the husband project (+ giveaway!)

To be honest, I’m a little bit sick of marriage books. I read so many when I was doing research for my books that I kind of subconsciously swore off of them for the next couple years. Sometimes, I feel like they’re all just saying the same ol’ thing.


Can I just say that I REALLY enjoyed Kathi Lipp‘s The Husband Project? Not the same ol’ thing.

I love her writing style. Natural, flowing, FUNNY, not cheesy, REAL, not overly poetic.

And The Husband Project? What a great idea! Loving on your husband in such practical (and easy) ways. I sometimes shy away from “idea” books because I know I’ll never actually implement them. And while I’ve totally cheated on the HP (21 Days of Loving Your Man–on Purpose and with a Plan), I’ve really done some of them too. She’s inspiring!

Kathi tells you right off the bat to hide the book from your husband. (I wonder if she’s going to get flak for it, because a woman wrote me once and said that my book encouraged keeping secrets from/lying to my husband. Uh…)

I can totally see why you shouldn’t let your hubby see the book. I wanted to blog about it quite awhile ago, but Mr. T. reads my blog. And then he found the book. And then he was all, “So, you’re going to be nice to me for three weeks?” and a bunch of other stuff. Grrrr…

It’s not dishonesty. It’s just not full disclosure. And believe me, the projects work better if your husband isn’t reading ahead in the book.

What are some of the projects? Give him 30 minutes of nag-free Free Time when he gets home. Say something nice about him to someone else (and make sure he finds out). Give him a food treat he doesn’t have to share with you or the kiddos. Help him with a project. Wear something he really likes. Get rid of one of the stressors in his life. Watch a guy movie with him.

See? Not so hard! And actually, they’re all really sweet things you can do to show your husband you love and appreciate him.

The longer we’re married, the more nice things Gabe does for me. And I’ve fallen into the trap of taking much of it for granted. NO MORE! I’m going to start making mental lists of every tiny thing he does to bless me, and I’m going to bless him back double. God picked me a good one, and I’m hanging on to him.

And, oh, I should mention the 3 BONUS projects. They each involve the same 3-letter word. Nice.

Generous Kathi sent me 2 copies of the book–one to keep and one to give away to a lucky reader. (It’s signed and everything.)

Here’s how you can win this very-funny, very-well-written, very-helpful book:

Leave a comment answering one of the following questions:

1. What is your husband’s favorite food/restaurant?

2. What is your husband’s favorite movie?

And you know what? If you’re not married and would like to win the book for a friend who is, tell me YOUR favorite food or movie.

U.S. addresses only. I’ll draw the winner first thing on Monday, September 28. Thanks for sharing your book with us, Kathi!

Have a great weekend, friends!!

102 thoughts on “the husband project (+ giveaway!)

  1. LInda Jenkins

    My husband favorite food is anything BBQ and green beans. He eat green beans 2 -3 times a day! His favorite movie is any kind of Western movie. His favorite restaurant is Outback.

  2. Megan

    Ohh another giveaway! My husband’s favorite food is mexican, and I am a horrible wife because I don’t like it so he suffers without it most months. But sometimes I make enchiladas and it’s well-worth the appreciation I get! (even if I do have to sneak a pbj later in the evening 🙂 )

  3. Anna

    His favorite food is lasagna. At any restaurant. 🙂
    His favorite movie is Star Wars. He made me watch all the episodes before we got married.

  4. Lori

    Sounds like a good project…and I think I could use it. Casey’s favorite food is lasagna. We’ll be making it (he wants us to cook it together) this weekend for his birthday!

  5. Jonna

    This sounds like a great book! Jordan’s fav. restaurant is Red Robin. He always orders the Royal Red Robin which has an overeasy egg on top of a bacon cheeseburger. It sounds terrible and cholesterol-y but it tastes pretty good!

  6. Ellen R.

    Oh, I’ve been wanting to read this book forever!! I really hope I can get in on this giveaway.

    His favorite resturant is Pizza Hut (he loooooves pizza!) His favorite movies are the Borne series.

  7. Krista

    An ode to Doug:

    I’ll enter this once, just so I don’t bug
    But here are the fav’rites of my hubby, Doug
    Just steak and a tater
    And watch “LOTR” later,
    And surely you’ll get a big hug!

  8. Lori

    Hi there! I’m a huge fan of your work, so a recommendation from you is very highly regarded. 🙂 My husband’s favorite restaurant is a Thai place, and he loves action movies. Have a blessed weekend!

  9. Renae

    Husband’s favorite place to eat: Dillard House in Dillard, GA
    Husband’s favorite movie is Godfather
    Thanks for a chance to win the book!

