oh, helen! please forgive me!

I just got the most random phone call. Well, not really random so much as disconcerting. She didn’t say who she was, just, “I won your give-away?!?”

Me: Yes, you won my give-away. You obviously don’t pay attention to my blog.
Random Caller: But I wasn’t number 3! I was way down the list!
Me: No, you were number 3. Let me check. (can’t find it)
Random Caller: Well, I read what you wrote about someone who always whined that she never won. And I thought, “That’s not Helen! That’s me!”
Me: Yes, you do always whine. But this time you won.
Me: I think.
Me: (stomach sinking) Uh, Krista. You’re right. You didn’t win. It was Helen.
Me: OH NO!

Helen, I am so sorry! Krista I-Never-Win-Anything Wright has unlawfully pilfered your Christmas give-away package! I’ll give you her address and phone number if you want to hunt her down.

No, seriously. 100% my fault. Krista was the 3rd commenter on the second page. #28 overall. My sincerest, sincerest apologies, Helen. I have no more Christmas stuff. I have nothing. Just my own books. Could you find it in your heart to forgive me? And then mosey on over to my website and pick the book you’d like to have? And then give me your address, and I’ll ship it to you ASAP?

Oh, the humility. God must have known Krista needed a pick-me-up. And that Helen was a dear servant with a giving heart–giving gifts she never even knew she won.

Oh dear.

Oh, well. What’s done is done. Off to spend time with a temporarily-an-invalid friend! See you in a bit, Holly!

10 thoughts on “oh, helen! please forgive me!

  1. mtaviano

    @hollydue – Ack! I KNEW I forgot something. When I was walking out the door and looking all around, it was because I had a sense I was leaving something important. I’m rarely wrong when I get that sense. 🙂 YES, we’d like the video player. And movies. And my GIFT!

  2. hollydue

    I just updated my profile pic…..and started a blog. (you are rubbing off on me!) check it out…..I may need your help with some advice on how to get it looking as pretty as yours….

  3. hollydue

    Sweet friend….you left your gift at my house! Guess you’ll have to stop by for another visit!!! Or….I will have my wonderful hubby bring it by with the video player. Would you like to borrow some movies, also? Let me know…..

  4. helenw13

    Oh Marla,

    This is so funny…I went onto my google reader and saw the name “Helen” but I figured it was another “Helen”…I was a bit confused because I couldn’t remember if I had entered a giveaway or if my comment had even registered.  So then when I clicked the link and saw my blog…my mouth dropped…ha!

    So…it is cool that my number was picked…but we will chalk it up to an “oh well”…giveaways are fun indeed…these are tight times…so I hope that the faux Helen enjoys the loot.  No worries…Not bad to get a shout out on your blog!

    This has been a wonderful time of blessing for you and your family Marla…God is good!

    Have a blessed day!


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