freeing child slaves on labor day

I’m so inspired by people who have devoted their lives to abolishing slavery (all while being horrified that slavery is more prevalent in our world today than it ever was).

Thousands of innocent children in Ghana are being forced to work on fishing boats for hours, days, weeks, months, years when they should be in kindergarten, first grade, second grade like other kids. The folks at Mercy Project are working tirelessly to free them, to restore their childhood, give them an education, reunite them with their families.

What’s awesome about Mercy Project is that they’re not just rescuing kids (supply and demand would just scoop up more kids), but they’re helping the fishermen find alternative, sustainable, productive ways to catch more fish.

Then child slavery becomes unnecessary, obsolete.

And kids can just be kids, not slaves.

I’m joining my friend Heather and a bunch of other bloggers today for a common cause: to raise awareness of their plight. To open our eyes to the evil going on in our world. To open our minds. To ask, “How can I help?”

All I ask is that you take 10 minutes to watch this video. Share it if you’d like. And as you enjoy this holiday weekend with loved ones, realize how blessed you are, and ask what small step you could take to make life better for someone in need.

Thank you, friends. See you back here tomorrow for Super-Duper September! Our first contributor is doing some awesome stuff to help women find a path out of poverty. And you can win something really cool!

5 thoughts on “freeing child slaves on labor day

  1. Sharon

    Watching the older boy on the boat made me bawl. He looked so scared. And then to see him smile, that was so precious! I love how they found a way to help the fishermen AND the kiddos.

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