expecting GIVE-AWAY!!

Sorry about all the blogs lately. And such long ones. Like you have time to read them during the busiest 2 weeks of the year. Oh, well. At least they satisfy my writing craving.

As I’ve mentioned seventy-teen times already, Expecting releases January 6th. And I’m awfully excited. This is a new kind of book for me, and I think it’s going to be scads of fun. And  special and meaningful to lots of women. I know God’s going to use it to touch hearts–and inspire mamas to pray for their little ones.

That’s the best part of writing books–when I get to hear stories of how God used them to work in people’s hearts and lives. Sigh. Love it.

Click here for the description of Expecting from Amazon. And click here to order it at a special pre-order price.

And in just a minute, I’ll tell you how you can enter to win. But first, I just want to share something God has laid on my heart. Pregnancy and motherhood are beautiful things and invoke all kinds of emotion and bonding and all that stuff. But these topics are also the cause of much, much pain for many women. Take my friend Amy for example. (we go to church together) She and her husband Billy are expecting a baby girl–Abigail–in March. And they found out recently that their precious baby girl will not survive outside the womb. I’m not sure if she’ll carry her to term, but for them, terminating the pregnancy is not an option. I can’t imagine feeling my sweet baby move in my womb for so long, knowing she will never be mine to love and hold and raise. I’m praying for a miracle–but mostly for strength and grace for Amy and Billy.

I have friends who have tried for years and years but can’t get pregnant. Friends who long for babies but are waiting for a husband. Friends who have had miscarriages–some have had several. Or who suffer through nine months of agony each time they’re pregnant. Friends whose babies have been born with serious problems. Or haven’t lived for very long at all.

Such heartache. And I want to pray for some of these women. So, to enter for the book, please leave a comment about someone you’d like me to pray for. You can give just a name. Or just a request. Or both. Or just say, “Please pray for my friend.” It can be YOU. And you can tell me that. Or not. And it doesn’t have to be serious. It can just be, “I’m 9 weeks pregnant. Will you pray for me and my baby?” Or, “My husband and I are thinking about kids. Will you pray for us?”

Leave a comment, I’ll pray, and you have a chance to win. Thanks, friends!

I’ll pick the winner sometime Thursday. And US addresses only please! 🙂

47 thoughts on “expecting GIVE-AWAY!!

  1. slpjen75

    I caught up with you this summer (my hubby’s the one from Bellefontaine-actually Zanesfield) – and I just saw your comment on Oly16’s site and remembered you! 🙂 I wanted to share about a Xanga friend who’s little girl was due at the end of Oct, but she delivered her in July–many weeks premature! This sweet little baby has had a very long, difficult journey and will have many challenges and difficulties ahead–but there is the chance that she might finally be leaving the hospital to be home for Christmas, which is exciting but also very overwhelming for her parents due to her significant medical needs! You can read her story here: http://www.xanga.com/kayli_raeann .  She definitely needs all of our prayers!!

  2. faithchick

    Please pray for my friend Lori.   She’s been going through all kinds of trying craziness & has some fertility appointments in January.  She found out she was pregnant about the same time I & another friend of ours did.  We were all pregnant together.  And then she lost her baby and now, other friend & I are almost full term.  Tough for her to see, I’m sure.

  3. setapart1979

    I’m Canadian so I’m not trying to score a free entry   just seeking a little prayer.  I read each one of the comments & my heart was so grieved as I prayed for many of them.  I struggled with whether to ask for prayer because my situation is so common & I can’t imagine the pain of stillbirth, etc. but today is a really, really hard day.  It’s been 3 weeks since we lost our baby but today is one of the hardest… I would have been 12 weeks along today.

  4. Anonymous

    Please pray for a friend who recently found out she was pregnant but is not yet married – they are believers who have struggled and were engaged – now are having a “hurry-up wedding”.  I definitely want to get her your book!  Thank you for your prayers!!

  5. FindlayGirl

    Please pray for family friends of mine, Jodie and Lindsay, that they will both be able to get pregnant (they both got married last year and are hoping to!) and carry healthy babies to term. Thanks!

  6. ClutzyButtercup

    Please pray for Matt and Stacy.  Matt was diagnosed with Lymphoma a year ago and underwent extensive treatment.  They were told that there was only a 10% chance that they would have trouble having children after the treatment but unfortunately his first tests came back totally bad.  They are going again this week.  They have two handsojme boys but really feel like God wants them to have two more.  Matt is in remission so we are all praising God for that!

  7. CircularParade83

    I was 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant when I found out my son had died.  I was induced that evening and 30 hours later had a c-section to deliver my son.  I buried him November 13.  I hurt every moment of every day.  I’d just like the holidays to pass quickly.

