who loves FREE? me!!

EDIT (Thursday, February 16): Congratulations to Jan M, Beth L, Santos S, Becca S, and Tsh O, our five lucky winners!

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. One of my favorite things about having written an e-book is that I can give it away for FREE any time I darn please, and it doesn’t cost me a DIME.

So let the FREE begin!! From now (10pm on V-Day Eve) through 11:59pm EST on Valentine’s Day, The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky is YOURS. FOREVER. For FREE.

(Not married? Well, hold your horses for just a little teensy bit, because next month I’m releasing my first-ever (e-)book that you don’t have to be married, knocked-up, or a mama to read.)


Can I get an AMEN?!? And a HALLELUJAH?!?

Now just click that pretty little heart, follow the instructions, and you’ll be reading your free e-book in no time.

And as a special thank-you to all the love and sharing I’m anticipating today, I’m giving away FIVE copies of Is That All He Thinks About? (like, an actual paperback book that I will send you in the mail) to five random commenters on this post. Woo-hoopity-hoo!!! And yeehaw!!

All you’ve got to do is say, “pick me!” or “I love free books!” or “my husband rocks!” or “woo-hoopity-hoo-doo-woo!” Or whatever. (Husbands, feel free to comment on behalf of your wives.)

Happy Valentine’s Day!! (one of my least favorite holidays EVER, but who asked me?)

69 thoughts on “who loves FREE? me!!

  1. Carol D

    I love Valentine’s Day because it gives me an opportunity to express to friends and family how much I love them. Cards, flowers – yes, but it is so much fun to deliver bags of treats or small gifts to grandkids and friends. It is the ultimate time to express your love. My love fest started 33 years ago when we lost a child on Feb 13. I learned how loved we were and wanted to express that love to those we love. Ofcoarse, red, pink and white are my favorite colors. Hope you have a great day remembering all those you love.

  2. Laura

    Fun giveaway for Valentine’s Day! My husband’s always a curmudgeon about V-Day (so am I, to be fair), but this is one gift we can agree on. 😉

  3. Amanda

    Oooh! I DO love free books! Especially that are good for my marriage! I found out about your blog because you are speaking at our CFPN reunion this summer (sadly, I won’t be there because I’ll be 8 1/2 months pregnant and think the drive from TX to WI might be too much).

    Hallelujah for free! I know what I’ll be reading … or passing to my husband to read … now that I’ve finished The Hunger Games series and don’t know what to do with myself.

  4. Santos Samayoa

    Pick Me!! This is a comment in behalf of my wife. I am reading your e-book, The husbands guide to getting lucky right now, would definitely like my wife to receive a copy of ITAHTA. Would benefit us both. Thanks for your words of wisdom and humor. Happy Valentines Day!

  5. Amy

    I would love to read this – I’m definitely trying to figure out how to be what he wants/needs – and struggling to understand what that actually is!! Thanks for having this giveaway!

  6. brooke

    my hubby is giving me the most romantic gift this February and he doesn’t even know its a gift! (let’s not tell him though, just to see what he comes up with today. mkay?) this “gift” is because 1) he loves me 2) he’s smart 3) he rawks! 4) and he has an incredible wife 😉

      1. brooke

        not only are we paying extra on our mortgage this month (the gift he doesn’t realize a gift) but we picked out a compassion kid tonight to sponsor!! 🙂 add that to him picking up his socks and putting his dishes in the dishwasher this valentine’s day rawks!!

        1. Marla Taviano

          Sweeeeeet!! Where does your Compassion kiddo live? Our Maria in Mexico just got pulled out of the program by her parents 🙁 so now we’re sponsoring little Gabriel in the Philippines.

          1. brooke

            Suman lives in India and had been waiting 270 days for someone to pick him. I wanted a little kid with AIDS (due to the whole “but for the grace of God goes Jay” thing), but he reasoned that for our $$$ to have the most effect we needed a kid who had a good shot at a long healthy life to tell others about Christ and the things that the people of God have done for him. who am I to argue with that logic?

  7. Christine McCann

    Well, I’ve said it before…my husband doesn’t need any help getting “lucky” (wink, lol). I, however, can definitely use a copy of “Is that all he thinks about?” LOL!

      1. Christine McCann

        LOL! If only “I” could have a dollar for every time I’ve bragged about my sex life! Giggle. Love ya, girl!

  8. Melissa

    Okay I don’t need to win, because I already have the book and love it! Just wanted to say woohoo! and that my husband rocks!! And so do you Marla, for such wonderful books that you write and share with all of us. Thank you!

    1. Laura

      Oh shoot! I don’t have any (ANY!) social anything to swap. No fb, no twitter. Can I still get a copy? (trust me, he needs it!) I was planning to share the site with a coworker (an in-person whisper, does that work?) 🙂

  9. Sammi

    Loving all your books all the way from Australia!! Have already shared my blushing bride book with all my newly married friends! Can’t wait to read is that all he thinks about! 🙂

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