is it just me…

or is anyone else having a rough week?

Nothing is going my way the past few days. Which might just be an indicator that I’m too focused on my way at the moment.

It’s high time I started looking up, fixing my eyes on Jesus, resting in His promises.

Since I’m too wiped out to review a book or be profound or make up new uses for a leaf blower, how about we play a game?

What do you is think the average age of people who read this blog on any given day?

Here’s how to play:

1. tell me YOUR age (no fudging–and whole numbers only)

2. then tell me your guess for the average age in parentheses (Ā Ā  )

For example: 33 (35 ) I’m 33, and I think the average age is 35.

Obviously, the people who comment first will be at a disadvantage, because they won’t get to see the other people’s ages. So, how about we do this–make your guess without peeking at anybody else’s answer. (Who am I kidding? I totally can’t trust you.)

There will be a prize for the person who guesses closest to the average age. Tiebreaker–whoever’s age is closest to the average. In other words, say Marilla and Cordelia both guess 40, and 40 is indeed the average age. But Marilla is 60 and Cordelia is 32. Cordelia wins!

Totally confused now? Sweet.

Tell me how old you are. Then, in parentheses, guess what the average age of your fellow blog-readers is.

The game will end on Friday at noon.

Have a SUPER day!

87 thoughts on “is it just me…

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  2. Carrie

    28 (32)

    BTW, I know just what you’re going through. I woke up SO grouchy yesterday morning, I had MYSELF in tears. My poor little boy didn’t know why he was driving me crazy, and neither did I. Some time alone with God can help so much in these times, and we ended up having a much better afternoon.

  3. jess

    i guess i didn’t really cheat by reading the first 2, because clearly Allison’s answer didn’t stick in my head. We have the same exact one….so how about I change mine to 28 (32).
    if that’s cheating, then just blacklist me. šŸ™‚

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