all in a day's work

Well, today was different and fun. Gabe came down the stairs late this morning and asked if we wanted to jump in the van rightthissecond and go see President Obama at a local university. None of us have ever seen a President in real life while he’s in office except for Gabe (he saw President Reagan at a train station in Lima back in the day).

So we pulled messy hair into ponytails, threw on yesterday’s clothes, and hopped in the van. Three cheers for spontaneity!

Except we found out we needed tickets. Boo.

So we headed to the pet store instead.

The girls have been begging for pets as long as I’ve known them, and aside from Ava’s 4th birthday present (Bubbles the fish), we’ve successfully shot them down for years.

And now that we’re homeschooling, they’ve almost convinced us that a pet would be uber-educational. So we discussed fish. And now have moved on to turtles/tortoises. We sort of fell in love with some adorable baby Sulcata tortoises at the pet store, but I’ll let Ava tell you about them, because…

the girls’ blogs are up and ready to go!!

Thanks to Gabe and his amazingness and patience, they each have their own blogs and will be using them to share stuff they love, stuff they’re learning at the Taviano Global Academy, and what have you.

Here are links to each of them.




If you have a free minute, they’d love to have you stop by and say hi!

10 thoughts on “all in a day's work

  1. Sharon

    Thanks so much for the link to the girls blogs. I am officially following all of them. Bummer about not getting to see the President. I’ve never seen one in real life, though I did get stuck in a traffic jam earlier this year when all the highway enterances were blocked off while Obama was visiting. That’s close enough, right??? 😉

  2. Amy

    My only advice is to ask about life expectancy. My sister had a tortoise and they found out after the fact that the tortoise has a 75-100 yr life expectancy……that is a big commitment 🙂

  3. Ruth

    Oh and I commented on one of the girls’ blogs (I think it was Ava’s?) about how I had a pet African Dwarf Frog. He was fun. That’s another option, maybe? 😉

  4. Ruth

    Loved their blogs!! Thanks! I am so excited to follow along with each of them & also excited to hear what all you are doing for homeschool. It’s so fun to be flexible & take a more relaxed approach to homeschool. We started school 2 weeks ago (this is our 2nd week; took off last week for VBS) & after just being in the 2nd week I have decided that I think we’ll be doing MWF instead of every day school. It’s too much for this pregnant mama right now! ha! But it’s so nice to be able to do that & not feel guilty about it! 🙂

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