who wants a birthday gift??

Wait, what?? It’s not your birthday?? As Nina used to say, I DON’T MATTER! IT DOESN’T CARE!! (she always got them mixed up, and I loved it–why do people have to grow up?)

Maybe it’s not your actual birthday, but it’s MINE, and I’m TOTALLY cool with sharing. So…


(p.s. Gabe is fine. We’re all home from the hospital and trying to catch up on peace and rest. More updates at another time.)

First of all, the other two give-away deals are still on. Buy a copy of The Exodus Road, and I’ll send you a copy of Deepening the Soul for Justice. AND/OR donate $10 or more to the Hard Places Community to bless some at-risk kiddos in Cambodia this Christmas, and I’ll send you a FREE t-shirt.

(Read about the book deal here and the t-shirt deal here.)

Now. The goods.

My friend Krysten is one of my favorite freedom fighters. She’s a 2nd grade teacher but started her own jewelry company on the side. And get this. She gives away ALL HER MONEY to help fight for freedom here in Ohio and around the globe. She’s super involved with an amazing organization in Columbus called Doma that restores survivors of human trafficking. Women and girls right here where we live.

3necklacesHer jewelry business is called Fancy Freedom Designs, and it’s AWESOME. And Krysten has donated 4 GORGEOUS NECKLACES to give away to 4 lucky winners today on my b-day.

All you have to do to be entered to win is either:

a.) “like” the Fancy Freedom Designs Facebook page


b.) share this post on Facebook or Twitter (or with some friends via phone/e-mail/snail mail/over the back fence.


c.) leave a comment saying which necklace you want if you win.

(The choices are: hope, free, simply love, and butterfly. And the butterfly pic is just two shots of the same necklace.)

And, in keeping with a long-held birthday tradition, I would love for you to partner with me to donate a copy of my book Expecting to a crisis pregnancy center in one of several states (I have a waiting list of centers that want books).

You can click here to donate $8, and on the to/from lines in the front of the book, I’ll write: “To: a special mama-to-be, From: [your name]”

And for everyone who donates a book, I would love to send you a free copy of The Exodus Road. It’s so good, and I want everyone to read it!

Stay tuned tomorrow because I’ll be giving away the t-shirt and hoodie I wear almost every single day (except I’ll give you fresh, new copies). AND MONEY. I’m giving away some cold, hard cash (I know!).

Happy Birthday, Everybody!! 38 looks GREAT on you!!


Susan Hart (Hope), Jill Foley (Butterfly), Tina (Free), and Hope (Simply Love). Congrats!!

53 thoughts on “who wants a birthday gift??

  1. shannon

    happy birthday Marla! you have been on an incredible journey! i’m so thankful for your generous heart. all of the necklaces are beautiful! what an amazing ministry!

  2. Lynda

    “Liked” the facebook page- “Love” the free and the hope necklaces… can’t decide right now between the two. Love your heart for others and for the Lord- praying He will bless you BIG as you continue to seek His heart! 🙂

  3. Jenn Ravan

    Liked the page and shared. Simply Love is beautiful. I love that you are giving things away for your birthday and using it as an opportunity to encourage others. That is simply beautiful! 😉

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  5. Amanda

    Happy Birthday, Marla!! Saying a prayer that this is your best year yet!

    I liked on FB and think “simply love” is just perfect 🙂

  6. Krysten

    Happy birthday, Marla! And thank you, all you lovely folks, who have checked out my jewelry over at Fancy Freedom Designs and liked the page and such. Freedom is a beautiful thing! 🙂

  7. Danielle

    Happy birthday friend! I’m glad you all had fun for your birthday! I liked this on fb, and I like the simply love necklace.

  8. Amanda

    I liked the facebook page. I just love the butterfly necklace. It’s so interesting and different that I’m sure I’d get comments and have the chance to share the story behind the company.
    Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing with us! 🙂

  9. Rachelle

    Happy Birthday, Marla! I like the simply love necklace. I liked the FB page and I may have to buy a bracelet.

    Thank you for all you do to love mercy, seek justice and walk humbly. Love you!

  10. Stacey Wells

    Happy Birthday, Marla!! I shared your wonderful post! I love reading about selfless people making a difference. If I am a lucky winner; I love the butterfly. Thank you for sharing your birthday with all of us.

