turns out we ARE a codfish

Anyway. Loved Kristin’s blog today where she admits to being petty, crabby, cranky–and downright codfish-like. She started to share details then decided to change her attitude instead. I’m going to emulate her–halfway. I won’t share sordid details of my crabbiness or how I simply stink (suck is a better word choice, but I’m trying not to use it) at life and motherhood. Unlike Kristin, I’m just not ready to give up my stinky attitude.


Okay, God wins.

Anyway, here are the books I still have left for grabs (along with a few others): Kimberly, you have first dibs, you little blackmailer.

–a severe mercy (sheldon vanauken)
–restoring order (vicki norris)
–creative correction (lisa whelchel)
–flying closer to the flame (chuck swindoll)
–being a girl who serves (shannon kubiak)
–growing a spiritually strong family (dennis rainey)
–the law of recognition (mike murdock)
–the wonderful spirit-filled life (charles stanley)
–disciplines of a godly man (r. kent hughes)
–blushing (me)

and some cds
–i choose you (point of grace)
–a very veggie christmas
–christmas (michael w. smith)
–christmas favorites (cedarmont kids)

Until next time!

12 thoughts on “turns out we ARE a codfish

  1. biblestorebrowser

    For those curious about Creative Correction–I read it about two months ago after Shepherding a Child’s Heart. Surprisingly, I thought they went well together. Shepherding is more spanking-focused (as the only discipline, yet in a loving way), but Creative was inspiring not only for the ideas, but to see how well her kids know Scripture. It helped me see the effects of really living out Dt. 6:6-7. Highly recommended for those with young kids!

  2. lilriver

    hey there. Krista Wright passed “From Blushing Bride” on to me, and I adored it. 🙂 I’m in a book rut right now: any recommendations? I’d greatly appreciate it. 

  3. Hoffmom

    I’ll take Creative Correction if lendy_p doesn’t want it.  Much creativity needed here!  Also Veggie Christmas….is it terribly annoying?  PO Box 143, Rib Lake, WI 54470

  4. faithchick

    oops-i didn’t realize i am sam was already claimed.  i guess i’ll have to actually spend money on matt for christmas. 😉

    um…still waiting for my dream interpretations.

  5. gsowell

    Thanks for directing me to Kristin’s site. We have “bumped into each other” a few times on xanga, but I went ahead and subscribed to her, finally! I know she’s friends with several of my xanga buddies, and every time I’ve been to her page, she has something awesome to say.

  6. lendy_p

    I am, unfortunately, a member of the Codfish Club this week. 🙁
    Was Lisa Whelchel’s book any good? I heard about it but never read it. I used to love The Facts of Life !

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