  8. MlleBaroque

    Wow, all of these stories make my complaints seem so small and insignificant.  As you know, I’ve not had a problem getting pregnant thusfar.  However, pregnancy has been very hard on me and it’s a constant struggle mentally as well as physically.  Please pray that I will be able to accept these trials as blessings and that I can let go and trust that God knows what He is doing.  At this moment I specifically need prayer for my relationship with my hubby…because of the pregnancy and keeping up with a one-year-old, I feel like I have very little left to give him.  I know it will only get harder when the new little one comes along so I really want to find balance now.

  9. warnerme

    My friend Amy is pregnant after miscarrying and this pregnancy looks to be in trouble as well. She really does need a miracle as they’ve been trying for quite some time.

    My other two friends Katie and Kelly have found out they both are not going to be able to get pregnant (without God’s intervention). I am praying for them as they ache to see their dream become a reality.

    I am newly married…8 months…and don’t know yet what my pregnancy story will be. My mom tried for 7 years before having us. These situations have opened my eyes to trust that God’s heart is FOR us even when it may not work out like we plan or hope…knowing that through these situations He draws into a more intimate relationship with Him.

  10. Oly16

    Great post!!  Please pray for Jen, she wasn’t able to conceive for years, so her and her husband adopted 2 babies from Korea (the most recent baby is only 9 months old)  and they just found out she’s pregnant.  Her husband does not want her to to have the baby, and obviously Jen is horrified by his response.  They don’t have a great marriage and they are not believers.  Prayers would be MUCH appreciated for them and the situation.

  11. mrshart03

    I have two friends that need prayer- one of them has wanted a baby for a couple of years now, but nothing has happened…the other one is about 20 weeks pregnant, and just found out that her unborn daughter has bowel & kidney/bladder problems & may have Downs syndrome. 

  12. ladymiss3739

    Please pray for someone close to our family who’s been trying for over a year and has reached the “end” in terms of what can  be done via fertility tx’s.  They are super discouraged and just feeling a lot of pain. 

  13. JMBahun

    Wow, what a heartwenching post….I have tears in my eyes as I read all the prayer requests.  It took 3 years and lots of prayer before we were blessed with Emma, so I understand to a degree what it’s like to long for a baby. I can’t fathom the pain of losing one, though.                                                                                                          Please pray for 2 dear friends- one whos’s been trying for 5 years with no results, and another who’s been trying for the past year after a miscarriage.  I’ll be praying as well-especially for those who have lost babies.

  14. jenhul

    Thanks for the prayers:
    1. My best from from high school, pregnant with her first and due in February
    2. A close friend from college – due with her second in April
    3. Another friend from college who just had a miscarriage and is praying for a sibling for her daughter.
    4. SIL who had a miscarriage in October.
    5. Me – for reasons I’d rather not say at this time but could definitely use prayers!

  15. ihavenotin2do

    I got 3.

    1. My sister-in-law just had a beautiful healthy baby girl on December 3rd. They are doing great, but I hope and pray that the parents do well and the baby stays healthy.

    2. My other sister-in-law is due January 10th and has had problems all throughout her pregnancy. She also has had 2 miscarriages beforehand and it took them a year to get pregnant again with this little girl.

    3. Then there is me. I am due January 25th and am so scared. Not scared to raise a child or such, but scared of delivery and of loosing my son. I know that the Lord gives and the Lord takes away. I just hope and pray that I will praise Him whether it be given or taken away. There is no reason for my thinking this way other than stories from other people. So far he (my baby) has been so healthy and right on target. The pregnancy has been easy and NO complications. We honestly were not even trying to get pregnant, but God decided to bless us anyways. Thanks so much for your prayers!

  16. YoGrandmaYo

    I praise the Lord, Marla, for your tender heart and your desire to pray for these dear ones!  We have a precious heavenly Father who hears and answers prayer, and He loves to hear from His children!  As you know, motherhood is very dear to my heart, too, and I will be praying with you!  You are a blessing to me, honey!  Love you!:)

  17. rocknnell

    Neatest post ever – Jamie and Bryan Horn – “Tarek Joseph” – just went to ( NIGERIA / I think ) to pick him up last week….adopted him… how cool is that ?

  18. hollydue

    Timlyn…thank you for passing on that blog information! I just told Marla’s friend, Amy about it this weekend…but couldn’t remember the exact name of the blog. Marla…will you please,please pass it onto Amy and Billy? They have been in my constant thoughts since Saturday….

    Please pray for Emily…and Barb.