  11. valerie (in TX)


    Liked the Fancy Freedom facebook page – LOVE her jewelry and her awesome purpose! Shared a link on my page too. Oh my goodness, do I really have to tell you which one I would choose?? So hard!! Maybe the Hope one. No, wait, Free. No, Hope. Oh, can I just decide later? 😉

  12. Susan Hart

    Hope! That is what has gotten me through this year! My husband left his job of 16 years to go into business for himself on February 1. He cut his finger nearly off the end of February and had 3 surgeries to repair it (he is a carpenter/ construction by trade). He was in the hospital for a week at the end of June with positive blood cultures then had abnormal findings on his ct scans of his lungs. I was terminated from my job of 6 years after being falsely accused of something I did not do and am still fighting this as my previous employer tried to take my professional license from me. I’ve been an RN for 29 years. My mom has had Parkinson’s for 7 years and this has progressed very quickly over the past 3 months to the point she is having a feeding tube placed next week, she’s down to 90 lbs. Through all of this my husband and I have been clinging to Jeremiah 29:11. We know He is going to give us such an awesome story to tell of His provision and love through all if this! I am to start a new job November 18, which couldn’t come at a better time. My husband has not had any work all week and doesn’t have anything lined up until January. Gods timing has been so perfect, allowing me the time at home to help my dad with my moms care and we see His hand throughout this year! Sorry to take so much space, I just wanted to share how God is so good and give you the background to this being my year of hope! So glad everything is ok with your hubby, I’m a silent follower if your blog and Facebook!

  13. Tina

    Happy Birthday! I hope you and your family have a wonderful day together.

    If I win, I would like the “Free” necklace. I am on my way to complete healing and freedom and this would be a great symbol. Thank you for this giveaway on your birthday, I love your heart. <3

  14. Sharon

    Happy Birthday, Marla! In honor of your birthday (or maybe just because it’s the only appointment I could get this month) my daughters are getting their flu shots today! Have I told you that I know two other people that share your special day? I Tweeted. I’m not on facebook, but *think* I got my awesome “free” necklace from Krysten, maybe a year or so ago and I love it! I really like the butterfly and the simply free necklaces. It would be a hard choice between the two.

  15. Hope

    Marla, I just bought you a copy of your own book for your birthday :). Thanks for all you do/are. Happy day! I would like the “simply love” necklace if I win. Thanks bunches for sharing the love!

      1. Hope Boothe

        Woohoo!!! Happy Birthday to me (on the 6th). You made my day, Marla! My address is 8211 Davington Drive, Dublin, OH 43017 Thanks bunches! You blessed my socks off 🙂 Hope

  16. Jenny Ellison

    Happy Birthday! What a way to share with everyone. I believe the HOPE necklace would be my choice were I to win. Everyone needs some HOPE!

  17. Teresa Henry

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a great day of rest! Bathe is the peace of the LORD today. God just wants to saturate your heart and mind with the knowledge of His unconditional love.
    I already like Fancy Freedom Design’s Facebook page! And I own 2 of her beautiful necklaces. I just shared your page on Facebook! I love how you celebrate other people. I would want the hope necklace to share with my sweet sister who is struggling with some things right now.

  18. Krisha

    Thinking of you lots today and praying for a great day! These necklaces are so neat and the person who makes them sounds even neater! I love the simply love and Hope necklace. I know you said to pick one, but I couldn’t decide.LOL

  19. brooke

    does she have an online store? i’d love to buy some stuffs!! 🙂 I couldn’t find a link on her facebook page (which I’ve liked).
    I love the “simply love” necklace!

  20. Jen Hanson

    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I’m beyond glad that God placed you on this earth to inspire and deeply love people. You are one of my favorites.

    2. I liked Fancy Freedom a while ago because, well – she is awesome, does beautiful work, and I love the earrings I got from her. Totally gorgeous and a great conversation starter.

    3. I like the “simply love” necklace best.

  21. Laura

    Shared!!! Krysten is amazing and made me a super special bracelet for my dear friend who lost her brother (and I found out later she made one for HER mom too after my mom saw how beautiful it was) – thank you for connecting me with her! My favorite is the simply love necklace, but I love them all so it was hard to choose. Happy birthday Marla! I am so happy that gabe is home and feeling much better. ❤️

  22. Ruth

    I liked the FB page! 🙂 I would absolutely love the ‘hope’ necklace… for more reasons than it certainly implies!

    Happy Birthday, Marla…. I pray this next year brings more blessings than you ever expected. **hugs**

  23. Suzanne Deeren

    Love that “hope” necklace. I know the perfect freedom fighting friend to gift it to:) Thank your generous friend Krysten for donating such beautiful jewelry for your birthday give-away. Just found her on facebook – she has some beautiful bracelets on there. How fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARLA…MAY YOU BE DEEPLY BLESSED AND WELL LOVED TODAY!!

  24. Kristi m

    I liked Fancy Freedom Designs. And it’s a hard choice, but I think I’d choose simply love.

    Happy birthday, Marla! What a way to celebrate! On a side note, I bought Deepening the Soul for Justice and The Exodus Road, thanks to you. I’m excited to dig in!

  25. Denise

    Happy birthday Marla!! Love your heart and your sweet spirit. I pray you have a blessed day and the year to come will be filled with such amazing ness you won’t even know how to contain it!!!

    Also, LOVE Kristen’s Jewelry. The hope necklace I have is one of my favorite pieces. 🙂

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