10 topics x 2 sentences = what's up

Homeschooling: We’re back in the groove. Doing math, learning about the world, lots of reading and writing.

Gabe’s health: This is the best he’s felt with the occasional minor setback. The next few months will hopefully involve weaning off some meds.

Writing projects: The Blushing Bride redo-as-e-book is coming along. And three other e-books are in the works.

February on the blog: Still planning the Real. Hard. Love. series. Burdened for lots of friends in tough, tough spots.

The cold weather: So. Over it.

Cambodia: Always, always praying for God to show us his perfect plan. Believing and dreaming.

Our church: I love these people. Really excited to spend next month diving deep into racial reconciliation as a big family.

Eating habits: I’m feeling a strong pull to get us all on a much healthier eating plan, but it’s so expensive. And bad habits are hard to break.

My emotional well-being: Feeling good right now. Trusting, hoping, persevering.

Jesus: Wouldn’t be here without him. So, so thankful.

13 thoughts on “10 topics x 2 sentences = what's up

    1. Marla Taviano

      Pretty well. I don’t post about her much, because I want to respect her privacy. She’s quiet but sweet. Spends most of her time studying or chatting with friends online. Typical teenager. 🙂

  1. Teresa Henry

    Can I steal your 10 topics and 2 sentences idea for my blog? 🙂

    I love your heart and your desire to serve God! Thank you for always sharing your honest, true heart with us.

  2. Cheryl Pickett

    Depends on what you mean by healthy and expensive. I count organic as expensive for sure (and not necessarily always that much better from what I hear sometimes). We don’t eat perfectly healthy, but I think we do a decent job and our budget is pretty tight. Just cooking from scratch can be healthier if you do a lot of boxed stuff and it doesn’t have to be that expensive. Happy to share tips/send you an idea of what I do any time.

  3. Rachelle M

    Thank you for sharing. Eating healthy has been our best investment. Clyde is a 34-year diabetic and I know that good nutrition has been a huge factor in his good health. So worth the work and investment in the long run.

  4. Danielle

    Love the update. I made major food changes a couple years ago, and it seemed really expensive at first, but I’ve learned a lot. Shoot me a message if you ever need help, maybe some things that help our food budget would also help yours.

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