Oh my word. Here we go! Click here to begin the fun!

23 thoughts on “introducing…

  1. Mandy

    Just bought our copy and loaded it into my husband’s and my ebook readers! Couldn’t wait – had to read the intro! It looks great so far. Tonight the read reading begins. The website looks awesome, too.

    1. Cheryl Pickett

      Also, I just showed Dave the site and he’s ready to read. Then I’ll tweet etc. Still trading tweets/posts for copies? Feel free to send via FB or email that’s connected to this comment.

    2. Gabe Taviano

      Thanks Cheryl. A good mount of the credit goes to our friend Wes from Creating quality original art deserves much appreciation. Hopefully people will offer him some projects instead of just using stock photography, etc. Appreciate your encouragement!

      1. Matt Beachy

        Gotta say well done back at ya man! Glad to see you making a huge impact! Was just telling someone on facebook how I kinda knew Marla through you…or one of the other cedarville peeps!

  2. Kimberly

    Ok, I purchased using paypal, but don’t know how to download it now. And NO, there is no husband yet, but I’m hopeful that someday there will be someone to read it 🙂

  3. Holly

    Great job. Haven’t even check out the whole site – but have posted your ad and link to FB already! 🙂 Praying for a GREAT day tomorrow. Love you.

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