Christmas Give-Away!!

If you’re here just for the give-away, shoot straight to the red paragraphs at the bottom. Thank you, drive thru!

I know I said I was going to write something with a little meat on its bones (soon!), but I’m worn out from all the birthday hoopla.  Livi’s 8th birthday was fab.  Thanks so much for all your sweet comments for her. Some of them about made me cry.

Gabe’s mom came bearing cake, balloons, streamers and gifts. (so really, I shouldn’t be worn out–I didn’t do much–she even did the dishes) Livi got 2 pairs of jeans and a bunch of cloth headbands (and a winter coat she opened a couple weeks ago) from Grandma and Papaw. We got her a Hello Kitty sewing machine (which was worth every penny of the $14.99 I spent on it and is going back to the store tomorrow). She saw it last week and reeeeeeally wanted it. If you know me, this is the LAST present on EARTH I wanted to buy my daughter. Decided to be unselfish. Trying not to be happy it didn’t work. Just gives me a little more time before we find a better one that does.

She also got a new sleep mask, an ATM bank (thrift store), a book (thrift store), a math game (thrift store), pajamas for her doll, a tent for her doll, and a big calculator. All for about $30. 8 years old. 8 presents. Fun times.

And before I forget all about it, I posted a new blog entry on my website today. If you’d like to read a sample of my writing from 1991, click here. It’s stellar, let me tell ya.

And now, for the Give-Away!!

Christmas Give-away

Can you believe it’s Christmas Give-Away Time again already?! (Jess, didn’t you win last year?) As you can see with your own eyes, I’m giving away 2 Christmas magazines, 2 Christmas books, and 2 Christmas CDs. I’ll be out of town all day tomorrow, but I’ll keep the give-away open until midnight. And I’ll mail the prizes to the winner ASAP so you have plenty of time before Christmas to enjoy it all.

To enter to win, just leave a comment telling me something you’re excited to GIVE to someone this Christmas. (if it’s a big secret, just speak in code) May the best (wo)man win!

I totally hate playing Grinch, but I meant to add that you need to live in the good ol’ US of A to win. Unless you want to airmail me 20 bucks for shipping. Love you though!

41 thoughts on “Christmas Give-Away!!

  1. junglewife

    I’m excited to give my hubby some Boeing stuff for Christmas!! He Loves all things airplanes!
    I’m living overseas but I have a US mailing address and will be back in the States in January – does that count???

  2. Anonymous

    Christmas is a super awesome time of the year.  Jesus has a doozy of a birthday party:)  I am going through a difficult time with my mother over the last few months.  I still want her to know that we love her reguardless, so i custom ordered a coffee mug for her.  It has all 7 of her grandchildrens pictures on it.  including one of her with several of the kids. I really hope she enjoys it.  I pray that this touches her and she feels the love we have for her despite all the tough things going on. 

  3. mommashari

    My husband and i are are so excited, because we get to give a home to our children!

    Just after my first son was born, a micro-preemie with a laundry list of health problems, we found ourselves in the middle of a bankruptcy, and we had to move to my husband’s home county with nothing more than a beat-up car with cement blocks holding up the front seats, some clothes, some household goods and furniture, and a sick little baby with lots of medical equipment.

    God continued a stirring in our hearts over the past years, and now our family totals five, our little baby is just days away from being a wonderful, healthy, unique, and autistic (and artistic) young man of eight years of age, with a five year old sister and a three year old brother!  We are planting a church in my husband’s beautiful little hometown of Grand Rapids, OH, and today we found a house….and with today’s market and the open hearts of some friends, the financing is ALL falling into place!

    By the way, my middle name is Ann….oops…wrong giveaway, right?????

  4. rebates

    My sister and I are giving our parents a digital photo frame this year.  We also chipped in with my husband’s siblings to give one to his parents while we there for Thanksgiving.

  5. Airdee26

    I’m not sure what I’m giving everyone yet. BUT I’m thrilled to be able to give my daughter pure joy just in the simple things. Before you have children you take a lot of things for granted. This year it truly seems like christmas because Savannah is so excited about the christmas lights, penguins, snowmen, christmas trees. I love when we walk into a store and she goes “OH, Mommy LOOOK!” because she just spied a beautifully decorated tree. I can’t wait till she understands that we’re celebrating Jesus’s birthday. She just learned how to sing happy birthday so maybe we’ll sing it to Jesus this year. Oh, the simple joys of a child.

