it sure would be nice…

if I could follow up a day of love and giving with another day of love and giving. Or even just an evening of it. But, when it comes to being neighborly, I’m terribly out of shape. Loving people just plumb wears me out. I don’t know how people do it who do it all the time. I’m going to have to work up to that.

I was soooo tired yesterday afternoon and night, and I’m sad to say, I was fairly grouchy.  Then today I was all mad, because I was behind on laundry and dishes and had to clean the bathroom (we have company coming tomorrow and my cousin coming tonight). And go to the grocery store. And all sorts of other hard stuff like vacuum and feed my family and break up fights. I thought I was doing better, but I kind of said something else just now that I regret. Ugh.

What a great day it will be when I can love others and still have something left for my family.

I had another opportunity to do a nice little neighborly thing for someone this afternoon. Something so simple, yet she appreciated it so much. Once you put your neck out, God brings you cool things to do that aren’t even hard! Love that.

Without further ado, here are some of the books I’ll be giving away:

Party Divas! (12 Fabulous Parties for Women’s Ministry) by my cyber-friend Amber Van Schooneveld (the delightful gal who wrote Hope Lives) It’s full of wonderful ideas for themed get-togethers with friends and ideas to discuss and share. It’s super-cute and user-friendly and could really add some punch to your social life. 🙂

Soul Healing (Living Beyond the Pain of Your Past) by our pastor’s wife, Dr. Tammy Smith. She’s a professional counselor, mom to 2 boys, talented musician and one of the most bubbly, delightful, brilliant people I know. Everyone who meets her falls madly in love with her. I know some of you would just devour this book.

A Life that Says Welcome (Simple Ways to Open Your Heart and Home to Others) by Karen Ehman, part of the She Speaks team and my speaker evaluation group leader. Karen’s a great writer and a sweet person, and the book is full of some super-cool ideas for opening your home to others, even if you’ve never done it before.

Jonathan Edwards: America’s Genius
by my friend Christian George (author of Sex, Sushi and Salvation and one of my all-time favorite books, Sacred Travels) Christian is a great writer and really makes the story come to life. The girls and I are reading it before bed (and it may be a teensy bit over their heads, but they like it, especially Livi).  The back cover says “read to 7-9, read myself 9-14.” I love learning about heroes of the faith.

Breathtaking: A Personal Testimony by Amber Nicole Metz, the gal who has cystic fibrosis and nearly died before receiving a double lung transplant when she was 19. We’ve never met in person, but she knows Gabe’s mom and lives in Ohio. She has an incredible passion for bringing God glory and reaching people for Christ.

Writing for the Soul (Instruction and Advice from an Extraordinary Writing Life) by Jerry B. Jenkins, whom I do not actually know. Not in real life, not via e-mail, no way, no how. Just thought I’d add it to the list for fun. 🙂 I know a lot of you like to write, so here you go!

I have several more books, some new Rachael Ray and Real Simple magazines, and a few CD’s to add to the mix too. We got more than 100 comments (thanks!), and I want to have more than 15 options, so Lucky Winner #5 doesn’t get stuck with something he/she doesn’t like. I’ll keep the give-away open until Monday at noon, if anyone else is interested.

And my goodness, I need to go. I just said something rude to my husband, because he was disrupting my concentration. “You get mad if I even breathe in your house,” he said in reply (and gave me permission to print it).
On that note, have a weekend full of joy and rest and love and niceness!

12 thoughts on “it sure would be nice…

  1. smarkas

    Amber Metz was at Cedarville when I was there. I remember praying for her in chapel and she got up to share a couple times. Didn’t know she’d written a book though – very cool!

  2. the_present_is_eternity

    The Senior Gift Committee encourages continuing financial support from the graduating class, and I think also works together to give a gift back to the college from our class (in previous years it has been a scholarship for foreign students, and I think it has been a plaque or statue sometimes).

  3. missionspirit

    Some people are good with people skills, some people are gifted writers.  some people are suzy home maker.  God calls us to stretch out of our comfort zone so that we can bless others and learn how to be more Christ like.  I will pray that you are able to be hospitable to your neighbors and still love on your family. 

    I am loving reading your blog and I am going to jump out of my comfort zone and comment at least twice a week.

    Suzy Q

  4. Anonymous

    Ah yes…the most asked question of all people-helpers…how do I have enough to go around? The great thing is you don’t/won’t and God shows His empathy, grace, and kindness in spite of us 🙂 That way we can’t take any of the credit! You’re doing great.

  5. shannahhogue

    I feel your pain. I work so hard to come up with one nice gesture/word and then turn right around and speak/act harshly to the next person. Then I think of Jesus teaching, healing and touching people for hours and hours on end…that kind of stamina only comes from the Spirit!

  6. rachmckinney

    cool books-i know which ones spark my interest if i win:) but they all sound neat. and i think it’s funny(sort of, i guess) that gabe gave you permission to type that in! sounds like some conversations i’ve had in recent months as well! well, keep on loving, girl. despite what you think, you are doing a great job at it!

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