deepening the soul for justice {week 7}

Week 7 already! Wow. Crazy! (We’re discussing “Ask,” pgs. 29-35 this week.)

This one’s going to be short. I’m a tiny bit of a hot mess right now. Just a little worn out and overwhelmed. And really thankful God is with me.

This paragraph really hit me on a personal level: “But prayer by its very nature is, in a primary sense, an unloading of the heart. When our hearts are so heavily taxed that we feel we can no longer truly pray, God leads us back to himself by telling us simply this: Pour out your heart; pour out your heart before me” (32).

She talks about how “there will be times when we will be tempted to believe that our God does not hear, that our God does not see, that our God is not able to intervene” (33).

But it’s not true. He does hear. He does see. He does care. And he is able to intervene. And will.

In both my personal life and my pursuit of justice (and I’m so thankful for the way they intertwine), God is showing me the importance of continuing to pray, to wait, to hope, to listen, to eagerly expect him to answer.

And in the waiting, God pulls me closer to him. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

What has God been saying to you this week?

3 thoughts on “deepening the soul for justice {week 7}

  1. Andrea

    God does hear; God sees; God intervenes. “As we pray, we find that God himself is drawing us even deeper into the riches of his call and his kingdom…And so we wait in prayer with hope. We keep asking God. We listen with great expectation.”

    I can recall these words and promises; I need to believe them and lean on them more.

  2. Lesley

    Trusting God always is at the center of my thoughts these days. I recently finished nursing school and am going to leave in about 30 minutes for a job interview. Honestly, I don’t feel all that nervous and can say that I am trusting that I will get the job I am supposed to. However, while that is easy for me to say today would it still be easy in a month…two months…six months? I pray that I will have the strength to trust God today, tomorrow, and always in all aspects of my life. Let me be an example for my family, friends, and strangers alike.

  3. Alicia

    I feel like God has been teaching me for the last few years that we have to consciously make the choice to trust/believe/follow Him. Daily. Hourly, even. I used to think that once you “made the decision” to become a Christian that there was the ability to coast. Sure, I’d have to do things that were right and stay away from things that are wrong, but how much more could their be, right? Yeah, not so much. Someone once described our relationship with God like a person attempting to walk up an escalator that was going down. Unless we are taking constant, deliberate steps toward God, we’re being pulled away from him. There is no standing still. So I feel like God asks me daily, “Do you trust me? Do you believe I am who I say I am?” And I have to decide whether or not I am going to believe that God is good, regardless of the awfulness and evil I see in the world, or whether I believe that He loves me and wants my best, even though every emotional fiber of my being tells me otherwise. Some days are easier than others. 🙂

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