geo-groovy give-away!!

EDIT: Thanks so much, guys! This is too fun! I’ve loved meeting new friends the past two days, and you Old Faithful’ers are dolls. DOLLS! Only 33 more comments–we can do it! (I know some of you are rebelling against my “ploy for comments,” but would you humor me just this once?? I won’t name names (yet). Pretty please??)

I promise a real post tomorrow, but for now, I have some thrilling news. My sister Bethany and her hubby Stewart had their 20-week ultrasound today. IT’S A…!!! Congratulations, Beef and Stew! LOVE YOU!

The geo is for geography. The groovy is from watching too many Brady Lunch episodes this weekend. And the give-away is just what you might think it is–a give-away!

The rules of engagement are a little bit different this go-round. First of all, to be entered in the drawing, all you have to do is tell me where you’re from. If you’re afraid of stalkers, just give me the state (or country if outside the U.S.). Or a code word (if you’re really scared). If you laugh in the face of the fear of internet psychos, then go all out and give me your city (town, village) as well. Street names and house #s are unnecessary and do not increase your chances of winning.

And I know you’re wondering, “What can I win? What can I win?” Well, now, that’s a secret for the time being. I have a little stack of 10ish books here on my desk. They’re all written by people I’ve met personally or chatted with on-line. (I even included a couple of my own, since I’ve met me personally and all.)

I’ll choose 4 (FOUR!!) winners this time. Winner #1 will get his/her choice of four books. Winner #2 will get to choose 3 from what’s left. Winner #3 chooses 2 and Winner #4 chooses 1. I might even throw in an IOU for a book that hasn’t been released yet but will be here in a few months. (Expectant Prayers)

Hey, I’m feeling adventurous. Let’s up the ante a little bit. If we can come up with 100 comments (from 100 different people) on this post, I’ll do FIVE winners–5 books, 4 books, 3 books, 2 books, 1 book. I can hear some of you now, “I’ll still never win. I NEVER win. Even if she picked 40 winners, I wouldn’t be one of them. These things are rigged. RIGGED!”

I love you, my little nay-sayers (you know who you are!). Now, let’s all be good little sports and play nice. I’m going to leave the contest open for a few days and choose the winners on Friday or Monday. Best wishes! Can’t wait to hear where you hail from! (and I’ll give you sneak peeks of the books throughout the week)

104 thoughts on “geo-groovy give-away!!

  1. Howdytoya

    4611 Wind Haven Falls Court.  Louisville, KY 46777.  Just kidding that isn’t my address.  It’s Krista’s.  It’s kind of like 2 truths and a lie game.  Only the City and State are real  in the first sentece.  I made up everything else.  If I win I’ll mail it to Krista at the above address.  I’m just helping you get to 100.  Peace out, yo.

  2. hollydue

    okay..okay….hopefully I’ll get this Xanga thing down….apparently I posted in the WRONG comment section. OH, well.

    Home is Columbus, Ohio.

  3. Lookoutgrandma

    Sundance, WY. The original Sundance! We were here before the Sundance Kid, before Butch Cassidy. In fact, because he was incarcerated here for a time, Larry Longabaugh chose the moniker “Sundance Kid.”

  4. barbaradesmond

    I laugh in the face of fear at internet psychos. I used my name for my user name so I’m already laughing I think. I’m unfortunately stuck in Hellsville oh I mean Littleton, CO or it could be Denver since the post office seems to be unable to make up its mind about where I am.

  5. gsowell

    Born and reared in Cedarville, Ohio, but God has brought me to Westport, Kentucky. And you need to come spend the night at our new place. Fall will be BEA-U-TI-FUL here.

    What’s your selection method for this drawing? That’s always as fun as the drawing itself!

  6. jbnygaard

    @smarkas – my great-grandparents were from Washington, IL! We used to come every easter!! Craziness! AND… my cousin is getting married in Eureka on the 26th….I’m excited about going to that part of Illionis as it has been a while since we’ve been back since my g-grandparents have passed on.

  7. rachmckinney

    i’m originally from cedarville, ohio. my dad was a farmer, for those wondering if i was ever tied to the U. no we weren’t. then i lived in stuart , fl for 6 years, and pretty much call that home. in some crazy circumstance, we now call cedarville home again (and i never would have ever guessed that to happen!) more detail than you asked, but i figure for those who don’t know me, it might be interesting. i enjoyed reading the others!

  8. missionspirit

    I am a big fan of Your books Marla!  I am half way through From Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife.  What a great book, very practical advice!

    I am from Louisville, KY.  Here’s hoping you go beyond your 100 comments mark!

    Suzy Q

  9. lorettabetty

    Hi Marla, sounds like lots of fun.  I’m from Mechanicsburg, OH  43044          You are quite the writer, God bless you in all you do and your family also.

  10. Anonymous

    I live in Frisco, TX and have started giving my books (of yours) to friends because I think you get the point across in a few chapters that it tools months for me to teach in counseling! Well done!

  11. Hoffmom

    Wisconsin, home of crazy, cheese-head Packer fans who are currently obsessed with the showdown btw. Brett Favre and the Packer powers that be.  Will he play?  And where? 

  12. ergirl053

    Oberlin, OH 🙂 I love giveaways- this could have something to do with the fact that I have been a previous winner!!! So keep up hope nay-sayers. It could happen to you to!

  13. ahigby0214

    Ramsey, New Jersey…but please don’t tell anyone!  =)

    Seriously, I grew up 1/2 in Anaheim, CA and 1/2 in Trumbull, CT and just got suckered into marrying a New Jersey boy!  By the way, he refers to me as a “laid back brat…CA laid back…and CT brat!”

  14. smarkas

    I’m the first one from Illinois! I grew up in little Washington, IL. Now I live in Norwood, Ohio… a city island completely surrounded by Cincinnati. Here’s hoping I win a book and you get 100 comments (though I supposed that would greatly reduce my chances of winning. Oh well.)

  15. Anonymous

    Hey, there are a lot of Hoosiers here.  Cool!  I’m in northern Indiana.

    By the way, I am reading “Is That All He Thinks About?” and love it.  It has helped me so much, and I’ve been wanting to thank you for your insights.  This seems like a good opportunity to do just that.

  16. keyarb

    Born in Dallas and now in Houston. Thank you so much for writing- “Is that all he thinks about?”- It’s done amazing things for my marriage! Blessings on you and yours.

  17. helenw13

    Very fun giveaway idea…and how did you know my thoughts about never winning…ha!

    I live in Portland, Oregon which has been a bit too hot lately…but I need to remember how much rain we do get and enjoy the mini heat waves…

  18. AmyWyatt


    I’m in! I would love to win a book. I’ve just started the book you gave us at She Speaks. (That was too sweet by the way!) I hope you are well. Oh, in case you  forgot, I live in Dacula, Georgia. Let’s be sure to stay in touch!


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