i'll trade ya.

Working and praying hard toward a (tentative) Thursday, June 16th (possibly Friday, June 17) BIG FAT LAUNCH of the Husbands’ E-book. I’d love to make you a special I-Read-Marla’s-Blog-So-I-Get-Special-Privileges deal.

Your Options:

1. I’ll trade you a free copy of the e-book for a Facebook post or tweet on Launch Day (more than one would be doubly sweet) telling people where/how they can buy the e-book for $4.99 (I’ll provide you the details next week).

2. I’ll trade you a free copy of the e-book + 2 to give away on your blog for a Facebook post/tweet + a blog post about the e-book. I have several people lined up already who are going to “interview” me about the book. You can just e-mail me 3-4 questions (about the book or whatever), I answer them, and there you go.

3. I’ll trade you a free copy of the e-book + a hard copy of one of my other books for ONE HOUR of your time on Thursday, promoting the book in any way you want. E-mails, individual Facebook/Twitter messages, writing about it obnoxiously on people’s FB walls, calling/texting your friends and having them buy it for their husbands for Father’s Day.

I reeeeeeeeeeally want to go to Cambodia. And bless some marriages while I’m at it.


Leave a comment or e-mail me if you’re interested in a trade.

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Melissa

    I would be happy to spread the word on facebook and through e-mail to all of my MOPS friends at UALC. You’ve spoken to your group a few times and I know there are many ladies that would love to support you and share the book. Let me know detaisl for where to direct them and what to do. Many blessings to you and your family!

  2. Don Corson

    Love to “trade”, and post out to FB and Twitter, plus I’d love to write a book review. Hosted a home group for many, many years, so we’ve had lots of interesting discussions on this topic!

  3. whimzie

    Marla, I would even come out of semi-blog retirement for you. I’ll do any or all of the above that you need. Just tell me how I can help most.

    Heart you muchly.

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  5. Emily M.

    Hi Marla, I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I would love to send an email to the Heritage MOPS ladies and anyone else in my address book who might be remotely interested. It’s not the same as a blog post so you don’t have to trade me a free copy – I’d gladly put the $5 toward your trip. 🙂

  6. Shannon

    I would be happy to spread the word on facebook, I don’t have twitter though! I can encourage a few friends who also love your other books to spread the word! My husband is SO excited for your new book! I go on and on about Is That All He Thinks About, so he’s really interested in this!

  7. Rachel Degeo

    I would be happy to trade a facebook post for a copy of the new book! Excited to read it! Send me the details for the post.

  8. Jonna

    I would be happy to spread the word!!! I also have some jewelry that I have made for you to sell for your mission trip cousin o mine…. I need to know where you would like me to send it.

    Love ya bunches! J

  9. Leigh

    I’ll feature you on the blog, Marla, no copy necessary. Unless I could do it as a giveaway for a reader? I’d feel awkward passing it on to one of my friends’ husbands:)

  10. Christina Burt

    I’m in! I don’t blog but I will post on every person’t face book that I know and email every person I know!! Shoot me all the details!

  11. Kathleen-NM

    Hi girl! I will post on face book, and email friends. What a great idea, and I am eager to read it. I cannot believe you wrote it all in 2 weeks! Wow….

  12. Jen Hanson

    I’ll do number #2 for you – though I think a lot of my readers (all 40 of them) are in the same circle as yours – but I’m gonna give it a go for you! Just let me know what to do and when.

  13. Emily Kay

    I’m up for some Facebooking and Tweeting! 🙂 I still give your books as wedding/baby shower gifts every time I’m invited to one…and I’m sure this one will be just as great as your others!

  14. Tana Adams

    I’ll do number two! You know I’m dying to read this book and plus I really want to get you on that plane. =)

  15. David

    I figured you needed a guy to jump into this! Sign me up for number 1! I might try #2 if you would like. I could “interview” you, but could I steal some other people’s questions? 😉

  16. Jeni

    I will definitely post to facebook and twitter that day. I can’t wait to read it…er….have my husband read it. 😉 (He flipped through “Is That All He Thinks About?”…so it’s only fair, right?)

      1. Mindy May

        Awesome I would love to help. I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 years and we live together. He has been supporting me while I am going to school. I read your book from Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife and I loved it. I think it is a great book for girlfriends as well as wives. I am excited to read this e-book. I would like to interview you and give away two books (option #2) if that is ok.

  17. Kim Stephens

    I’d love to facebook & tweet your e-book! (@mrs_stephens) Put me on the list to know the details when you have ’em!

      1. Marla Taviano

        Dang it!! That’s awesome!! I will try extra-hard to get everything ready by then. Although June 17 is my father-in-law’s birthday, so that might work better for promo. 😉

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