  6. JMBahun

    I am excited to give my parents their very first Grandma/ Grandpa Christmas gift from their first grandchild.  We’re giving them several storybooks about grandparents- one is “Grandma, Grandpa and Me”, by Mercer Mayer. I loved reading his book as a child!  If you know of any other special books, let me know 🙂

  7. ergirl053

    I am most excited to give away some time. I know that sounds weird, but cash flow is low and I am really looking forward to spending quality time with people this year. Life in the past 12 months has been so busy, and I plan to soak up all the time I can and give some away. We already gave a little time, singing some songs with friends at a local nursing home. And I wouldn’t trade that hour for anything!

  8. catonss

    I’m excited to give my husband a one-of-a-kind messenger bag (made from recycled billboard material) he’s been eyeing for a long time…I snuck behind his back and got it for him!

  9. ChristlBoyd

    I am looking forward to giving my Mom-in-law the “gift” of all of us getting together to have a family picture taken. There are six adults, two teenagers and two children in all. Getting all of us color coordinated is something else, but we are getting it done! It will make for a very special Christmas and some incredibly fun memories!

  10. Anonymous

    The gifts you are offering look like fun.
    My best gift purchase so far is for a relative in another state, and it is a penguin snow globe that plays Joy to the World.
    Her Christmas will be dark this year, since her dh died Dec. 22 last year, so I think this will lift her spirits.

  11. stephaniedawnbasham

    Wow, that’s hard to pick. I’m super super excited about every homemade present I’m giving away this year. And there are about ten people who are getting them. Hmm….I might have to say the gifts for Livi, Ava and Anna (you already know what they are so I won’t say – even though it’s unlikely one of them will read this). They’re so cute! The presents, I mean. But the girls are cute, too. And Mom’s gift, because she’s always so excited and emotional when she opens gifts like the one I made her. 🙂

  12. kkakwright

    Kerry and I agreed not to get each other gifts this year (we never do this – but new windows and a new van were a gifts to each other this year) but I can’t wait to suprise him with a little something I bought.  It’s little, he won’t be too mad. 🙂

  13. mikesandy102

    I’m most excited about giving my dad a video of my family.  My mom and grandparents have passed away so we thought it would be nice to take the pictures we have of them and all the family and put it on a video for him.  I have already gotten it ready and it brings tears to my eyes seeing my mom and the love she had for her family.  Please enter me in the drawing.

  14. singenschmetterling

    I am most excited about the box I sent my girl Meredith in NJ…. She’s trying to get pregnant and it’s been a long road… so i filled it with pampering things from BBworks, a book, and pregnancy tests haha! I miss that girl!

    Merry Christmas marla:)

  15. smarkas

    I’m most excited to give a set of small tea cups to my mother-in-law (yes, your librarian) to match her small tea pot she got as a gift from a Chinese OSU student. Merry Christmas!

  16. jbnygaard

    Note: Please do not enter me in your drawing. But nice job on setting up the gifts for the photo! 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to giving Eden his DS for Christmas. He wanted one for Christmas last year but we decided he was too young, so we told him if he REALLY wanted one, he’d have to save up his money. So he has saved ALL his money this WHOLE year (and saved $40) and we are applying that to his DS that he is getting.

  17. ClutzyButtercup

    I am looking forward to making soup jars to give to my neighbors and daycare families.  I also want to surprise a couple of people with fully cooked and ready meals over the next couple of weeks.

  18. Oly16

    I am super excited to give my little girl a photo book that we made for her online with pictures of our family from this past year.  She LOVEs looking at pictures of everyone.

  19. MlleBaroque

    I’ve been doing most of my Christmas shopping online (since Hubs takes my car to work) and yesterday I came across the PERFECT gift for my 7-year-old sister-in-law.  Well, I thought it was perfect and hopefully she’ll love it too…it’s the Breyer Stablemates Red Stable set.  I absolutely loved playing with Breyer horses when I was younger…and little Kate is a huge fan of animals and make-believe so I’m hoping she will love it too.  It was a little bit more expensive than our typical gift budget, but I just HAD to get it for her.

