crawling out of the tunnel

I’ve been in a writing cave the past few days, and while super draining, it has also been AMAZING. I’ve written more in the past week or so than I have in forever. And it feels GOOD. (Here’s what I’m writing if you’ve been out of the loop.)

It’s probably a little premature to say I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel though. I have 3-4 more days of writing to do, then some editing/revising (hopefully not too much, since I’ve been doing it as I go). Then I’ll have a few people look over it and tell me if I’ve overstepped any bounds of appropriateness (this is very possible).

Then it’s just all the technical stuff. I say “just” but it’s a lot. I’m soooooooooooo thankful that I married a guy who knows all about the internet.

I’m excited about a few things.

1. The title. It’s sooooo cool. Can’t wait for the big reveal.

2. The cover. One of Gabe’s friends is doing it for me, and it’s going to be sweet. And fun.

3. People who have said “yes” to reading the book and promoting it if they like it. And I haven’t even asked very many people yet. Need to get on that. Here’s a short list of who’s on board: Pete and Brandi, Candace, Gary, Kristen, Courtney, and several more but I’m tired of typing up links… And I didn’t even get started on all of YOU who have graciously volunteered. Once the writing is finished, I’ll have lots more time to bug even more people to read it.

4. I think God is really going to use this to give some marriages a nudge in the right direction. That really excites me.

And I’m a little nervous about a few things too.

Some prayer requests:

1. I reeeally don’t want this to sound like a churchy, Christianese kind of book. But I also don’t want to go overboard the other way. I need wisdom and discernment for a touchy subject.

2. I would love for everything on the technical end to come together as smoothly as possible.

3. I pray for strength to withstand any attack evil might throw at me (or my family) during this whole thing. I try not to blame the devil for every little thing that doesn’t go my way (or is a direct result of my own sinful nature) but some stuff pretty much just shouts, “Hi, I’m Satan, and I hate you and want to destroy you.”

Keep those “influencer suggestions” coming! You guys are the best!

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