deepening the soul for justice {week 8}

Whew! Barely squeaking in this week’s read-along post before the buzzer. We didn’t talk about the book last week, so it’s “Proclaim” (pages 35-39) this week.

What did you think??

I really (really) liked the concept of justice always being connected to worship. I think it’s something I haven’t ever really thought all the way through. I do know that the worship times at church that I connect with the most are the ones where we’re talking/singing about God’s heart for the poor and what we can do to love them in Jesus’ name.

I think we’re often tempted to make worship more about us and what God can do for us.

“In worship we cast our lives upon the faithful and just power of God. When we do so, we oppose all acts of unjust power” (36). I love that.

And this: “The entirety of Scripture emphasizes that true worship, by definition, must always have us thinking about our neighbors in need, just as loving our neighbor should always flow out of our worship. Justice is always connected to worship, because both worship and justice are about the right ordering of the world. Both worship and justice proclaim and declare God’s lordship over all–including evil, including oppression” (36-37).

I love how she says that worship connects us to the oppressed. I know that when we tutor refugee kiddos on Tuesday nights, it feels like worship to me. Connecting with these kids, laughing with them, helping them, loving them. God’s heart beats for that.

And I can relate on a personal level to the part where she said, “in the face of any darkness, we can worship. We must worship.” Gabe has had a string of really rough days. Some hard, hard stuff. And we’ve been able to worship God as a family in the midst of it all. We know God’s good, and we tell him. We know he can bring healing, and we tell him. We thank him that we’re all still alive and together, and we trust him with our future.

“Worship–the declaration of who God is over and against any reality that would vie to mock God’s reign” (39).

I’d love for you to give God some praise in the comments today. I’ll start.

5 thoughts on “deepening the soul for justice {week 8}

  1. Rachelle

    Lord Jesus, thank you for life. How humbled we are that you have chosen us to live at this time in this generation. What a priviledge that we are your ambassadors with the charge to love a world where you are truly the only one we need.
    Father give us your strenght to live fearlessly as we represent your kingdom. Help us let go and trust that you are in charge. Mark us with your grace so that we can effectively minister to the hurting that surround us. And give us hearts of true thanksgiving, where we become the hands and feet of Jesus in our homes, to our neighbors our communities and the world. Make us dangerous for your glory. In Jesus name amen!
    Love you, Marla and Gabe.

  2. Marla Taviano

    God of justice, I praise you. You know that a 9yo girl in Cambodia was forced to return to her parents today after being safe for a few months. You know that they sell her precious little body for men to abuse. God, I know you love her more than anything, and that you can and will work a miracle in her parents’ hearts. God, I know that you can and will protect her and heal her and keep her safe from evil and injustice. May your justice reign in this little girl’s life today, God. All glory to you. Amen.

  3. brooke

    Father, I’m in awe of you. When surrounded by humanity, I get frustrated, or worse angry. Instead, you are full of grace and mercy. Thank you for giving me glimmers of others’ hearts when I start to become resentful of them. You’ve got this under control. For that I praise you.

  4. Andrea

    God, I praise you for Marla’s heart–for justice, mercy, love and most of all, her heart for you. In these hard times, she looks to You. Gabe turns to You. Their girls pull out Bibles and turn to You. When their family could easily turn from You, they turn toward You. This is Your good grace.

  5. Marla Taviano

    God, I praise you for the good day you gave Gabe today. I thank you for all of the beautiful people praying for us. I thank you in advance for your provision and healing. I love you.

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