. I’ve heard some say it’s a body chemistry things and some people truly just attract them more. That being said- we have had great luck with the benadryl cream (actually the Walmart/Equate off-brand “Anti-Itch Cream”)- we rub it everywhere it itches. (Not sure if there’s an age limit on it but I think you choose it or the benadryl syrup or pills- not both.) We’ll be praying for Livi as she’s itchy and for Nina to feel better SOON! We’ll also be praying for continued health for all those not “afflicted” right now! Get some rest so that you don’t end up down also.

  12. mtaviano

    @rocknnell – Oh my goodness, don’t worry about it! Livi gets mosquito bites as soon as she walks out the front door. And I’ve heard of lots of kids with fevers lately. No biggie!! All part of mom-hood.

  13. rocknnell

    Sorry, again, it never seems to fail..they get sick, bug bites…. I left the bug spray in the back of the truck, thot it was in the cabin….I tried mouth wash…someone told Rock it really worked..and it did on me…and I watched them, and no one consistantly said anything…and when I did see them, I took them in…sorry… and NINA …wow…Tanner has a fever, but he is cutting 3 teeth ?  maybe I am just not the one…. every time….

  14. GooberandDicky

    What did you think of Hairspray? Some of my friends saw it and loved it and they keep telling me to see it.

    Sorry your children are sick and your not sleeping as well. Hopefully, healing will be coming your way soon. We need to have you and the family over for a meal. We are long over due.

  15. Anonymous

    Hope your little girl is feeling better! Nights like that take a little while to rebound from. Hope you can nap while she does today!

    You might have mentioned this in a previous post that I missed, but who is the Stepping Up devotional written by? I’m looking for a new study for my mom’s bible study and thought I would check it out!

    Thanks so much!

  16. rebates

    I always got eaten alive every summer!  Poor Livi!  My MIL introduced me to Absorbine Jr. for bug bites.  It’s actually marketed mainly as a product to help relieve muscle aches, but it helps with the bug bites, too. 

  17. filledeparis

    P.S. In addition to the Aveeno Oatmeal bath, I also found these ideas:
    1. Benadryl ant-itch stick
    2. Diaper ointment
    3. Windex (just like in My Big Fat Greek Wedding) LOL!

  18. filledeparis

    Hope Nina and Livi feel better soon! No ideas, other than, an Aveeno bath (I think they have one for this sort of thing). But, if she’s truly allergic, maybe you could call the Dr. and ask what he thinks? Sounds like an intriguing experience yesterday. Please do share.

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