give-away #3! oh, yes!

Now on the table–David Crowder Band‘s B Collision CD. PLUS an autographed CD jacket (not by me, but by DC himself). Yours for the having (if your name is drawn of course).

This one has a catch. To be entered in the drawing, you 1.) must not have won either give-away #1 or #2 (someday I will let the winners back in, you little sweeties) and 2.) in your comment, you must give a logical/believeable explanation of your xanga name.

For example, mtaviano. M is my first initial. Taviano is my last name. See how easy?

If you didn’t see my previous post with the stinkin’ cute snowman, check him out. I did a little internet search, and it seems these little dudes (and dudettes which have little snow caps instead of top hats) were recently discontinued. There are a TON of them on e-Bay. (many of your names are there! but you might want to wait to see if I send you one myself) They’re going for $4.99 + shipping. So, see, I did get a smashing deal.

Btw, we just got our new washer delivered. Woohoo! And went to Target this morning to get a new vacuum. Ours has been busted for a year, and I’ve been using the girls’ 2004 Christmas present–a child-size yellow Eureka vacuum that picks up NOTHING. I can’t wait to vacuum and watch things actually get sucked up. I pray this is the last thing over $20 that I buy for awhile. (yeah, and when I got home, I noticed they charged me the reg. price instead of the $5-less price advertised on the sign. grrrrr…)

Gabe’s interview last night with Angela Hunt was waaaaaay cool, and I’m so envious that he got to chat with her. If you’ve ever read (and loved) any of her books, I’ll let you know when the podcast is online.

Livi really, really wants to draw the name for this one, so the BIG DRAW will take place at 3:45 on Wednesday when she and Ava get home from school.

I do hope you’re taking time to breathe and think about Jesus and thank God for your many blessings and kiss on your family and encourage people and smile at strangers and just LOVE this week. I read somewhere recently that much of our hustle/bustle/stress is just our efforts to impress people, when we should be focused on Christ and what impresses Him.

Love you guys! Enter that drawing! (don’t forget the rules!)

36 thoughts on “give-away #3! oh, yes!

  1. M3mine

    Love your give-aways.  M3mine= Megan, Molly, and Matthew whom I used to call the 3Ms. And they are mine!  I didn’t want to do 3Mmine, so I switched the M and the 3.  Even though they are 27, 25, and 23—they’ll always be mine!

  2. sonnetjoy


    A sonnet is 14-line poem with a tight meter but with a great deal of variety and playfulness in how that meter is carried through. My favorite form is Italian (Petrarchean) but the Shakespearen style can be well-executed. Traditional form beginning with Petrarch in the 1300s, seized upon in the Elizabethean age, and  much practiced thereafter until it fell out of favor after WWI when the Great War sonneteers wrote such heart-wrenching sonnets about the effects of the war that the form has been neglected since.

    Short poems can say much. I have about 40 memorized, a side effect of school. My favorite sonneteers are John Donne, Edmund Spenser, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and Rupert Brooke.  George Meredith has written some breath-stealers as well. If I could read Italian, I’d read John Milton’s Italian sonnets.

    And I am a joy and a Joy.

  3. sagnua

    when i was deciding my name, i picked up a dictionary, and turned to “s”, the first thing i looked at was a “sagnu” which i think is a type of ox. i added an a to make it a little girlier. 🙂

  4. terriwright

    This is so much fun!! Terri=the lady whose identity I stole(along with her credit cards) when I was in college. (Tuition is HIGH!!!)wright = I used to be a wheelwright, before they discontinued the whole horse-and-buggy thing, thus losing the whole reason for my profession.

    Alternate : Terri is my nickname(my real first name is icky), and Wright is my last name. I like the first explanation better.

    AND……I would pay BIG BUCKS to watch you vaccuum with the kids’ toy.

  5. ergirl053

    I’ll preface the explanation by saying I REALLY don’t like the xanga name I originally chose in my foolish youth 🙂 I can think of much catchier things now…. Oh well.
    er= a place I used to work, as in the emergency room
    girl= my gender
    053= part of the zip code of the er in which I worked

    What was I thinking??