  19. KmHunsberger

    Wow.wow Wow wow. Reading through this is so very sobering. so very sobering.

    Please pray for my cousin Jess. Trying for 2.5 years, pregnant for six weeks, miscarriage about two weeks ago. Trying again.

    Love ya friend…what a beautiful idea this was. Hopefully we will all pray through this list.

  20. schmett73

    Please pray for Kate, who lost two children.  And please pray for Yasuko, my sister-in-law, who is currently expecting #2 after several miscarriages.  I hope I don’t betray their confidence by asking you to pray for them.

    Thank you for the blessing you are, Marla, for countless reasons!

  21. rford05

    Thanks for the giveaway, Marla!  You know I love your books!  I have two prayer requests.  One is for my friend, Heidi, who is three months pregnant and very ill.  She also has a one-year-old son – it has to be so hard!  The other request is for myself.  You know the story about my little Anna (who is doing so so well – praise God).  My husband are trying to get pregnant again, but we’re both just so terrified after all we went through with Anna. 

    For those of you reading who don’t know, Anna was diagnosed with severe hydrocephalus at 20 weeks in utero.  We talked to many doctors, but they all insisted that we terminate the pregnancy since it was so severe so early in the pregnancy.  We stood our ground and prayed for a miracle.  It was such a difficult and scary time.  Anna was born at 39 weeks with no complications and released from the NICU within six hours.  She still has hydrocephalus, but there has been no sign of any problems (just an odd shaped brain).

    Thank you for praying for us!

  22. der_lila_Stern

    This is so touching.  It so awesome to know that there are people who simply want to pray for others!  I also think it is awesome that you pointed out that pregnancy and motherhood arent always as simple and joyous as we would like. 

    My sister, Deb, is pregnant.  She has 10 weeks left.  She was having contractions last Wednesday.  She is now on light duty (ie, not allowed to work). She had a doctor’s appointment this morning. Things are looking good – she shouldnt be delivering anytime soon.  Thank God!  Any hint of a premature delivery is especially scary for her. In January of 2005, she lost a daughter at 6 days old.  So prayers that God continues to protect my sister and my nephew are much appreciated.

    (I have decided that I have to wait to read this book.  I am eager to have children, but my husband is not yet ready.  So reading this book wont help my patience.  I know that having children is a joint decision.  So I am trying very hard to wait patiently until he is ready.  So, if I happen to win, please pick another number and give the book to someone else.  I will purchase it later when he is also ready for children!)

  23. aforsyth

    This is such a wonderful idea. I will be praying for these people who have commented.  Please pray for my husband and I.  We have been trying to conceive for a while, with no luck.  We desire children from the Lord, but we also know His timing and will is perfect. Thank you for your prayers! 

    Ashley Forsyth


  24. swbtsmom

    My niece, Elise, is pregnant with their first. Hers is a high-risk pregnancy, and there is more than a little fear all around. Elise has physical challenges that complicate her pregnancy.

  25. Anonymous

    I’m a little over 12 weeks pregnant. Please pray that I’ll feel better soon. Morning sickness has been rough. And please pray that I’ll be able to carry this baby to term without any problems. I delivered my first 6 weeks early and I was on bedrest for my second.

  26. OkinawaAna

    My friend, Shannon, just found out that she’s pregnant.  She has had two miscarriages in the recent past but has also given birth to three healthy, beautiful babies.  Please pray that this pregnancy will go well and that God would give her peace as she has fears about what could go wrong.

  27. atwert

    Please pray for my friend Courtney.  She lost her pregnancy at 19 wks last month & has discovered it may be an issue with her.  This is their 2nd pregnancy loss (first at 38 wks).  They have 2 beautiful boys, but would love to have more children, God willing! 

    Also please pray that my pregnancy will be a healthy one & that our baby will be born healthy!  We are 13 wks along!

  28. beccaware

    My husband and I have one boy who is 3, and since his birth, I’ve had two miscarriages, then we’ve been trying to get pregnant for the past 5 months. I found out last week that I am pregnant. Please pray for this little one. I believe God is breathing life into it.

  29. singenschmetterling


    It breaks my heart about your friends at church. Pray for me, I am pregnant (25 weeks actually) and due in March as well… My heart aches for your friends just because I cannot even imagine the feeling, knowing we are close in due dates.

    You are sweet for offering up such heartfelt prayers. I can’t wait for Expecting to come out, I plan to get a copy no matter what!