  10. stephanie

    My husband’s favorite thing to watch on TV is probably The Office (I don’t know that I could pick a movie). His favorite thing to eat out is Greek food and we love getting take out for two once in a blue moon and eating after the kids go to bed. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

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  12. Kelly form Montana

    the other day he told me how much he LOVES sandwiches and how they are his favorite food:)

    Caddyshack, Stripes & Days of Thunder!!!

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  14. Conny

    favorite meal – roast, potatoes, carrots, onions cooked in a crock pot – bless him because it’s SO easy to make!!

    favorite movies – probably anything with Jimmy Stewart in it! Love the oldies!

  15. Suzy

    My husband has been gone for the past 4 months but will finally be home in 3 1/2 weeks. So I have been thinking a lot about his favorite foods for his first night home. He loves seafood especially crab-legs and shrimp. I plan on finding it on sale and freezing it till he gets home. It will be quite a feast. He’s been eating sandwiches and microwave dinners for the past 4 months.

  16. whimzie

    My husband loves Asian food. His favorite local restaurant is Chow Time. They serve…wait for it…Asian food.

    He has several favorite movies. The Ten Commandments and The Great Escape are two of his favorites.

  17. MC

    Roadhouse is his favorite movie and do I get bonus points for watching this while in labor?????
    What a great book! I am keeping my fingers crossed I will win it for my birthday. Thank you!

  18. Eva Schott McMasters

    My husband loves steak, steak, and oh yes, did I mention steak? He could eat it 3 times a day every day of the week!

    I would love to win this book because I need ALL the help I can get. Then I’ll pass it on to all of my neighbors because we always swap advice!

  19. Lacey

    I don’t think my husband has “favorites!” He’s so laid-back! But he does like my meatloaf and parmesan oven-friend potatoes, and he loves fruit, and ice cream bars, and breakfast foods, and… 🙂

    Movie? He likes blow-em-up guy movies, but he’ll also watch some drama-ish ones with me. But when I tried to make him watch Legally Blonde with me once he nearly gagged! 🙂

    Thanks for the fun giveaway – it sounds like a great book!

  20. Susan R

    Hubby’s favorite food??? Roast and potatoes and brown gravy! Favorite restaurant? Hands down it’s Waffle House – triple hashbrowns smothered covered chunked topped and diced!

  21. Denise

    Drew’s favorite restaurant is probably any with Pizza or Chick Fil A (although he could go to starbucks daily – not sure if that is considered one or not.)

    And his fav. movie – hmmm- I honestly don’t know – he likes X-Men and such…something like that.

  22. Courtney

    My husband’s favorite restaurant (also mine) is Tahoe Joe’s and he does not have a favorite movie. He can’t pick one and none of my suggestions sound worthy enough to be called favorite. : )

  23. Christy Lockstein

    My husband Jesse loves Mexican food and anything with cheese. His favorite movie is Moulin Rouge (it’s a fave of both of us).

    And I’m currently working on not taking my husband for granted, so I would LOVE this book!

  24. Rachele

    My husband loves all food Mexican, esp. burritos…..
    Marla – honestly you have to pick me because I am struggling with this A LOT……….loving on my husband when life just sucks. Sometimes I question if we got married too early. Love your blogs, Rachele

  25. Narita

    I would love to win this book! AFter 38 years of marriage you never quit learning and trying to be a better wife.
    My Sweetie’s favorite place to eat is Maggie’s Mexican Kitchen in Pryor, Oklahoma.

  26. Rachel Lipsey

    Resturant: Corky’s BBQ
    Movie: The Usual Suspects

    Looks like a neat book. No…to find a finding spot where I don’t forget where it is 🙂

  27. Sylvia Caruso

    Well my husband’s favorite food would have to be Chicken Parmesan. And movie, he watches so many over and over again, but I’d have to say the Godfather movies.

  28. Sarah S

    His favorite food is taco salad, and it’s hard to pin down a favorite movie (we like movies a lot). Joe vs. the Volcano is one of his favorites… oh, and anything Star Trek or Batman.

  29. Crissy

    Wow! You wouldn’t think these are hard questions, but I had to really think on this one!

    1. I would have to say that right now he would rather cook something together at home than eat out! We are BIG foodies, meaning we love to cook together. Often we find that the food is yummier than if we had went out. So, an at home dinner that we cook together is my answer! Maybe steak, a spinach salad, and baked sweet potatoes! Yum!

    2. For a movie there are a lot of them. But I will say Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of his faves!

    I haven’t read this book before, but some of the things I do for my husband sound similar. I agree that it is so easy to take all the things our husband do for granted!

    Let’s go love on our husbands!!!!

  30. Mel

    My husband’s favorite food, hands down, is prime rib. Needless to say he doesn’t get to eat it very often. His favorite movie is anything by Monty Python, I think, but he’ll watch anything that’s done well–even chick flicks!

