going through the e-motions

This weekend has been a roller coaster. Oh my stars. Where do I even begin? And how on earth do I keep from over-dramatizing the whole thing? (I don’t, that’s how.)

So, I’m writing an e-book. No, I’ve WRITTEN an e-book. And revised the absolute final copy about six more times. Now it’s really absolutely, positively final.

Gabe and his Digital Disciples crew worked on a pro bono website all night Friday, so when we started talking e-book at midnight, we were both already exhausted. All the formatting jargon and whatnot was enough to make my head spin, so we finally went to bed around 2am. We’ve been going to bed really late every night for awhile now.

On Saturday, I worked on final, final revisions and Gabe worked on figuring out how in the heck to format my ridiculous Word manuscript into something that wouldn’t be completely jacked-up in an e-reader.

Leaving out all the drama, it was discouraging. And then we heard from our designer. He hadn’t started on the cover. He hoped to have it ready next week sometime. Eek. Totally not his fault. We didn’t even ask him to design it until a few days ago. But I really wanted to release the book Thursday. And Gabe is designing a website for the book and wanted to use the cover art.

In the midst of all this stuff not working out, we took the girls to Lowe’s, let them pick out some sweet turquoise paint, and helped them paint their “office.” The three of them share two bedrooms, and since they all sleep together every night anyway, they asked if they could move all the beds in one room and their desks in the other.

They’ve been super awesome about letting me write and write and write lately, so this was kind of a thank-you gift to them. It looks incredible. Pics soon. Let’s just say that their new room is enough to make their globe-loving mama SWOON.

So, Saturday night was another late one, and I was pretty close to tears. Nothing seemed to be working out. Thursday’s deadline seemed impossible. I felt a really heavy weight on my shoulders and just super, super sad. And burdened and anxious and stressed. And sad.

I told Gabe this morning that I didn’t even want to go to church. I just wanted to stay home and mope. We went to church. And a big group of us met for prayer before the service (we do this every Sunday). Our pastor (who happened to be standing right beside me) started praying, and I don’t remember his exact words, but it was something like, “If anyone is feeling anxious or burdened or sad, God, help them to give that burden to you…”

Then, at the beginning of the service, our friend Sean read some verses and talked some more about being anxious and burdened…

I just stood there shaking my head and feeling totally convicted and started BEGGING God to take my burden. I told him I didn’t have the strength to give it to him, so he’d just have to take it (there’s a Third Day song to that effect playing in my head). I kept begging and begging and waiting for the oppressive feeling to lift.

A tiny little bit at a time, my heart started feeling lighter. By the time we got home, it was a lot lighter. And then a lot, lot lighter. I had a meeting for Somali Club tonight from 5-8, and the whole 20-minute drive there, I prayed out loud and begged and begged God to give me more faith. And to give Gabe the knowledge he needed to format the e-book. And for the designer to get the cover done. And so on and so on.

I prayed my brains out. And flung my hands all over the place. Then I did it all over again on the way home.

And then I went to the grocery store and bought Gabe a bunch of treats. This man has moved furniture and painted a room (he hates to paint) and mowed the lawn and bought me an expensive gift and worked tirelessly on my e-book this weekend. LOVE him.

And he surprised me with double-good news.

1. He figured out how to format my book (using HTML something something blah blah blah)!!

2. My cover is DONE. The awesome dude did it in a DAY. And it is so perfect I could cry. And I’m DYING to show you all.

I’m on a cloud again. So excited. So tired. So thankful. So tired. So in awe of our awesome God.

Let me know if you’d like to trade me some promo for a free copy of the book. Thanks, friends!

23 thoughts on “going through the e-motions

  1. alittlebitograce

    What’s somali club?

    Also, I haven’t read it yet, but my husband has read at least the first chapter. He’s taking it slow so as not to go into overload. I think he’s really enjoying it, but he just got back from his conference, so I’m not quite sure. Incidentally, your husband might enjoy the conference. It’s the International Conference on Computing in Missions(ICCM.org).

    I think my friends and I might like a copy of “Is that all he thinks about”. Can I buy one from you? My friend borrowed the copy of “wedded” and won’t give it back. Your writing has been an encouragement to us and a conversation springboard.


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  3. Holly

    I will be happy to facebook, tweet or whatever….and while I’m not the uber-fabulous Ali…I’d be happy to hold your hand on Thursday in her absence. Thank you for letting GOD use you. 🙂 Love you friend.

    1. Marla Taviano

      Thank you so much, friend! You are uber-fabulous, too!! I don’t actually need my hand held, but I would LOVE your prayers!! I’m hoping Thursday will be busy and crazy, but in the most awesome way. You are MOST welcome to stop by if you’re free!

  4. erin

    Yay for the e-book…and I’m so glad everything is worked out!!! I’ll be praying your launch goes FANTASTICALLY. and, I can’t wait to see pics of your girl’s “office”

  5. Wendy

    I was just talking to a good friend about your new book, wondering if women would get as much out of it as men…

    You sure piqued my interest.
    ~ Wendy

    1. Marla Taviano

      Actually, yes. Ideally, a wife would read the book written for HER (with ideas to help her be more unselfish) first, but I think women are going to like this one too. Especially if their husbands read it and apply it. 🙂

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