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Tampa FL
We loved the Tampa Zoo! Our favorite zoo so far! Gabe took so many great pics. I’ll do a caption contest for these, then post some more later (sans the thrilling contest). Are you burnt out on caption contests yet? No worries. I won’t be offended if you opt out. Here’s what we’ve got. Write a caption for 1, 2 or even all 6. Lovely Prize for the winner.

Meerkats hugging
1. these are meerkats

Florida panther
2. florida panther

Baby elephant stretching
3. baby elephant

White tiger cubs
4. mama white tiger and cubs

Mama and baby orangutan
5. junior and mama orangutan

Mama and baby orangutan
6. let’s keep this one G-rated, folks!

And I am thrilled to announce that our friend Maren is one of the finalists in Rocks in My Dryer’s Haiku Contest! Please go vote for her! And tell everyone you know to vote for her! (her haiku really is the best, so you won’t be compromising your integrity in any way)

Happy Friday!

12 thoughts on “caption contest!

  1. AdamMacsgirl

    1. “Oh honey, look at our children. Aren’t you so proud? They run, go to the bathroom, play, eat, and sleep, so well. ” 🙂

    2. Has anyone seen my Crest Whitestrips?

    3. I like my calves but does standing this make my butt look big?

    I voted for Maren. What a creative gal! 🙂 I need to go to bed earlier too. I always have good intentions but I always go to bed WAY TOO late! 🙂

  2. jenhul

    1. Lean on me, when you’re not strong.
    2. I don’t WANT to go to bed!
    3. From here let’s transition into down-dog. Keep your back feet on the ground and push your tush into the air as you lower your head.

  3. mtaviano

    @kkakwright – No, her other side is saggier and hidden by her hair. Pretty sure she was getting ready to nurse on the big side, just taking a break. And she really, really looked pregnant too. Who knows? Poor girl.

  4. ladymiss3739

    0- Tampa Zoo:  Home of the Headless Zebra!

    1- “Last one’s gone now, dear.  Shall we convert his room to an office or an extra bath?”

    2- Hairball!?

    4- “Shhh.  Children, look, but don’t stare.  A human albino!”

    5- “Close your mouth, Mama.  You need to brush.”

    6- Anybody seen Tweetie???

  5. luvmynoah

    I’m not great at captions!  I am giggling alot at the last picture…hehe. Those meerkats are too cute hugging like that!!!  If I think of something good…I’ll come back. 🙂

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