i'll cherish my new beaded cross

Let’s face it. I have one of the most creative and talent-laden extended families in the history of the universe. My word. If I started listing all the things they can make and do, you wouldn’t believe me for an instant.

All of a sudden I feel terrible that I’m blogging about my cousin Jen when I’ve had my sister Bethany’s gorgeous handmade apron and my sister Stephanie’s gorgeous handmade necklaces sitting around for ages, meaning to auction them off for the kids in Cambodia.

Soon, sweet sisters, soon!

So, meet Jen. (I stole this great pic off Jen’s facebook page. It’s a photo her new husband Devin took for his PROJECT THRE3 6IX 5IVE. If you like Gabe’s 1PhotoPerDay blog, check out Devin’s site.

Jen’s mom has 6 brothers. One of them is my dad. So we’re first cousins. Jen and my youngest sister Stephanie have always been super-close (Jen is 8 years younger than me). They played together as young tots, flirted together as teenagers and each stood proudly on the platform waiting for the other one to walk down the aisle on her daddy’s arm.

Jen and I, on the other hand, haven’t always had the smoothest of relationships. Then I matured. And now I think she’s fab.

And super-talented. The list of things this girl has accomplished and plans to accomplish is just flabbergasting. And would you look at these gorgeous crosses??!

This is the one she’s making for me. Oh, can you even handle all the CORNFLOWER BLUE??

There are three other gorgeous crosses as well. And you’re not going to believe this, but YOU CAN WIN YOUR VERY OWN BEADED CROSS!! All you have to do is click over to Jen’s blog, pick the cross you like best and leave a comment telling me the name of it.

I’m going to draw the winner’s name tonight (Tuesday) at 11pm EST, so hopefully you’ll get your cross by Easter. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

And if you don’t win, you can buy the crosses for $15. Sweet, huh??

May the best woman (man) win! (You have until 11pm EST, U.S. addresses only please.)

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  4. amber

    Holy Toledo, Batman, I have 3 minutes to enter this booger. If that isn’t providence, I don’t know what is. I totally think you should pick me, just because of that.



    My favorite is the bright and splashy “We’re All In This Together!” That is so me.

    And I needs me that.

    Love you, friend.

    Shoot. One minute. Hitting “Submit” now.

  5. Amy

    I like We’re All in This Together. What a beautiful depiction of all of God’s multicolored people all around the world!

  6. Wild Monkeys' Mama

    I think I like Desert Sunset the best, but Sands on the Shore reminds me of my mother-in-law. If I win, I will probably give it to her. : ) Of course If I win, everyone will think it was rigged by the cousins- hee hee! : )

  7. Sharon Ankerich

    Oh I LOVE these! I love Sands on the Shore and hope so much that I win it. I am holding an auction blog to raise funds for our adoption and would really like to have one to auction off although I would be REALLY tempted to keep it for myself. Beautiful!!!

  8. Valerie

    All of them were so pretty it was hard to choose.

    Honestly my favorite is The Dark Before the Dawn, the colors are so soothing and with the season of our life…the name is absolutely appropriate for it.

    If I don’t win I’m going to order one tomorrow.

  9. Elisabeth

    Okay, now I forgot already the name of the cross I really like- but it’s teal and brown. They are lovely!

  10. Heather B

    Definitely the “We’re All in This Together” Cross. And, I love how the title of this post had me humming the chorus to the hymn, “The Old Rugged Cross” as I sit here getting my oil changed! 🙂

  11. Kay

    Love them all, but I’d probably pick the “We’re All In This together” if I had to choose but one! Thanks for sharing her talents with us. I’ll go back to shop I’m sure!

  12. Teresa Henry

    I love the Dark Before the Dawn…although they are all beautiful…

    And Marla…even though I don’t personally know you…I see your talents and gifts in you through your blog…how you love on your friends, family, and our God…your books, and your words…


  13. Denise

    Oh my word, they are all lovely! I wish I could have one of each 🙂 I love the Desert Sunset one…so so pretty. Though like I said, they are all beautiful!

  14. Gretchen

    Sands on the Shore wins by a bead. THank you, Marla, for such a great giveaway. And based on the fact that you seem to be related to everybody, perhaps we’re cousins…I’d like to claim that anyway. 😉

  15. Sonshine

    Hi, Marla! What a wonderful gift for you to give to us and how perfect your timing, during this Holy Week. I love all the crosses, but my pick is “New Life”, with the green and gold. It will be a Christmas/birthday gift for my daughter. Thank you for thinking of your readers in this way and have a blessed Easter Day! 🙂

  16. Mandy A.

    MY choice would either be Desert Sunset, or We’re All in This Together. I love how Jen has combined several very different colors and managed to make them look GREAT! When I see a lot of colors combined like that, it always reminds me of God’s miracles. For instance, the sunset…you never know what colors you’ll get, but they are always beautiful! I live in Tennessee now, and I am constantly reminded of God’s magnitude by the Smokey Mountains. The “We’re All In This Together” reminds me of fall int he mountains…so many bright & beautiful colors all coming together in harmony. I LOVE IT! 🙂
    Jen…you truly have a gift, and I know it pleases God that you use your gift to glorify Him! Keep it going!!!! 🙂

  17. Jessica

    They are all so beautiful I love seeing the amazing things other people can create. My favorite is the “Dark before the Dawn”

  18. Jen South

    I love them all — my favorite would be the desert sunset. Also love the dark before the dawn….well, and heck, I really thought the “were all in this together” was remarkable as well!

