a father's day miracle!

We were driving to church Sunday morning and talking about The E-Book. “It’s really a bummer that I didn’t think of all this sooner,” I told Gabe. “Father’s Day would’ve been the perfect time to promote and release an e-book for husbands about sex, but there’s no way.”

Except that there is.

I took Sunday off from writing, then wrote for 7 hours straight today.

And I finished the stinkin’ thing.

And I thought to myself, “Could we do this? Could we release it, say, the Thursday before Father’s Day??”

Well, it certainly couldn’t hurt to try.

I have four people looking at it/critiquing it right now, including my dear husband. At 10:40 tonight, I posted on Facebook that he was up on our bed with my manuscript and a red pen, and I was scared to go up there. For several reasons. I did finally venture up, and he seemed to be unhappy, but I guess he was just concentrating.

And then he wrote on my Facebook wall, “After completing two of six chapters, this book’s going to be well worth the investment for my brothers.”

Well. That makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

So. All night long I’ve been busy working on promo stuff. E-mail, Facebook, Twitter. Gabe went through his list of Twitter Peeps and got a ton of them on board.

I got feedback on Chapter 1 from this dear critiquing soul, and it was oh, so helpful and encouraging.

This. Is. Coming. Together.


I am so not a marketer. Any fabulous ideas for tying this in with Father’s Day? Any catchy slogans? Cheesy commercials? I’ll take anything you’ve got.

p.s. And I promise to talk about something non-e-book-related soon.

10 thoughts on “a father's day miracle!

  1. Keri

    Ummmm…..ok, so you wrote a book in like 4 days?? You just get more and more amazing all the time!!! I can NOT wait to read it!!

  2. ali

    Something about the gift that keeps on giving . . . I don’t know, that’s all I got right now. I’ve been reading this crazy sex lady’s ebook and it’s got me all worn out.

  3. Missy June

    From a marketing copywriter’s perspective, something along the lines of a “Gift with Benefits…” alludes to the slightly racy nature and the fact that while for men, their partners gain benefits, too.

    It could also be framed as the gift a man would get for himself in order to BE a better father – and affiliated on manly-focused sites.

    I don’t know your title, so can’t comment on any wordplay there. Could also be somehow partnered wiht a physcial gift so that individuals could give a tangible something with access to the book.

    This would be a nice gift from a spouse to her man, but might not be a good fit from an actual child’s perspective to father?

    Just some thoughts. It sounds like you have the connections and virtual outlets set up pretty well. I don’t have as much experience in that neighborhood.

  4. Cheryl Pickett

    Flexibility is one of the great things about ebooks, having an in-house webmaster helps too :-). Doing a quick launch campaign, even if not super broad, should be totally do-able.

    Since you are well connected with many bloggers supporting you, I’d give them a special kick off price to offer to their readers for Father’s Day weekend only (at least Sat/Sun, maybe start late Fri).

    I think you have enough time as long as you’re ready to put the word out by this weekend.

    Very excited for you!

      1. Cheryl Pickett

        In thinking about the discount price idea and then the fact that you are trying to fill that Cambodia fund, I also thought you probably have time to hook up with somebody who could add a bonus to the sale rather than decreasing the price (or giving it away). Could be another related ebook or anything else that could be sent digitally. You could either just link to it or I imagine there would be a way for you to include a separate download. That’s all Gabe 🙂

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