Give-Away #1 of 3

Well, I promised you a give-away yesterday. How about today instead? I had grand ideas. A little Christmas gift pack full of goodies. How about if that one’s #2? Or #3? (or next Christmas…)

Instead of posting a pic of the PRIZE THAT COULD BE YOURS, I’ll just tell you that the David Crowder CD posted above is NOT what I’m listening to at the moment. It IS in fact the GIVE-AWAY. Crowder’s manager actually sent some to Gabe, and I mooched one off of him.

So, if you’d like a free CD of super-cool music, just leave a comment and say so. And OH, there’s more. The CD is still in the package, BUT David autographed an extra insert/jacket/lyrics thingy. And that will be yours as well! I’m sure it’s worth a mint. (at least a breath mint)

I hope all this makes sense. I’m a little giddy at the moment. I just spent 2 hours in 2 stores (EDIT: Michael’s and Target, Kristen. I got all the stuff for my handmade gifts at Michael’s, and everything else at Target. It helps that we only get our girls 3 gifts apiece. And do lots of gift exchanges, instead of buying for everyone.) and got 100% of my Christmas shopping done (I think. This does not count all my homemade gifting.). I found bargains galore. Some picture frames at 70% off. A “C” necklace that is a story for another day. (God is good!) If your name starts with C (Mom!), don’t get too excited. It’s for one of Livi’s friends. (Not that you’d want jewelry, Mom. I know you love it about as much as I do. Which is zero.)

We played in the snow again today. Fun, fun! (two more times, and I’ll probably break my record for one winter) Nina looooooooves the snow. Last year wasn’t all that great. She hated getting bundled up, she couldn’t walk, and she just didn’t see the point of it all. Now she’s whoopin’ it up.

Can I just praise the Lord for my garage? Our house in Bellefontaine didn’t have one, and we lived there for 3 winters. One of those winters was the Ice Rage Fiasco. 20 inches of snow, all (I’m exaggerating) our trees fell over because of the ice. Four days without power. And we spent days, if not weeks, just digging our car out of snow. Thank you, Lord, for my garage. And my dishwasher. And my washing machine that acts up constantly, but has yet to break down. And my finished Christmas shopping. And my family. And everything.

So, here’s what you do if you want a FREE DAVID CROWDER CD WITH AUTOGRAPH:

Leave a comment. Only one. You don’t even have to say anything nice. Just nothing mean. Hi is fine. You have until Monday.

I’ll put your names in a hat, draw one out, and announce the winner Tuesday. Then you can message me your address (unless I already know it).

And if you love David Crowder and don’t win, never fear! I have a copy of Collision B to give away later.

Have a great weekend!

33 thoughts on “Give-Away #1 of 3

  1. jennikim

    marla, sorry to take over on your wall here, but i just want to clarify. ^^i am THRILLED to make new friends (and am glad to have “met” howdytoya), especially with friends of my xanga friends. if any of you want to come to my site, i would gladly welcome you and be happy to call you my friend. (i just went to friend’s lock after a stranger stole a photo of my son and wrote inappropriate comments on her site. )

  2. ctorlone

    Thanks Marla for your words about my horrible day Thursday…so glad to have all 3 girls asleep in their beds! SAFE and sound!  Glad you got your shopping done too…we’re almost there, although I think I”m DONE with the mall for this season!  how fun, a giveaway!  always neat!

  3. jbnygaard

    Ooops! I guess this is what happens when I skim something! I didn’t follow your directions well! But isn’t it nice to see my face over and over again? I figured you couldn’t get enough of me! 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Glad you found great bargains.  I was at Target this morning, also…but didn’t see you.

    I’ve heard that this is a GREAT CD….its on my hubby’s wishlist.

    Have a fabulous Friday!

  5. jbnygaard

    Love my garage too. And I LOVE that it is connected to our house! Our last house we had to make a small treck from the garage to the house and it was annoying. Boy…we are blessed aren’t we?

  6. Howdytoya

    Whoohoo sign me up!  I love contests–I try out for a ton, but never win.  Also, I can’t see your linked picture… jennikim won’t let me see her site unless I’m her friend–shame.  Maybe one day I’ll be as popular as you, Marlavous!

  7. the2bryants

    Thanks for praying for James and me!  God is so good to us even in the midst of chaos!  I’m so thankful for good health! 

    Your shopping trip sounds great….love both of those stores! 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    How great to have your Christmas shopping done… I need to get moving on that. I like the idea of 3 gifts apiece. I also love having a garage too. The first home that we rented after getting married didn’t have one so a garage was definitely a requirement when we bought our own. We used it for storage at first but thankfully we’ve been able to pull a car inside for the last several years.

  9. slpjen75

    Hi-Saw your link on jennikim’s site! I noticed you said you used to live in Bellefontaine…I’m actually in Bellefontaine now (in Ohio) visiting my inlaws-not sure if it’s the same one. It’s a pretty unusual spelling, though.

  10. terriwright

    OK. I’m a complete idiot. I’ve never seen him or heard of him before. Actually, I kind of just DID see him…poor Caiden.!!

    I remember the ice. I remember the 26″ of snow. We still have no garage. There would just be crap in it, so it’s just as well.

  11. meganweist

    ^Wow! CU sent you to Nashville? I am impressed!^ I once won donuts from that station but they never gave them to me…
    We have a 2 car garage that’s actually a no car garage bc it’s storing so much furniture.

  12. faithchick

    i’ve been thanking God for our garage, too!!  I LOVE IT.  I don’t usually venture out if it’s snowy enough to cover a car; so that doesn’t make much of a difference to me; but not having the wind whipping around all over the place when I’m getting the kids in the car is wonderful!!

    nice work christmas shopping.

    I D.C.  I first heard of him when I won a trip through CU radio station to Nashville for Gospel Music Week.  I took my roommate.  D.C. was one of our very favorites!

  13. jennikim

    not having a garage makes me sad. well, one that would fit our vehicles or that had doors that i could open to get a snow shovel out to shovel our walkway… but anyway.

    i posted a picture on my site in honor of your post. it’s a pretty funny picture if i do say so myself.

  14. tonialynn59

    We don’t have a garage really either.  Well we have one but it is small and the big van won’t fit in there.  Mike’s car would if he cleaned it out!   And I found out something we have in common.  I’m not a fan of jewelry either!

  15. YoYoYoder

    Hooray for completing your Christmas shopping! Speaking of…I just finished your present today. It’s just so stinkin’ cute I think I may make myself one, too! (Is that selfish of me?) I love you!!

  16. rocknnell

    No garage…lived here 19 yrs…..Dishwasher for 19., check….haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet…. looked at the calander today…thot ~ hmmm , better start.  I am thankful Nina loves the snow !  Sled rides behind the gator…. I know…maybe not this year…

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