  31. Lorena

    Favorite food – Pizza, pizza, pizza!!

    He has too many favorite movies for me to list, but some include The Princess Bride and Schindlers List

  32. Sarah McGalliard

    his favorite food is definitely pretty much anything from Pei Wei… and his favorite movie…. hmm.. I’m actually not too sure. Maybe Luther?

  33. Pami

    My hubby’s favorite food comes from Taco Bell and Quiznos. We eat at Quiznos almost every Sunday after church. I think he’d be happy to eat there every day!

  34. Stacy

    Hubby’s favorite food is Chicken Fajita nachos from Don Pablos, is Braveheart (I can’t even guess how many times he has seen it!)

    Sounds like a GREAT book!

  35. Jen Griffin

    Oooo…this kinda sounds like a woman’s version of “The Love Dare”…kinda.

    Shan loves pizza!!

    His favorite movie…hmm….Braveheart. Right now he’s driving me nuts watching Hannah Montana the Movie though. He sure can belt out “The Climb”.

  36. Carrie

    Ooh, this book sounds great! We’re going through ‘Love and Respect’ right now, and loving it!

    Hubby’s favorite restaurant…probably Damon’s or BW3’s. His favorite movie…he doesn’t really like movies – not too great of an attention span 🙂 …but maybe the Hunt for Red October or Apollo 13. 🙂

  37. Laura

    Tony has loved Lord of the Rings for years! I think he has read the series 7 times straight through! When the movies came out, we went as a family the first day, all three years! We have copies of the regular movies and the extended version. I bought him an illustrated copy…so it is 7 inches thick! That is the one he likes to read!

  38. Nadine

    Steve’s answer to the favorite food question would be “Meat.” Specifically, I’d say that’s a toss-up between barbecue and chili. He could also eat pepperoni pizza every day if he was allowed to. 🙂

  39. O

    My husbands favorite movie is Hoosiers. It was on TV the other night and he was so excited. I let our daughters stay up late with him and watch it, they had never seen it.

  40. Heather

    My husband’s favorite movie is the Godfather series. Not realizing it was his favorite, I bought him the complete set, since it’s such a guys guy movie, and he about cried! He told me it was the best gift ever. Now, if I could just get that reaction on purpose, this is where the book comes in, I would be on the right track.

  41. Jackie

    Favorite food is definitely spaghetti. he has favorites in all categories of movies, so that’s a little hard to nail down….Braveheart is one that comes to mind, though. I think I need to read this book even if I don’t win it.

  42. Esther

    Oh my gosh, I hope I win this! What a GREAT way to start off our marriage!! 🙂

    His favorite food is: baby back ribs, with mashed potatoes and cheesy bread.
    His favorite movie: He really loves “I love you, Man” although I am not sure why. 🙂

  43. Jessica

    My husband’s favorite food is buffalo chicken wings and his favorite movie is Rushmore. I love this book it has been such a blessing in my life and I plan on sharing it with a friend if I win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. Mandy

    I have the best husband in the world and he deserves the best wife ever. In hopes of winning this book…

    Favorite Food: Cookies (especially any kind that can be dipped in milk)
    Favorite Movie: Gladiator

  45. Rachael

    Michael loves both Chilis and Outback. And when I ask him to choose his favorite between the 2, he usually chooses Chilis; mostly because he knows I don’t like Outback!

    This book sounds awesome!

  46. ALH1203

    I have no doubt that my hubby loves The Green Mile and The Lethal Weapon series. If they are on tv he will be watching them!!!

  47. Janelle

    Sounds like an awesome book! Josh’s favorite movie is Forest Gump. Favorite restaurant- pretty much any place with steak!

    I’m really enjoying Expecting. The best book I’ve read during my pregnancy. Only 2 chapters to go!

  48. Bethany Your Sis

    Stew’s favorite restaurant is Steak ‘n Shake. It’s cheap with friendly service (4 meals for under $4) and anyplace that makes a good bacon cheeseburger is perfect for him.

    We just rented Wolverine (X-Men Origins) a few nights ago and he loved it! Couldn’t stop raving about it and definitely wants to buy it. So I’d say that’s his favorite, at least for now. He really liked Gladiator when he watched it several years ago. He actually cried! Crazy, cause he hardly ever does that, and never to a movie!

    Sounds like a fun book!

  49. deanna f.

    My husbands favorite food is steak! He could eat it for every meal (but he doesn’t ’cause we’d be broke if he did!) ha! He does get to eat it about once a week though.

    And as far as his favorite movie goes, he likes anything with Jason Statham in it, especially the Transporter movies.

