give-away monday!

Who wants to win a one-of-a-kind t-shirt?? Well, it’s not technically one-of-a-kind, but as of this moment, I believe there are less than 50 in print. That is soon to change once you see how CUTE!

Now, I’m going to preface this give-away with a disclaimer (me and my disclaimers). This t-shirt makes a bit of a political statement. If it’s not a statement you want to make, no problem. Just don’t leave a comment. Because leaving a comment on this post says, “I like this shirt, and I want to win one.”

If you’re not a fan of the shirt, fine. Send me an e-mail. But don’t say a single rude or negative thing to my sweet, kind, people-loving friend, Jess, who designed the shirts. I’m not cool with that.

Jess wrote a blog post a couple months ago when her sister-in-law found out her baby’s heart had stopped beating at 15 weeks. Many of Jess’s friends had also lost babies or were trying desperately to get pregnant. This is what she said:

My heart breaks a million times over when I think about the fact that so many are hurting to have a baby, while others are hurting their own living babies. I could rant & rave, but I’m weary & it’d probably come out all wrong.  Lord, forgive our country and its blindness to the value and beauty of life.  5 day old life or 105 year old life.  Life is beautiful.  Please stop us from taking it away.  And grant new life to those who want it so badly.

Then she added this the next day:

Just to clarify yesterday’s post… I’m not anti-environment or anti-animals.  I think taking care of the environment is a good thing & an obligation, and I think cruelty to animals is horrible.  I wouldn’t call myself an environmentalist or animal rights activist by any stretch though.  I recycle like mad, but I don’t sit in trees to prevent them from being cut down.  I don’t even mind environmentalists or animal rights activists (to an extent).  Some are extreme & I think they’re just crazy (i.e. human breast milk in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream).  I just don’t understand when those people are pro-choice.  I don’t understand saving the whales & the sequoias, but giving women the choice to kill a human life.  That’s all I’m trying to say.

I’m not here to start another abortion debate. Really, I’m not. So let’s not turn it into one.

And I know many of you reading this love to hug babies and trees. And that’s awesome, because you hug the babies first. Which is what Jess’s shirts say. Love The People & Then The Trees.

Anyway. Without further ado (love this phrase–even though I overuse it–and tend to add further ado even after I say I’m not going to)…

The Baby Hugger t-shirt!


If you can’t read the text, it says, “Love The People & Then The Trees.” And it also comes in gray. And the cute little feet? Those belong to Jess’s third baby, whose round cheeks, fuzzy blond hair and blazing blue eyes are to die for.

Here’s how you can win:

1. Leave a comment with your favorite color (aqua or gray) and t-shirt size (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL).


2. Leave a comment telling me a.) one person you’re going to love on today and b.) one way you’re going to be a good steward of God’s green earth today.


3. Just tell me, “Dude, I want a shirt.”

You can buy the shirts directly from Jess for $10 (+$4 shipping). Any extra you send will be donated to a pro-life organization. Contact her at: Jess has a heart of gold and wants so much to make a difference for Jesus in our world. This t-shirt thing is her jumping-off point. Hopefully, it’ll inspire you (especially you moms) to think of what you’re passionate about and find something you can do today to make a difference. (and I’d love to give something of yours away on my blog!)

Thanks for sharing, Jess!

Since I’ll be out of town tomorrow and Wednesday, then leaving early Friday a.m. for the Wild, Wild West, I’m going to pick the winner TOMORROW (Tuesday) MORNING. So don’t wait to comment–you might be too late!

And just as a heads-up–I’m working on several blog entries that will post automatically while we’re gone. I don’t know if I’ll have a chance to blog from the road much or not. So, if you want real-time Zoo/Life Updates, be sure to follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook.

Have a great Monday, friends!

66 thoughts on “give-away monday!

  1. comoprozac

    You’re right, Marla. I shouldn’t assume folks don’t care about orphaned children just because they care so much for babies. It just seemed as though folks were only caring about certain children. I’m sorry if I offended anyone. I’ve just finished a long debate over gay marriage and couldn’t stand the thought of more people wanting to take away rights for their own religious views. Sorry.

    Did I win?

  2. Kelli

    Aqua in a Medium…

    I loved on my baby girl a lot today…. a friend lost a baby, so I have not been a bigger baby hugger than today.

