give-away #2 of 3 (it’s a biggie!)

EDIT: (11:42 a.m.) 18 minutes left to be entered in the drawing!

–1 Real Simple Christmas issue
–1 Martha Stewart Living Christmas issue
–1 Martha Stewart Kids Christmas issue
–1 12-pack of mini greeting cards from Old Navy
–1 David Phelps One Wintry Night Christmas CD (early release copy)
–1 book (I’m Dreaming of Some White Chocolate)
–14 Scrabble letter magnets that spell “MERRY CHRISTMAS”
–5 peppermint nougat candies

Leave a comment to enter the drawing. Winner will be picked Monday at noon. Previous winners ineligible. Thanks for playing!

42 thoughts on “give-away #2 of 3 (it’s a biggie!)

  1. terriwright

    What IS a nougat????? It sounds like something I would forbid my 7th graders to say!

    Oh, and as for your no comment comment??????? ppppbbbbtttt!

    By the way, I still need dryer pics, and general dryer ecstasy!!!!! AND we need to clearly see the winning name on the pic. Not that I’m sayin’ you’d cheat, or anything………………………………….

  2. ihavenotin2do

    hmm ok, I will comment! looks like fun! By the way, I don’t know if you know this or not or have noticed from your foodprints…but I love to come on here and read your stories for the day. your life is very interesting and fun! I must say I admire you for staying so strong in your faith!

  3. M3mine

    Leave me out of the drawing—just wanted to congratulate you on the new dryer and say that anyone with a family of five NEEDS that new washer!  (I know…I’ve walked in your moccasins, as the saying goes.)  🙂  Especially after what you went through on Thurs.

  4. ergirl053

    The brief version of the day…. Kylie has had a couple mild “breath holding spells” in her short life until today. She was getting her shots at the Dr and instead of just crying it out, she stopped breathing for over a minute, was blue and lay there lifeless. The Dr came rushing back in, she recovered, we discussed how this one was severe and they would probably be more frequent. I had a meltdown, aged 20 years in a minute, and acquired a few more gray hairs. She’s fine now, I, on the other hand, remain traumatized. More later….

  5. stephaniedawnbasham

    I hope everybody feels better by the time I get there! Not for my sake, but for theirs. I’m way too much fun for them to be sick and not enjoy me to my full potential. Just kidding. But really. 🙂

    Maybe you can just give away four peppermint nougats and save one for me. Or Ava can just draw my name and I can have all five. Mmm.

    I love you!

  6. sonnetjoy

    RYC: I’m not certain of the exact path which led me to this xanga-door. I like to go clicking through the comments of my friends’ xangas, where then I click my way to new xangas, where I keep clicking.

  7. ctorlone

    Anthony is sooooo much more lucky than me with this sort of thing…maybe i should have HIM comment!!  hee hee…we need to get together again sometime…it’s been wayyyyyyyyyyyy long!

  8. Nixter77

    So I could win all the way here in Australia. I don’t think you should enter me for the draw this time as postage costs heaps 😉 So this isn’t an enter me comment.

    It’s a ‘I am still excited but trying not to get TOO excited’ post! Love you.

  9. rachmckinney

    i’ll comment!:) this is fun…i missed the whole last thing. life has been sooooooo crazy!!! but maybe after the holidays, we can find a time to get together. we would love that!!!!

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