congrats and all thats

First, the CONGRATS!

YOUR SECRET NAME winners: Kandi W, Erin R, Nina R, Sharon M, and Britt D. (Thanks for getting me your addresses so quickly, girls!)

The rest of you can buy the book + audio book for $10 with FREE shipping! And don’t forget to sign up for the Read-Along. Your enthusiasm invigorates me!

RADICAL CELEBRATION winners: (e-mail me your addresses!)

Radical = Ashley Renee, Shannon G, Jenn F, and Joel M.

Soul Healing Combo = Sandee

Hubby Combo = Cory

Mama Combo = Kelly S.

Stuff Christians Like = Jen Hanson

Forgotten God = alittlebitograce

Million Miles = Jordan W.

Diapers 4-pack = Nancy

Blushing 4-pack = Kathleen

And then the ALL THATS:

~~ The long-awaited “Love Our Neighbors” Project is this Sunday. I feel so ill-prepared and a wee bit nervous, and I want to trust God completely to work everything out according to his perfect plan. Would you pray with me?

~~Speaking of prayer, please pray for a sweet gal named Marissa who was recently diagnosed with breast angiosarcoma (a rare form of cancer in the blood vessels). Many of you received a sponsored copy of Radical for our last Read-Along, and Marissa was the one who donated a bulk of the books and shipped them all out to you. She was diagnosed just weeks later. She and her family would love your prayers!

~~Thank you for your sweet 10th Birthday Wishes for Livi. I’m not going to print them out quite yet, so if you’d like to give her a holler, by all means.

~~Next week I’ll have a couple of my sister Bethany’s famous Birthday Banners (and an apron) to sell to raise money for missions. First come, first served. If you’re interested, I’ll try to give you a little advance notice.

~~Also coming next week: pictures of Panha’s dad’s new tuk-tuk! The girls and I skyped with Panha today (oh my word, he’s a riot!) and in addition to giving us the lowdown on the fabulousness of the new tuk-tuk, he attempted to teach us a few phrases in Khmer. Fun times.

~~Any news or fun stuff to share?

Have yourselves a Merry Little Weekend!

14 thoughts on “congrats and all thats

  1. Leigh

    I can’t wait to hear how Sunday goes for you!

    My best, greatest news is that the doctor is 99% sure that cancer isn’t indicated and that my Dad has a colon infection instead. He started an antibiotic last night. If he doesn’t respond to the ABT, he’ll need a biopsy but the doctor seemed confident this would work. So thankful and relieved!

  2. Rachelle

    Congrats to all the winners!

    My only news is that tommorow we complete our final adoption/fostering class~Yipee!! It’s a small step in a long journey, but still a step.

  3. Nina

    Wow. I have never, ever won anything from a blog giveaway before!

    I am so looking foward to hearing about how the “Love Our Neighbors” project goes, and the updates from your Cambodia family!

    Have a wonderful weekend! I will be praying for your generous friend Marissa.

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