  3. comoprozac

    Really? You’re pitting kids versus trees? Why can’t we hug both at the same time? My arms are long enough.

    a) I’m going to “love on” my wife and 10-month-old daughter. b) I’ll take out the compost before I go to bed.

    I’ll take a medium in aqua.

    BTW-There are a lot of perfectly nice children of color who are no longer babies but no one’s adopting. Why not adopt all the kids without parents, THEN worry about the unborn? Or you could support candidates who want to do something positive for children AFTER they’re born like improve their schools or provide free meals, or create a health care system that helps everyone. Why worry about all those womyn and their abortions? If, as you believe, there is a god who doesn’t put up with such shenanigans, then the abortionists and abortion-seekers will get theirs.

    So, when should I expect my t-shirt?

  4. Laura

    Marla….blessings to you on yer next wild adventure into the west. Wish you lotsa sunshine and cool weather!!
    And peaceful travels and cool animals!

    If I win, I would like the aqua shirt size large.
    Hava great week….tell everyone we said hi!
    PS>I loved on all my monkies tonite 😉

  5. Kim Webb

    Dude – I want this shirt. Aqua XL.

    I really do agree with what Jess says. And you know how I feel about babies.

    Dude – I want a baby. Small and cute, any color will be great.
    Love you – thanks for everything tonight, I wish I had more time to love on the Taviano’s.

  6. zac_in_ak

    Grey in 3XL!
    I also believe we are called to steward the earth but not at the expense of people. I will start recycling ( at least paper and aluminum)
    and also I WANT A SHIRT! ; )

  7. Kristen

    I wanna t shirt. Blue and I dont’ know size….small maybe? Or should I get a medium for when I am preggo (who knows, might not be all that far off). I guess we can talk size if I should ever win. But I never win giveaways. EVER! 😉 But I ove you both dearly…so I am showing my support 🙂

  8. Sarah Murphy

    Marla!!! I LOVE that shirt and would WEAR IT PROUDLY ALL AROUND TOWN! My favorite color would be aqua in a size XL!

  9. Carrie

    Ooh, Glad I found this tonight!!! LOVE the shirt, and the message – yes, it is totally ridiculous that environmentalists would be pro-abortion. I completely agree. Casting Crowns has a line that says, “save the trees and kill the children”, saying that this is America’s philosophy, and it’s so true. LOVE this shirt!!!! 🙂

  10. Christy Lockstein

    Hey Marla!

    Aqua XL

    I loved on my Uncle Howard today. Drove him over 3 hours to get a second opinion on his cancer treatment. It looks like we may be able to extend his predicted 5-9 months by just a bit! I will treasure every moment!

  11. Karey

    Great message, well said! I would love a large, grey shirt… I’ve hugged a so sweet six-week old baby this weekend, and today I’m hugging on MY 12 year old not-a-baby-anymore son and my 7 year old still-likes-to-be-my-baby daughter.

    I’m saving recyclables for Camp Invention, a camp I’m directing to teach kids about taking care of our planet in a very cool way!

  12. Lynda

    Love the shirt and would love to have one. (Aqua M) I’ll be loving on my 3 super kiddos and my awesome hubby tonight. We recycle and I’m using the cloth reusable bags when I grocery shop (at least when I remember to take them with me!). 🙂

    Thanks Marla!

  13. Dee

    I adore the shirt! (Aqua size L)

    I have two super-sweet nephews…I’m going to love on them.

    And, just this morning, I joined a “free”cycle group in my community to recycle just about anything to others that could use it…all free of charge. Just another way we could help our neighbors, instead of filling the landfills. Thanks!

  14. Jill

    I would love a shirt (gray Medium).

    I’m going to love on my family: my husband and sweet little girl and boy.

    We recycle cardboard, newspapers and magazines.

  15. Anne

    These are awesome and how great that I have known “the creator” of them since she was 7! Would love a shirt (3xl aqua) but regardless will be placing an order soon!

    Sadly can’t have babies of my own to love on, but do plenty of loving on everyone else because that too is how I roll! I love people!

  16. Donita

    Today I am being a steward of God’s good earth by not driving anywhere. Just staying at home loving on my two boys. And cleaning the house.

  17. Amy

    I love the shirt! (aqua size M) I am going to try to love on my youngest sister this week. Her best friend is getting married and although she is really excited it is a reminder that she is still single.

  18. Elizabeth

    I love the shirt. We tell our kids all the time that it’s great to love the trees and the animals, but people are more important. I like gray, in medium.