  30. Anonymous

    Oh Marla what a great time to have your book! We recently found out we’re expecting again, which was a huge shock since I wasn’t supposed to have any more–gestational diabetes gets worse each time for me and the babies are at higher and higher risk–we had not had any medical intervention yet and obviously our method of birth control did not work 🙂 We are joyously anticipating our sonogram to check the health of this baby and to find out the gender. A few years ago while finding out if it was going to be a boy or girl, our friends found out that their baby would have many special needs. The little girl is now thriving but it has been incredibly hard for them to make ends meet with the outstanding medical bills. I have seen how God has been faithful to them but Satan is currently making me worry that we will find out similar information–I hate that fool!!

    When we found out we were pregnant this time, I didn’t want to tell my friends…five of them are trying actively to get pregnant and have tried for some time. CLOSE FRIENDS–the kind we share heartaches and sorrows with. I’ve asked God I don’t know how many times–why me/us and not them, Lord? I don’t know the answer but I know it burdens me to pray that He answers their prayers soon. One of the five recently found out she is pregnant so we are hopeful for her!! She had three miscarriages last year and is thrilled to have made it farther than with those pregnancies.

    Whew–sorry long post. The process of longing for, carrying, then having a baby is so close to all of us women, no matter the circumstances we are in. I pray that God will use your book to teach, give peace, and encourage those women who read it. I know that He will! 🙂

  31. luvmynoah

    My friend on Xanga, Cathi lost a baby last week in a miscarriage.

    My friend Leyla had a baby, Samuel, last week and he is in Children’s hospital in Cbus.  He has one lung and his liver moved in the position where is other lung should be.  He is on a ventilator and they are trying to fatten him up and ween him off oxygen so they can perform surgery to move his liver to the correct location.  They are giving him meds to try and rapidly make his lung develope.  They had no idea that anything would be wrong this this sweet little one.  Please pray for them!!!  He is in critical but stable condition.

  32. kellyleelizabeth

    Please pray for a couple from the Keys who are friends of a family in my parents church. They just found out during an ultrasound that their baby has not developed lungs, so he/she won’t survive outside of the womb, either. They are believers and will carry the baby to term.

  33. the2bryants

    Thanks for praying for these dear ones.  I have a friend named Kelly.  She has a son and desperately wants another little one.  She was pregnant about the same time I was pregnant with Lucas and lost the baby at 13 weeks.  She hasn’t been able to get pregnant again.  She has a rare blood disorder that makes getting pregnant difficult.  Thanks for praying for her!

  34. YoYoYoder

    Please pray for Julie. She and her husband had a miscarriage 2 years ago and haven’t been able to get pregnant again since! She and her husband are both believers. They’ve been married for 4 1/2 years.

  35. kellycohan

    I have two. A friend’s sister is 22 weeks pregnant after more than 10 miscarriages! It’s a praise, but prayer is also needed because she’s not currently making enough amniotic fluid. Would you pray for Odette’s body to nourish and support her developing baby?

    And Brit and I are “in the short rows” now – as of today, we have two months to go. We’re so excited! However, the aches and pains of the 3rd trimester seem to have settled in. I would appreciate prayers for patience and perspective.

    Thanks, Marla! You (and your loving heart) rock.

  36. jbnygaard

    1. Pray for my friend Heidi. Her baby Will was born a couple weeks ago at 31 weeks. He is doing well and hopefully will be moving to Findlay or Lima soon so they don’t have to stay in Toledo. And mainly pray for Heidi will be okay during all the time that she will have to remain in doors because of RSV season and not being able to share her new joy with everyone right away.

    2. Pray for my friend Allison. She gave birth to a still born baby a year or so ago and since then has had a couple mis-carriages.

    3. Pray for me. There are WAY too many stories going around about people going into pre-term labor, or something being wrong with their babies that Satan is trying to use this to put FEAR in me. I don’t want that. I don’t want him to take away my joy from this pregnancy.

  37. tonialynn59

    I can’t think of anyone for you to pray for in that regards.  None of my friends want to be pregnant! 🙂  Anyway I do want to say that I will be praying for your dear friends.  I just can’t imagine going through that and it makes my heart just hurt!

  38. gsowell

    Pray for Jenny. She just lost a baby recently. And pray for Leslie, my sister’s husband’s brother’s wife (or SIL). She’s currently pregnant, and they have lost two babies recently.

  39. jennikim

    What a beautifully written post. Can I share about two friends in opposite situations?

    One friend tried for years and years to get pregnant with her first and just found out they are expecting another baby after just starting to try for a second, PTL! Please pray for this baby’s growth and development.

    My other friend had no problem getting pregnant with her first, but has been struggling for quite some time to get pregnant again. This has been very hard on them as a family as they desire for their family to grow.

    Thanks, Marla!

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