    I wish I had one, just one, talented bone in my body!!

  19. Lee Detrick

    This decision is much too hard…….but if I have to choose one, it would be Pearls of the Sea…………..I think, no, yes, okay I will stick with that one.

  20. Holly

    You DO have an uber talented family!!! Thanks for saring Jen with us. My favs would be dark before dawn or we’re all in tis together!

  21. Beth in the City

    Pearls of the Sea if I’m giving it to my daughter, Dark Before Dawn if it would be mine. These are gorgeous!

  22. Annissa Hensley

    Hi Marla! I am Jen Morgan’s neighbor here in Cambodia. She told me about this excellent opportunity to win a beautiful cross made by your cousin. I’m so excited about the possibility!!! :o)
    I liked them all and narrowed it down to 3: the Desert Sunset, the Dark before the dawn, and the New life.
    God Bless!

  23. Laura

    I absolutely love “Sands on the Shore”. Even if I don’t win it…I think I will buy it for my “bestie”. She lost her 16 year old daughter to an AVM (Brain aneurysm and malformation) suddenly almost 3 years ago. Mandy loved the beach and her favorite colors were….you got it….turquoise and brown. She was in the middle of redecorating her room in these colors when she died. The best part is….SHE LOVED JESUS….so we will see her again!

  24. Liz

    Oh my word! How do I choose? They are beautiful!

    I would choose Desert Sunset.

    No, Sands on the Shore.

    No, New Life.

    Ok, probably Sands on the Shore!

    You do come from a long line of talent!

  25. Colleen

    Well, if I won it for Easter, I’d pick pretty in pearls…but, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sands on the Shore for everyday wearing!!! They are so detailed…I’m amazed at how she puts these together! FUN!

  26. Helen Bisesi

    Those are absolutely stunning!! My favorite is Pretty in Pearls. I am a pink girl–it would go great with what I’m wearing right now! Those would make great gifts–I’ll have to do some shopping for Mother’s day!

  27. Bethany your sis

    My favorite is Sands on the Shore. And do not feel the LEAST bit bad about the apron giveaway. I know you’ll eventually give it away. Besides, I don’t have a website or anything anyway. LOVE YOU!!!

  28. Jessica Green

    WOW! These crosses are beautiful! So hard to pick one! If I really have to pick just one then I’d choose “we’re all in this together”. It’s gorgeous & matches my multi-ethnic family perfectly!

  29. Marla

    OMGoodness!! They are so pretty!!!! I may have to buy some as gifts!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sands of the Shore since I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach reminds me of the beautiful water and sand I love to stick my toes in but then again….. I LOVE LOVE LOVE We’re All in This Together, because it reminds me of the all the beautiful colors that God created and that we are all different and look so beautiful together. Can’t wait to see who wins! Thanks!!!!

  30. Sabrina

    Pretty in Pearls! I have a friend currently fighting Breast Cancer and I can’t think of anything more beautiful than this to give her – if I win. If not, I think I may be buying one of each! Thanks for sharing,


  31. Carol Anne

    They are all so beautiful. My favorite is Sands on the Shore. I love unique items and this is definitely unique! I will plan to check her blog for ordering gifts!

  32. Maxine Robison

    Please do not place my name in the drawing – as I am already the proud recipient of one of Jen’s gorgeous crosses. The night before her beutiful wedding, she presented me (her grandmother) with one of her beaded crosses. I will always cherish it.

  33. Brennigan

    Hi, Marla! I really like the New Life one. At first, it didn’t jump out at me, but after thinking about it…I graduate in May from college, and I’m terrified starting this new life of mine. Even if I don’t win, I think I might just have to purchase it to start this new journey!

  34. Rosslyn

    Oo- now I see the pretty thing.

    I’m torn between Desert Sunset, in honor of my southwestern home, and New Life. I think I will have to go with New Life, considering the time of year.

    Thanks for a fun drawing! They are all very beautiful. I’m amazed by how complex they are, when I look at them closely.

  35. Jen Hanson

    Fortunately, we have BOTH matured – much to the betterment of our relationship and, let’s face it, our relationships with probably everyone we know 😉 Thank the Lord that he doesn’t let us stay our ridiculous adolescent selves.

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