  20. KarseyJazmine

    my momma has been having a very rough year this year….. so i plan on taking her out one day all day and doing whatever she wants, letting her have a stress free fun filled day and buying her a lovely dinner and some cute clothes because she never buys herself anything because she is so worried about us having everything we want.

  21. the2bryants

    I love the idea of 8 presents for the 8th birthday….I think that my mom did something similar on my eight birthday… 🙂

    I’m excited to see my baby, Lucas, open his first Christmas presents.  At 9 1/2 months old (by Christmas time), I think he will be pretty excited about ripping into paper and such!  We got him a Little People fire truck that I know he is going to LOVE!  🙂

  22. M3mine

    I’m excited to give my daughters the fleece blankets that I gave them the material for two years ago. It’s a traditional joke now that Mom’s blankets (which really are easy to make) take two years OR more to receive—to them it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

  23. atwert

    I am excited about giving my in-laws a White Mountain Ice Cream maker.  They have had one for many years & it broke over a year ago….they are going to be so excited to have a new one and I am excited to have homemade ice cream again 🙂

  24. gsowell

    I have bought zero gifts. Planned zero gifts. Well, almost zero. I’m doing some baking for some dear souls in our life, but that’s not really thrilling. Can I still enter?

    Maybe we should have a contest for who can post the worst example of high school writing…
    I might have an entry or two.
    Including a poem that begins: “The wind howls around outside, but I do not feel its bite.”

  25. scottnjes

    How fun!! I hope she enjoys her gifts!! I didn’t know that she liked to sew. Maybe I could hire her to help me catch up 😉 Hello Kitty has nothing on Husqavarna, girl.

    I’m excited to give Ivy her Ariel vanity. She loves Ariel. The vanity is $50 in the store but I got it free on craigslist. Ariel appears in the mirror and asks you questions and then she hears what you say. It’s so cool. It’s nice to be able to give her something big even though we can’t afford it.

  26. beccaware

    I made my husband a scrapbook from my son, who is 3. I let my son narrate (most of) it, and I included pictures from birth until now, including pictures of drawings he had made for his dad. I can’t wait for my husband to open it! I used the snapfish promotion a few weeks ago, so I got the $29.99 album for free. I only had to pay $7 for shipping!

  27. shannahhogue

    I’m excited to give my 3 year old niece a bath robe. Her older sister has one, and when their mom was in the hospital this fall, she mentioned to us that “Kelly has a robe, but I don’t.” So I can’t wait to see her open up her pink princess bath robe!

  28. bekkielynn

    I am most excited to give my little girl a new “Faith and Friends” doll. She has one and so I bought her the African American one as her new “friend.” I can’t wait to see her face on Christmas morning!

  29. der_lila_Stern

    I want you to know that your writing from high school made me laugh! I loved the last line.   

    The gift I am most excited about giving is money!    No, seriously.  My sisters, my Dad, step-Mom and myself are all contributing the money we normally spend on each other.  We have enough that we are paying off someone’s heating bill from last year.  And there is a little bit left over to go towards this year’s heating bills.  Its the first time we have done something like this and it is such an amazing feeling!! 

  30. hollydue

    I want wait to tell my kiddos that we’re giving them another trip instead of all the plastic christmas pile that they “think” they want every year.

    I’m going to need lots to read in the next few weeks…..this looks awesome. Happy Day!

  31. mrsnorthern8605

    i am super excited to give my family an art project/picture of Parker. I am putting a 4×6 picture in an 8×10 frame and then doing his hand and foot print with his name and stats on it for each set of grandparents/great grandparents!

  32. helenw13

    What a fun giveaway…lots of Christmas going on…I am excited about giving my grandmother the life history that I had stalled on when the busyness of raising little ones crowded in…I am sure she thinks that I abandoned the project…so this will be really fun for both of us.

    Helen at A Work of Heart

  33. OneFlossyChick

    I’m super excited to be giving my brother’s girlfriend a scarf I crocheted myself (my first GOOD one!) and I’m equally as excited to give my parents something really special that I can’t tell you about b/c I think my mom reads your blog.

  34. swbtsmom

    I don’t want to be considered for this contest (let someone else win), but wow! Did I ever love Skipping Christmas – what a departure for believer (HOORAY) and Baptist (bonus!)John Grisham!Jamie Lee Curtis did a movie based on this book, its name escapes me.

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