  50. Ali

    With two kids (and a dog) in two years of marriage, my husband definitely deserves more of me than I have been giving him lately.
    This book sounds like a great tool, and it sounds fun!
    Oh, and Matt LOVES Chipotle (I do NOT, thus he rarely eats it).
    And though not technically a movie (more of a mini series), he is obsessed with Band of Brothers (I am NOT, thus he rarely gets to watch it – he is very proud of his box set).

  51. Andrea Pickering

    My husband’s favorite food is by Mexican food. Doesn’t matter the restaurant, or if I cook it at home, as long as it’s Mexican. He could eat it every mean.

    As far as his favorite movie, anything action or comedy. We watch so many movies together. We like them all. He will watch the chick flicks, even when I don’t want to. He will even watch some of the gory ones that I want to when he doesn’t haha. But likes pretty much all kinds of movies.

  52. sarah g.

    james’ favorite movie is shawshank redemption. i could never figure out why until i went to a love and respect marriage seminar. the speaker mentioned the movie. told us how the main character earned respect. RESPECT. i have learned since then that TAHT is why james loves that movie. RESPECT is given to the main charachter. i have learned that james longs for respect, and i try very hard to give it to him everyday. by the way, i have shawshank redemption memorized after literally watching it at least 100 times…..

  53. Mary

    Oh, Seth loooves chocolate pudding. And if ESPN could be made into a movie – that’d be his favorite 🙂

    Sounds like a great book, thanks for sharing!

  54. Amy

    He LOVES Pasta Mardi Gras from Pappadeaux though he has to down an acid reducer in order to enjoy it. hahaha
    And his fav movie is “Shawshank Redemption”.

  55. Liz

    His favorite indulgence is Pumpkin Pie which he lets himself eat once or twice a year.
    His favorite movie is…I don’t know. He has too many but I know he likes some wierd Sci-Fi stuff.

  56. Valerie

    Favorite food hands down is pizza…. favorite place to obtain pizza is Park Pizza (the only bummer is they don’t deliver).

    Favorite movie(s) are the Lord of the Rings series….he loves all three!!

  57. joyce

    My husband’s favorite food is an Indian curry (Jalfrezi). I love it too.

    His favorite movie is Dances with Wolves which I also happen to love.

    Happy Weekend!

  58. Heidi Holm

    My husband likes hamburgers, hamburgers, hamburgers and his favorite place to eat is Jack in the Box. He likes any movie that is a boy flick, guns, uniforms, fast cars, pretty women and on and on and on. Yawn. Oh, I mean’t on and on and on.

  59. Emily Kay

    Sheesh, my husband will eat just about anything (and love it too). Some of his favorites are mushroom swiss burgers, omelets, a good steak…oh and he LOVES ice cream! 🙂

    Favorite movie is even tougher….he never watches a movie more than once though, so when he does, I know he likes it a lot. He’ll watch “Stranger than Fiction” a bunch of times over. Oh and “Star Trek.” 🙂

  60. Sarah W

    This sounds like a great book…..I would love to win!
    1. Kev’s favorite food hands down is icecream….the more chocolate the better. Cold Stone’s Death by Chocolate is right up his alley, then he asks for more chocolate sauce! 🙂

    2. I don’t know that he has a favorite movie, but he loves all things Sci-Fi……thankfully we don’t have the sci-fi channel or I would never see him. Actually….thankfully we don’t have TV at all….just movie watching ability. 🙂

  61. Kristy

    Well my husbands fav movies has got to be Superman. we have just about everything Superman there is. Our daughters have even started liking Superman things…so when we go out and see a T-shirt or something that has to deal with superman it kinda pokes at my heart. My husband even went to the point to get a Superman tattoo.. 🙂 His fav food has got to be my specialty….superman cassorole.. Its really only tuna cassorole but the special way I make it wilth the invisable peas make it Superman cassorole because it gives you Superman Powers….LOL….:)

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  63. Jayna Rae

    David and I really love movies. However, hands down, his favorites are the original Star Wars trilogy (4-6). When I say original I mean original. He doesn’t like the cheesy 90’s computer enhanced versions, especailly when Han Solo steps over Jabbas tail. No Bueno!

    I think that his favorite restaurant is this local Italian place called DiNapoli’s. He loves their calzones and stromboli, which is perfect because Italian is my absolute favorite. It used to be Chevy’s but there isn’t one nearby, and our last few visits have not faired well.

  64. Laura

    My husband is so NOT picky, I honestly can’t even say what his favorite food is. Anything hot, hearty, that smells good and is made from scratch. Oh, and anything with cheese on top. 🙂 We are recovering from an extremely difficult year marriage-wise and I would love to read a book like this. If I won, I’d happily pass it on 🙂

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