if your middle name is Marie…

CONGRATULATIONS! Your parents have good taste. One of my daughters has Marie as a middle name. So does Gabe’s mom. And his grandma. And my sister-in-law. And 3 of my cousins (all sisters). And all kinds of other wonderful women.

Anyway, here’s the FINAL FINAL TALLY (since several of you ignored my final tally and kept talking… )


I brainstormed last night to think of something special I could give you __________ Maries as a prize. But I don’t have the $ to send you all something, soooo…here’s what you win!

If your middle name is Marie, I’m giving you a “coupon” for $2 off a book order from my website. (I know, some of you are happy. Some are rolling your eyes. ) From now until Thursday at noon, if you order a book or combo (or pre-order Expecting), just write in the paypal comment section, “My middle name is Marie,” (honor policy–I won’t ask you to scan your birth certificate) and when I send your book, I’ll stick $2 inside the front cover. (so, I guess it’s a rebate, not a coupon). Deal?

And you know what–if your middle name is Lyn(n)(e) or Ann(e)(q), you can get in on it too! But you just get $1 off (I don’t want to anger the Maries.) And only until Thursday at noon. If you try to do it Thursday at 2pm, I’ll stick a lump of coal inside the book instead.

Don’t forget to leave a comment about your middle name, or I can’t honor the coupon/rebate!

I’ll be blogging a birthday tribute to Livi here in a bit. And tomorrow I’ll tell you how you can get a free copy of Expecting to give away on your blog.

If you’re looking for cheap Christmas gifts for female friends, family members or co-workers, you should order the 3-book combo . 3 for $20 translates into $6.67 a book. Not too shabby. And perfect gifts for gals who are getting married, want to get married, already married, thinking about babies, already have ’em…

And if you know you want a copy of Expecting, get it now for $10. It goes up to $15 on January 1.

And now, enough of the book promo and middle names. Meaty, meaningful, meandering posts coming soon! Have a deliciously snowy Tuesday! (or whatever it’s doing in your neck of the world)

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