  6. Marketer319

    Don’t add me to the drawing pot, as I’m not a big David Crowder fan, but I wanted to tell you that I think your hunting for personalized snowmen is one of the sweetest things I’ve heard in a long time. Your giving spirit inspires me, friend.

    Marketer319 = I have a degree in Marketing and my birthday is 3/19.

  7. Howdytoya


    I’m a weirdo and don’t like to do things traditionally.  As a result, my name is not by real name.

    Howdytoya =
    Howdy= version of hello
    to= a preposition showing the direction that hello is pointed
    Ya= a slang word for “you”

    In proper English, “Greetings to you, feel free to read my blog…” and “PS Livi, pick me, pick me”  It’s all in there somewhere.  I’ll dedicate an entire post to you if you pick me…why do I feel like I’m on the playground again as a child getting picked for a dodgeball team???!??!  HAHAHAHAH

  8. faithchick

    ^i can’t win either.  i figured it out months ago, but I always thought gsowell= Gee, everything is going So Well.

    faithchick: (oy. do you really want me to explain something?  this could get long.)  once upon a time, there were a handful of guys and a handful of girls that hung out (1 girl was me, 1 guy was matt).  the girls lived in Faith Hall. the boys lived in overflow housing (a dorm lounge).  so, i named my email group to all my buddies Faith & Overflow (because it was literal, but also made me think of “my cup runneth over” b/c of my faith..yada yada…get it?)  Since I was one of the girls, I was a Faith Chick.  there.  short & sweet and eventually to the point.

  9. meganweist

    I’m glad you asked everyone that question, I wondered about some of them…mine is boring, my first and last name…how lame. Now all the stalkers in the world can haunt me.

  10. gsowell

    g=first initial
    sowell= last name

    I know I can’t win. This is not an entry. I just was feeling excluded from the commenting. And I know you all *never* would have figured my name out without help.

  11. kkakwright

    ^i love her.

    kkakwright – first k – kerry, second k – krista, a – adalyn, third k – k3rry and our last name is wright.  poor kain is left out because i was done having babies after k3rry. 🙁

  12. rocknnell

    rocknnell –  My husband -of 31 yrs….”rock”  – My nickname…when we went together in 6th grade….Nell –  the “n”… how it will be in his tatoo….the ” R” swooping down with the “J” in the ” R”  – because ( HONESTLY…Rocks idea ) we are ” still  rockin’ after all these years…and we always will be – “literally”  ok maybe not when we are  80 …lol   TMI … but you asked for “logical and believable” – that is the gut truth !  ask Rock !  smile.

  13. KmHunsberger

    I really like these rules…I learned stuff about people I never knew before My name however is not nearly as interesting. K for my first name, M for my middle (which I will keep to myself since I have already revealed my last and most personal name to the world) and Hunsberger…obviously the last name.

  14. filledeparis


    Fille = “Girl” in French.
    de = “of” in French.
    Paris = Where I live and serve as a missionary to children.

    English equivalent of Xanga name: Paris girl.


    Merci for giving prizes, Marla!

  15. FlyingCAB


    Flying = I went to Hope College for my freshman year of college and the mascot is (are?) the Flying Dutchmen – don’t ask me what a Flying Dutchmen is I’m still not sure I know…

    CAB – My pre-marriage intials. (And I actually really miss the “B”! CAF just isn’t as cool as CAB)

  16. the2bryants


    This xanga was started to stay in touch with the teens in our youth group about 3 years ago….before there were 3 of us (and 1 on the way).  I originally thought that Sam would use it too….but he doesn’t….and not many of the teens are on xanga anymore….myspace is way cooler! 🙂 

  17. YoYoYoder


    Yoder is my maiden name.

    My now-husband Stewart and his friend Jon Morton would call me YoYoYoder in college just to be silly. So to me, it’s a fun nickname I had in college when my romance with Stew was blossoming. And it keeps me connected to my roots!

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