    Love you! I hope you have a wonderful trip out West. I’ve got a package of goodies all ready to send your girls, so I’ll mail it next week.

  19. Laura

    This t-shirt is the best! I would love to have a size lg. in aqua. We celebrated a”Call to Fall” yesterday at church. Getting down on our knees to pray for our country! One of the things most prayed for was abortion and a total devaluing of human life. How long can we go on as a nation? Wake up America!

  20. Michaela

    I’d love to win a shirt (aqua-XL), but if I don’t I’m still going to have to buy one. It’s so cute! I can’t wait to see her “male” version that her dad requested.

  21. Heather C

    I’d like an aqua shirt in medium please.

    (I made sure that there were a handful of other commenters before me – as it doesn’t seem that your random integer thing ever picks a small number!) 🙂

  22. Sarah Montanye

    Dude-I want that shirt 🙂 Made me smile so I had to say it. I actually bought one already and it just came in the mail! So excited! But I’d love to give one as a gift so count me in! I’ve been thinking of you guys lately and about your big trip coming up. I’ve got butterflies and giddyness about it, so I can only imagine how you all are feeling 🙂 Hope you have a blessed day friend!

  23. Holly V.

    would LOVE an aqua shirt! I would wear this with pride.

    Too much hurt going on in our world! We need more baby huggin!

    Wishing you a great week, friend!

  24. Jennifer

    Cute! Medium in gray. And I’m going to love on Wes and the girls today… although they already beat me to the punch by making breakfast and letting me sleep in. 😀

  25. Wanda

    Aqua and XL – chesty, you know 🙂


    I will love on my beautiful baby grnadchildren – princess Abigail and princess Bella who has rolls and rolls of huggable baby fat – Yum!


    Dude, I want the shirt!

  26. Mary

    OOH, I like that shirt!! Aqua and medium! And I think I’ll love on my baby today…by eating lots of food. He has to grow, right? 🙂

  27. Gail

    aqua, large

    – OR –

    I will love on Susannah when we get her, and we will drink out of our reusable water bottles, not disposable ones.

    – OR –

    Dude, I want a shirt.

  28. melissa

    Love this shirt!! I’d pick a medium aqua. I’ll be loving on my little boy and my hubby today! So thankful for both of them 🙂

  29. jennikim

    i bought one already, too, but would love to give one as a gift!! 🙂 medium gray, please!!

    i will do my best to love on my children today, as well as my friend and her children as i will be watching her 3 kiddos during her haircut! and i promise to love on my husband, the best i can!

  30. Kim

    I would love a shirt in aqua, size M. I am going to love on my kids today, especially my son Conner, we are going swimming in our pool for the first time this summer. Finally, no rain in NJ. Miss you guys.

  31. Bethany

    Aqua-size small!!!

    Stew had a shirt from AE that had a pic of a whale on it and it said, “Save the Humans”!

    I am going to love on my baby girl Isabelle and my hubby Stew because today is his day off!

    I reuse my grocery plastic bags and glass jars.

  32. Emily

    Darling – love it! I’d love either color in medium. I’ll be hugging lots of people today – that’s just how I roll. 😉

  33. Mary

    Since I’m working on being a better mom, (who isn’t!) I’d love a shirt! God has been so good, Marla. He has answered specific prayers, renewed my heart, and given me three beautiful babies. Enjoy your trip!

  34. Sarah W

    I love the shirt….I want one in gray and lg please! 🙂 Also, I am gonna do exactly that… on my babies today! 🙂 Thanks Marla!

  35. Liz

    Love the shirts… just had a debate with someone about this last night! 🙂 Gray Medium please (but you know about the medium – because I have a reason to be wearing a medium and you wear a small!!) 🙂 I’m still cracking up about that short little conversation that we had!!!
    I’m going to love on my boys and hubby and Marla…. sending a little love your way too — I miss you! 🙂

  36. Jen Boan

    Love the shirt! (Aqua-size S)

    I will be loving on my kiddos all day! 🙂 Michael who is 16 months, and Katie who is just 7 weeks! And of course my hubby too! 🙂

  37. Emily Kay

    I bought one of Jess’s t-shirts for myself already, but I’d love to win one for my hubby! Size large in gray, please! 🙂

    Oh, and I’ll be lovin’ on my two adorable munchkins and my amazing hubby who works so hard so I can stay home and be a mommy! 🙂

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