everybody deserves a second chance

Sorry for the delay in announcing the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival WINNERS! (see bottom of post for ANOTHER CHANCE TO WIN)

I used random.org, and it gave me the numbers…


And I would have inserted the little box from random.org that proves that I really did it that way, but my husband encouraged me to “try something technical without his help for once” and I clicked a couple buttons and completely lost the page.


If you don’t want to count #s, the winners are kagey10 and lilriver. Congratulations!! I’ll e-mail the 2 of you for your mailing addresses.

And for the rest of you, my sweet friend Brandi is giving away my books on her super-cool blog today. She’s a pastor’s wife, mom to 3 darling little boys, has a real heart for Jesus, and is loads of fun. You’ll love her! (and even more if you win, right?)

More to come later on XangaFallFest and a recap of my weekend. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

7 thoughts on “everybody deserves a second chance

  1. luvmynoah

    Marla…I read Brandi’s blog and love it!  I left a message on there pluggin’ for you!!  I hope this brings in more sales.  She’s a great blogger and has an awesome husband too!  I follow both of them daily.  You go girl!

  2. Oly16

    Just checked out Brandi’s site…….What!!!!???  I didn’t know you were an author!! That’s so cool!  Your books look really interesting.

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