super-duper september

I “promised” a post about some book news today, but I have something more exciting to talk about than me and myself.

Introducing… Super-Duper September!!

I also “promised” I’d be featuring a string of amazing creative family members (and a few friends) for a week in August where I’d introduce the cool thing they make/do, tell you a little more about them, and offer a fun give-away.

Well, August is getting away from me.

And my list of amazing creative peeps is growing way too long for a little week of posts.

Hence… Super-Duper September!!

Lord willing, knock on the table, barring any unforeseen catastrophic event. I’ll be devoting most of the month of September to telling you about some awesome stuff some awesome people are doing/making and give you a chance to WIN FREE STUFF.

So, if you HAVE something cool you do/make and want me to feature you on the blog, send me a little pitch via e-mail (or share in the comments if you want everyone else to see it).

I probably won’t be able to pick everybody (sad face), but it’s worth a try, right? And yeah, you’ll probably have to send me something free to try/eat/wear/read before I put it on my blog, because I try not to talk about stuff I don’t know for sure that I love.

I have no idea how many people read my blog, so I can’t tell you how many people you’ll be reaching. But the good news for the people entering to win? You probably won’t be competing against hundreds/thousands of other people for the prize.

My main goal: help some creative entrepreneur mama/friends gain some exposure for their wares/services and inspire YOU to follow your dreams.

So. Let me know if you want to be featured on the blog (or pass the offer along to someone who might), and start getting excited about winning free headbands and beaded crosses and granola and scarves and toffee-covered potato chips and the sky’s the limit!

Super-Duper September or Bust!

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  3. Jennifer

    Hey Marla, I’d love for you to share my little business of hand sewn items! or

    I don’t have a ton of ready to ship items right now, but I love making custom orders! With Phil being out of work right now, I’ve been trying to promote my items a little more. 🙂 I would be happy to send you an item to “try out” but I don’t really know what you would like?? Let me know what you think, and if you think my “business” works with what you have in mind! Thanks! 🙂

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